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Unger, Menno Richard, 1931-2022
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89 members of B.C. Mennonite Men's choir

Eighty nine members of BC Mennonite Men's Choir sitting on risers in an auditorium. Back row (fifth from left): Walter Unger, (seventh from left): Royden Dueck, (eighth from left): Herman Driediger, (10th from left): Paul Unger, (16th from left): Nick Reimer. Fifth row (left to right): (ninth from left) Rudy Reimer, (13th from left): Vic Penner, (15th from left): John Suderman. Fourth row (left to right): Geroger Reimer, Bill Klassen, Henry Janzen, (ninth from left): Menno Unger, (15th from left): Walter Janzen. Third row (fifth from left): Bill Goosen, (sixth from left): Art Funk. Second row (sixth from left): George Friesen, (seventh from left): Neil Toews, (fourteenth from left) Rusty Reimer. Front row (left to right): Bill Reimer, (fifth from left): Clara Thiessen, (seventh from left): C.D. Toews.


1948 graduates of Sharon Mennonite Collegiate Institute who are dressed very formally. Back row (left to right) : Corney Klassen, Peter Funk, unknown, unknown unknown, .........Unger, Peter Esau, Walter Friesen, unknown, unknown, unknown. Third row (left to right) : unknown, Menno Unger, unknown, Abe Koop, Jake Kaethler, Herman Neufeld, Hugo Friesen, Peter Neumann, unknown, Rudy Dyck, unknown.
Second row (left to right) : unknown, Anne (Isaak) Peterson, unknown, Mary (Wiebe) Unger, unknown, Erna (Bartch) Reimer, Anne (Peters) Nightingale, Dora (Block) Friesen, Anne Neufeld, Agnes (Isaak) Spenst, Peter Hamm. First row (left to right) : Gertrude (Goosen) Funk, Olga Wiebe, Mary (Goosen) Wiebe, Lydia (Schultz) Koop, unknown, unknown, Bertha Harms, unknown, unknown.


Instructors and students

A group of fifty-four graduates and four instructors. Top row (left to right) : Aaron Koehn, Jake Enns, Helena Abrahams, A. Martens, Mary Isaak, Katie Ewert, Mary Loewen, Lydia Martens, Elma Loewen, Martha Martens, Mary Pauls, Edwin Krause. Second row (left to right) : John Janzen, Menno Unger. Third row (left to right) : Instructors Herman Lenzmann, Abe Neufeld, Henry Warkentin, George Sukkau. Fourth row (left to right) : M. Matties, Mary Brun, Betty Krause, Hilda Neumann, Bertha Loewen, Lillian Hooge, Katie Klassen, Mary Fast, Frieda Friesen, Katie Fast, Helen Siebert, Elfrieda Rempel. Fifth row (left to right) : Cornelius Penner, Frank Dyck, G. Baerg, John Wittenberg, H Enns, S Martens, Mary Fast, Frieda Epp, John Friesen, Tony Loewen, Willie Giesbrecht, Neil Klassen. Sixth row (left to right) : Jake Schmidt, John Wiebe, J. Neufeld, Corney Allert. Seventh row (left to right) : George Heinrichs, Anne Fast, F Martins, A. Kopp, E. Toews, E. Kopp, Dave Giesbrecht, Willie Koop, L.Schmidt, A Dyck, Katie Klassen, Peter Kaethler.

