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Unknown Winnipeg (Manitoba)
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Graduation of Lydia Regehr at Mennonite Brethren College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Left to right : Lydia Regehr, unknown.


North End Chapel

This is a photograph of the North End Chapel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It shows the front and one side of the building. A man appears to be sweeping the front staircase. A Model T is parked along the side of the church.


Mary Koop

This is a photo of Mary Koop (Dyck) sitting on a chair on the front deck of their first home. There is a bicycle leaning against the deck. Same as 500-42.


Mary Koop at 286 Mckay

This is a photo of Mary Koop (Dyck) sitting on a chair on the front deck of their first home. There is a bicycle leaning against the deck. Same as 500-44.


North Kildonen men's choir

North Kildonan Mennonite Men's choir with 17 members and the conductor sitting in the front row in the center .Front Row (left to right) : unknown, Henry Redekop, John DeFehr, Dietrich Friesen, unknown, Abe Friesen, unknown. Middle row (left to right) : unknown, unknown, William Berg, unknown, unknown, Harry Doerksen. Top row )left to right) : Ten Epp, John Koslowsky, Jake Barkman, John Spenst, Nick Neufeld.


Isaak, Sara, Wally & Olga

This is a photo of the Isaak Dyck family. Standing (left to right): Isaak Dyck and Wally Dyck. Sitting (Left to right): Olga Dyck and Sara Dyck (Willms). Isaak is in a suit, white shirt and tie. Wally is in a dark suit with double-breasted jacket, white shirt and tie. Olga is wearing a short light dress with short puff sleeves, small ruffle at the neck and sleeve hem and small buttons on the bodice. Her hair is in long braids tied with ribbons. Sara is wearing a dark dress with lace-trimmed white collar.


Heidi in Kindergarten 1944

This is a photo of Heidi Koop (girl in white dress marked with an X) among a group of children playing in a field.


Heidi and Edith at 46 Cobourg Ave

This is a photo of (left to right): Edith and Heidi Koop standing between a flower bed and a white picket fence.


German school with Tante Anna

This is a photo of ten children with Tante Anna outside, in front of a house. Heidi Koop is in the second row third from the left.


Barbara Wilms, Heidi Koop, Agnes Huebert

  • CA MHC PP-8 - Photo Col. 500-29.0
  • Einzelstück
  • [ca. 1948]
  • Teil vonKoop Family fonds

This is a photo of (left to right): Barbara Wilms, Heidi Koop and Agnes Huebert playing with dolls outside. There is a doll carriage and a doll crib in the photo.


MBBC choir

The Mennonite Brethren Bible College choir with Winnipeg and Winkler Symphony orchestra performing "The Messiah" with Ben Horch as conductor. This photo is taken in a church in Winnipeg - likely First Mennonite Church.


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