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Friesen, Abram A., 1885-1948
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A.A. Friesen Letters

The file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence between A.A. Friesen and his brother-in-law H.J. Willms between 1928 and 1935, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Rabbit Lake Saskatchewan. A.A. Friesen was a one time member of the Canadian Board of Colonization. Willms is rather critical of the Board and its chairperson David Toews.
2) Letters of A.A. Friesen 191922- 1929, taken from Microfilm which is housed in Bethel College
3) Helena, daughter of A.A. Friesen made an 8 page index of the exchange of letters with a summary of the contents in Englsh.
4) Includes a postcard to A.A. Friesen from Abr. Epp
5) Includes a letter from A.W. from Mjasnaja on Jan 1, 1933 describing the famine they are experiencing.

Friesen, Abram A., 1885-1948

Abram A. Friesen

This is a photo of Abram A. Friesen, teacher at the Commerce School. Later on he was a delegate for the Mennonites of Russia when they were seeking a way to emigrate. He died in Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan. [HR 183]

Abram A. Friesen

This photo is a portrait of Abram A. Friesen (A. A. Friesen). He is wearing a suit jacket, vest polka-dot tie and a high color shirt. He has glasses, long moustache and small goatee.

Board and faculty of the School of Commerce, Halbstadt

This photo is of the Board and faculty of the School of Commerce, Halbstadt, Russia. The front row consists of some of the industrialists and large estate owners of the area. The back row are some of the intellectual leaders of the area. From left to right, front row: Heinrich Schroeder, Bernhard Neufeld, David Dick, Jacob Suderman, Alexander Ziegler (director of the school), Johann H. Willms, Jacob Neufeld, Jacob J. Willims, Heinrich Franz. Faculty, back row: Hermann F. Dyck (mathematics and astronomy), Peter P. Letkemann (commerce), Alexander J. Kulisenin (geometry and math), Abraham A. Friesen (physics and chemistry), M.A. Kritzky (languages and history), Priest Sikirinsky, B.H. Unruh (German and Bible), S.S. Astrow (History), W.M. Markow.

Correspondence September- December

The file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence 1923 September-December 1923 between Alvin J. Miller, Peter F. Froese, David Toews, B.B. Janz, A.a. Friesen, A.J. Fast, F.F. Isaac, Philipp Cornies, C.F. Klassen, A.J. Fast, B.H. Unruh, H. Bartel,

Correspondence January -May 1925

This file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence and reports concerning the emigration to Canada and Mexico with B.B. Janz and Johann Pankratz, Peter J. Epp, Kornelius Peters, B.H. Unruh, A.A. Friesen, A.J. Fast, Alvin Miller and the Board of Colonization.
2) The Board of Colonization negotiated with the CPR the number of immigrants and the cost per person with Mr. Owen the CPR representative.
3) A report by Kornelius Peters about the situation of Mennonite teachers in the Soviet system.


Correspondence January-February 1923

This file contains the following items:
1) Correspondence in January 1923 to Henry Ford concerning the purchase of tractors for Ukraine; CPR Passenger list.
2) Correspondence from B.B. Janz, Philipp Cornies, Peter Koehn, Johann Klassen, W.D. Dyck, F.C. Fleischer, A.A. Friesen, A.F. Fast, P. Froese, C.F. Klassen, David Toews, B.H. Unruh
3) Correspondence in February 1923, from Jakob Klassen, P.Froese, Philipp Cornies, A.F. Fast, H.H. Bartel, B.H. Unruh, F. Isaak,, P. Froese, C.F. Klassen, B.B. Janz, F.C Fleisher

Correspondence June, July, August 1924

This file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence June, July 1924 between B.B. Janz, D. Kroeker, David Toews, J. Neufeld, P.H. Unruh, J.W. Wiens, A.J. Fast, P.F. Froese, C.F. Klassen, David, Toews, F.F. Isaac, A.A. Friesen, D.E. Harder, B.H. Unruh, Philipp Cornies, D. Warkentin, J.W. Ewert, Jacob Niebuhr, J. Dueck, Kornelius Fast, George A. Schmidt, Ar. Rempel, D. Redekop,

Correspondence March, April, May 1923

This file consists of the following items:
1) Correspondence , March 1923 between B.H. Unruh, F.F. Isaak, C.F. Klassen, David Toews, A.J. Fast, B.B. Janz, P.Froese
2) Correspondence, April 1923 between A.A. Friesen, F.F. Isaak, C.F. Klassen, P. Froese, P. Toews
3) Correspondence , May 1923 between Alvin J. Miller, P. Ediger, A.A. Friesen, David Toews, regarding relief work.

Correspondence November, December 1924

This file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence and reports of the process of emigration between , A.J. Fast, P. Neufeld, P.H. Unruh, A.A. Friesen, David Toews, Philipp Cornies, Jacob Classen, J.B. Rowland, P.I. Dyck, Johan Willms

Correspondence October, November, December 1922

The file consists of the following items:
1) Correspondence October 1922, Canadian Board of Colonization correspondence to B.B. Janz, A.A. Friesen, B.H. Unruh, David Toews, A.A. Fast from Peter Froese,
2) Correspondence November 1922 , Canadian Board of Colonization to B.B. Janz, A.A. Friesen, B.H. Unruh, P.F. Froese, A.J. Fast from F.C. Fleischer, B.B. Janz
3) Canadian Board of Colonization correspondence, 1922 December to A. A. Friesen, B.H. Unruh, A.J. Fast, B.B. Janz from A.J. Fast, B.H. Unruh, P. Smidowitch

Correspondence September, October 1924

The file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence and reports concerning the emigration of Russian Mennonites to Mexico
2) Assistance of the Board of Colonization providing support and relief supplies to citizens who did not qualify .
3) Evangelism and distributing Bibles.
The main agents working with emigration were B.B. Janz, B.H. Unruh, H. Goossen, A.J. Fast. P.H. Unruh, David Toews, Philipp Cornies, P.F Froese, A.A. Friesen. Other officials working with emigration were J. DeJong, Jacob Rempel, P. Neufeld, W.L. Jack, Jacob Classen

Correspondence, May-June 1922

This file consist of the following items:
Correspondence May 1922 between B.B. Janz and A.A. Friesen and B.H. Unruh and D.D. Dyck regarding the Studienkommission der Mennoniten Sued-Russlands.
B.B. Janz letter (Synopsis, English translation ) to American Mennonite Relief Committee

Janz, Benjamin B., 1877-1964

Corrrespondence June, July, August 1923

This file contains the following items:
1) Correspondence June, 1923, Philipp Cornies re Purchasing tractors, P.F. Froese, A.J. Fast,
2) Correspondence July,1923 re American Mennonite Relief, VBHH, Board of Colonization with Philipp Cornies, Peter Bergen, Peter H. Unruh, David Toews, A.J. Fast, A.A. Friesen, Peter Froese, F.F. Isaak,
3) Correspondence August 1923 with A.J. Fast, Peter Bergen,Philipp Cornies, P. Froese, Franz Wall, B.B. Janz, VBHH, Die Zentralverwaltung

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