Students and staff assembly

Staff and Student spring assembly in the gym. Left side of the aisle row l (left to right): Henry Penner, 1. I.J. Dyck, 2. Ernie Block, 3. ? Martens, 4. David Wiens, 5. Peter Fast, 7. unknown, 8. unknown, 9. Walter Sawatsky. Third Row (left to right) : Walter Unger, 10.unknown, 11. unknown, 12. ? Klassen, 13. Arthur Bartsch, 14. Victor Martens, 15. David Plett. Fourth row (left to right): Peter Hamm, 16. Peter Ratzlaff, 17. unknown, 18. unknown, 19. Henry Esau, 20. George Baerg, 21. Bill Voth, 22. Walter Friesen.
Fifth row (left to right): Hugo Friesen, 23. Frank Dyck, 24, unknown, 25. unknown, 26. Ernie Bergmann, 27> Roland Sawatsky, 28. unknown, 29. unknown, 30. Helmut Janzen. Sixth row (left to right): Jake Friesen, 31. unknown, 32, unknown, 33. Ben Unger, 34. Dave Geddert, 35. Bill Teichroeb, 36. Jake Abrahams, 32. Pete Neumann, 38. Peter Funk, 39. Menno Unger. Seventh row (left to right): 40. David Rempel, 41. George Fast. 42. John Janzen, 43. Frank Friesen, 44. John Dyck, 45. Harold Dyck, 46. Harry Hooge, 47. David Epp. Eighth Row ( left to right): Susie Funk, 49 Annie (Peters) Nightingale, 50. Susie Epp, 51. Linda Bartsch, 52. Betty (Krause) Voth, 53. unknown, 54. ? Klassen, 55. unknown, 56. Frieda (Epp) Unger, 57. unknown, 58. Betty Unruh. Ninth row (left to right): 59. unknown, 60. Marthe (Epp) Enns, 61. unknown, 62. unknown, 63. Mary (Kliever) Bennett, 64. unknow, 65. unknown, 66. unknownj, 67. Hilda Walde, 68. Helen Siebert, 69. Stella Unruh, 70. unknown, 71 unknown, 72. Jake Penner, 73. unknown, 74. unknown, 75. Ben Schmidt, 76. Jake Kaethler, 77. Jake Geddert, 78. Peter Heinrichs, 79. unknown, 80. John Friesen, 81. unknown, 82. unknown, 83. Peter Harder.
Right side of the aisle Row 1 (left to right): 1. Johanna (Loewen) Enns, 2. Ann Boldt, 3. Louise Koop, 4. Elizabeth Rediger, 5. unknown, 6. Pearl (Klassen). Second row (left to right): 7. Helen Konrad, 8. unknown, 9. unknown, 10. unknown, 11. unknown, 12. Elfrieda (Hooge) Friesen, 13. Dorothy (Epp) Martens,. Third row (left to right): 14. unknown, 1. unknown, 16. Helen (Block) Nickel, 17. Margaret (Ewert) Wall, 18. Irma (Neufeldt, Sawatsky), Epp, 19. unknown, 20. unknown, 21. Mary (Wiebe) Unger. Fourth row (left to right): 22. unknown, 23. Martha (Isaak) Janzen, 24. Bertha (Loewen) Balzer, 25. unknown, 26. Agnes (Klassen) Thiessen, 27. Erna (Epp) Lenzmann, 28. Lydia (Martens) Isaak, 29. unknown, 30. Mary Isaak. Fifth Row (Left to right) : 31. Peter Andreas, 32. unknown, 33. unknown, 34. unknown, 35. unknown, 36. unknown, 37. unknown, 38. unknown, 39, unknown, 40. ? Siebert Sixth row (left to right): 41. Leona (Rempel) Baerg, 42. Mary (Goosen) Wiebe, 43. Sarah Matthies, 44. unknown, 45. unknown, 46. unknown, 47. Annie (Kroeker) Brandt, 48. unknown, 49. unknown, 50. unknown. Seventh row (left to right): 51. Anna (Schellenberg) Kienzle, 52. Anne Neufeldt, 53. unknown, 54. Mary Klassen, 55. unknown, 56. unknown, 57. Margaret Heinrichs, 58. unknown, 59 unknown. Eighth & Ninth rows: (left to right): 60. unknown, 61. ? Fast, 62. unknown, 63. Lillian Koop, 64. Elizabeth (Derksen) Kornelson, 65. Martha (Klassen) Martens, 66. Rosemary (Harder) Braun, 67. Rita Langemann, 68. Elma (Sawatzky) Hide, 69. unknown, 70. unknown, 71 Margaret (Bergen) Kornelson, 72. unknown.