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Martens, Peter P., 1882-1972
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50th anniversary

Studio picture taken on the 50th anniversary celebration of Peter P. and Helena (Wieler) Martens with their family of 40 members. Back row (left to right) : Irma Walde, Hilda Walde, Annie Walde, Henry Walde, Lydia Martens, Helen Martens, Frank Martens, Margaret (Martens) Symons, David Martens, Peter W,. Martens. Third row standing (left to right) : Walter P. Martens, John P. Martens, Magdalena Walde, Henry Walde, Margaret (Martens) Janz, Margaret (Geortzen) Martens, Virginia Martens, Peter Y. Martens, David P. Martens. Second row sitting (left to right) : Betty (Janzen) Martens, Sarah Martens, Alice Walde, Johanna Walde, Susie (Martens) Walde, Helena Martens, Peter P. Martens, Margaret (Goertzen) Martens, Marlene Martens, Barbara (Janzen) Martens, Victor Martens. Children in front row (left to right) : Eleanor Martens, Patsy Martens, Beverly Martens, Viola Martens, Albert Walde, Eleanor Janz, Elvera Janz, Loretta Martens, Linda Martens, Barbara R. Martens.


Diamond anniversary

Diamond anniversary of Peter P and Helena (Wieler) Martens celebration. Twenty nine members of the family were present. Top row (left to right): Magdalena (Martens) Cross , Paul D. Symons, Margaret (Martens) Symons, Alice (Walde) Gray, Peter W. Martens, Virginia L. (Martens) Suderman, Loretta Martens, Marlene (Martens) Unruh. Sixth row (left to right): Pat (Martens) Scheuermann, Peter Y Martens, Margaret Geortzen, Joanne (Walde) Peerless, Barbara (Janzen) Martens, Eleanor (Janzen) Petkau. Fifth row (left to right): Walter Martens, Betty (Jantzen) Martens, Harvey W. Martens, Margaret (Martens) Janz, Alfred Janz, Jacob B Janz, David P. Martens, Margaret (Geortzen) Martens. Fourth row (left to right): Sara (Klassen) Martens, Susie (Martens) Walde, Henry Walde, Linda (Martens) Krause. Third row (left to right) : Helen Martens, Helena (Wieler) Martens, Peter P. Martens, Lydia Martens. Second row (left to right): Ben Z. Janz, Gordon J. Isaak, Rodney P. Martens, Wesley H. Isaak, Janice Ellen (Martens) Gray, Mary Louise (Martens) Simpson, Helen M. (Martens) Coughlin, Marianne R. (Martens) Hill, Grace (Isaak) Falk, Irene H. (Janz) Hamm, Lorraine Faith (Martens) Schroeder.


Forestry service

Eight men in forestry service in Rueckenau, Russia. Standing (left to right): Kornelius Thiessen, Peter P. Martens, Abram Wiens, Heinrich Epp. Sitting (left to right): John Barkman, Jacob Johan Regehr, Peter Sukkau and Abram Wiebe.


Franz Martens yard

The Franz Martens yard (Wirtschaft) and house in Rückenau (Rueckenau) around 1900. Franz Martens is in the smaller carriage to the right and the engaged couple, Peter Martens and Helene Wieler, and Margarete Wieler, are in the larger carriage to the left. Helena Martens is standing at the gate and Anna Dueck is beside the smaller carriage.

Peter P. and Helena (Wieler) Martens and family

Family protrait of Peter P. and Helena (Wieler) Martens. Top row (left to right) : Walter Martens, David Martens, Henry Walde jr., Henry Walde sr., Peter Martens jr., Peter Martens, David Martens jr., Margaret (Symons) Martens, Jacob Janz, John P. Martens. Sittiing (left to right) : Lydia (Martens) Isaak, Betty (Jantzen) Martens, Margaret (Geortzen) Martens, Hilda (Walde) Stewart, (standing) Annie (Walde) Unger, (sitting) Susie (Martens) Walde, (standing) Irma (Walde) Mitchell, Peter P. Martens, Helena (Wieler) Martens, Barbara (Janzen) Martens, Margaret (Martens) Janz, Sarah (Klassen) Martens, Helen Martens. Sitting on the laps and the bench (left to right) : Eleanor (Martens) Penner, Marlene (Martens) Unruh, Alice (Walde) Gray, Magdalena (Walde) Cross, Joanne (Walde) Peerless, Frank Martens, Victor Martens, Marjorie Janz.

Spencer, C.C.

Peter P. Martens family

Peter P. Martens family sitting on either side of a large tree. Top row (left to right) : John P. Martens, Peter P. Martens, John J. Martens, Gerhard Martens, Heinrich Martens, Franz Martens. Third row (left to right) : Peter Franz Martens, Heinrich F. Martens, Jacob Koop, Johan Martens, ? Klassen, ? Dickman, Abram Martens. Second row (left to right) : unknown, Anna Martens, unknown, Helena (Wieler) Martens, Susanna (Martens) Enns, ? Koop, ? Klassen, ? Klassen, Henry J. Sukkau. First row (left to right) : Aganetha Martens, Susanna Martens, Franz F. Martens, Mrs. J. Koop, Mrs. Klassen, Susanna (Friesen) Martens, Mrs. Sukkau. Sitting on the two stools in front. Left to right: Abram Martens, ? Martens.


Peter P Martens family fonds

  • CA MHSBC 95
  • Fonds
  • 1839-1984

Fonds consists of the following series:
1) Correspondence, 1905,1912-1959 - (6 files) Box 207
2) Financial Records, 1903-1907, 1941-1975 - (1 file) Box 207
3) Legal Documents, 1886-1945 - (1 file) Box 207
4) Reports of the Colonies Congress, likely 1926 - (1 file) Box 207
5) Lists, 1952-1955, 1972-1981 - (1 file) Box 207
6) Dairies, 1938-1983 - (5 files) Box 207
7) Family History, 1920-1972 - (4 files) Box 207
8) Personal Writings, 1931-1935, 1963 - (1 file) Box 207
9) Coaldale Bible School Financial Records, 1931-1935, 1950-1957 - (1 file) Box 207
10) Alberta Fire Insurance, 1938-1941 - (1 file) Box 207
11) Music - (1 file) Box 208
12) Publications - Health - (1 file) Box 208
13) Clippings - (2 files) Box 208
14) Genealogy - (1 file) - Box 208
15) Photographs
16) Certificates of Birth, Marriage, Exhibitions, and Diplomas, 1828-1895, 1952 - (2 files) Box 208
17) Maps, Charts, Plans, 1943 - (1 file) Box 208
18) Obituaries, 1922 - (1 file) Box 208
19) House Sale in Russia, 1925 - (1 file) Box 208
20) Registration and Passage to Canada, 1925 - (1 file) Box 208
21) Sermons by Johann Wieler, 1839-1889 - (1 file) Box 208

Martens, Peter P., 1882-1972