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Schmidt, Agnes (Koehn), 1937-2021
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Graduates of Sharon Mennonite Collegiate

A formal graduation photo of the graduates of Sharon Mennonite Collegiate in 1956. The women are wearing white formal dresses and matching white shoes. They are holding large bouquets of carnations. The men are wearing light coloured suits with white shirts, bow ties and white carnation boutonnieres.
Back row (left to right): Hilda (Martens) Reimer, Margaret Konrad, Leonard Neufeld, Henry Nickel, Peter Penner, Elvira Penner, Viola Heinrichs; Front row (left to right): Bettyann (Nikkel) Toews, Elvera Lenzmann, Agnes (Koehn) Schmidt, Agnes (Braun) Loewen.


Heidi Koop and friends

This photo shows Heidi Koop's 50th birthday celebration with a group of her friends:
Art and Lilly Polnau (hosts), Elsa and Jake Redekopp, Victor and Anne Toews, Sig and Ruth Polle, Jake and Agnes Schmidt, Clara Toews, Dan and Erica Block.

Yarrow Christian high school instructors and students

Students of the class of 1951-1952 includes 53 students and their four instructors at the Yarrow Christian High School. Top row (left to right) : Walter Unger, Erica (Kaethler) Voth, Arthur Klassen, Dorothy Klassen, Elmer Goertz, Ruth (Nikkel) Pankratz, Abe Konrad, Alvina Sukkau, V. Wall, Hildegard (Rempel) Krahn, Bert Krause. Second row (left to right) : Harvey Neufeldt, David Loewen, Irvin Klassen, Arthur Janzen. Third row (left to right) : Elmer Klassen, Herb Klassen, Arthur Loewen, John Neufeld. Fourth row (left to right) : Charlotte (Rempel) Shier, John Harder, Frieda Fast, Abe Ratzlaff, Elfrieda (Kopp) Braun, Viola (Kaethler) Neumann, J. Braun, Ruth Janzen, G. Penner, F. Lorenz. Fifth row (left to right) : Martha Matties, Qalter Giesbrecht, Katie Klassen, Jake Schmidt, Elfrieda (Neufeldt) Konrad, Rusty Bergman, Lora (Neufeldt) Sawatsky, Peter Goosen, Erna (Janzen) Siemens, Ike Loewen, Kathy (Enns) Unruh. Sixth row (left to right) : Mary (Ratzlaff) Martens, Paul Unger, B. Matthies, Jake Boldt, Jake Penner, Hannah (Nikkel) Sims, Helmut Allert, Edith (Rempel) Simpson.
Seventh row (left to right) : B Derksen, Henry Nikkel. Eighth row (left to right) : Peter Penner, Dave Loewen, Viola Heinrichs, Elvira (Lenzmann) Lysack, Elvira (Kopp) Thiessen, Betty (Nikkel) Toews, Elvira Penner, E. Rempel, Hilda (Maartens) Reimer, Margaret (Konrad) Reimer, Leonard Neufeldt. Four instructors between 2nd and 3rd row left to right : Jacob Reimer, H. Voth, H.H. Voth, Herbert Klassen.