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House Administrative Council of Mennonite Publishing House

Negative also. Used in CM 6-21-6 with art. "A Glimpse of Scottdale Operations." Managers of the 5 divisions of the House Administrative Council of MPH. L-r: J. R. Buzzard, treas.; Ben Cutrell, Bus. Manager; A. J. Metzler, publishing agent; Ellrose D. Zook, exec. Ed.; Mervin Miller, sales manager; H. Ralph Hernley, production manager.


Sarah Thielmann Loepp

Sarah Thielmann in the coffin who died at the age of 45 in Barvenkova, Russia. The lid of the coffin is covered with black and white tulle which is directly behind the coffin.


Ken McMaster, Bud Cullen and Jacob M. Klassen

This is a photo of at the signing, Manitoba's Minister of Labour, Ken McMaster, left, participated together with the federal Minister of Immigration Bud Cullen and MCC (Canada's executive secretary Jacob M. Klassen. MCC signed an agreement with the Canadian Department of Employment and Immigration which will allow it to sponsor Asian refugees to Canada. (See MBH, March 16, 1979, pp. 12-13.)

MCC meets with the P.M.

This photo is of MCC representatives and government officials with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. Those pictured are (l-r) _____, C.J. Rempel, Bud Cullen, James Richardson, Pierre Trudeau, J.M. Klassen, Ted Friesen, Otto Lang, Newton Gingerich, and Walter Paetkau.

Peace & Justice

The series consists of the following files:
1) "Crime is a Peace Issue, Readings on Issues in the Criminal Justice System", 1977-1981, 299 pages - (1 file) Box 440
2) Victim Offender Reconciliation, Reports & Studies, 1980-1989 - (1 file) Box 440
3) Publication: "Tightwire, Devastating Incarceration", 1989 - (1 file) Box 440
4) Discussion Paper: "Supporting Canadian Constitutional Reform", 1992 - (1 file) Box 440
5) Jacob Luitjens Court Case, 1983-1995 - (2 files) Box 440

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