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Autobiography and Miscellaneous Writing

This file consists the following items:
1) A brief autobiography of John B Toews' life. He lists his educational background, teaching positions held and his dedication, and fascination for telling the Russian Mennonite story. He has translated many documents from German to make the Russian Mennonite story accessible to the English speaking generation. Box 232
2) Towards a Working Philosophy of Mennonite Research Association Box 232
3) Mennonite Brethren History Symposium
4) Towards Mennonite Integration
5) Commemorating the Mennonite Emigration from Russia during the 1920's
6) What is Basic Christianity?
7) Eichenfeld/Dubovka: A Mennonite Tragedy (translated by John B. Toews) Box 232
8) Indexes

Toews, John B., (John Benno), 1934-

Immigrant Questionaire

This file contains the completed questionnaires:
Braun, Anna, Saskatoon, SK; Cornies, Gerhard, Leamington ,ON; Derksen, Peter,Chaco, Paraguay; Dyck, Gerhard, Winnipeg, MB; Dyck, Heinrich, Waterloo,ON; Enns, Sara (Miss), Mountain Lake Minn.; Ens, Maria, Chaco, Paraguay; Epp, Anna, Mrs., Saskatoon SK.; Epp, George, Winnipeg, MB; Epp, Hans Peter, Crystal City, MB; Froese, Marie, 14th St. East (? city); Harder,Bertha Christine Wiebe, Leamington, ON; Heidebrecht, Peter, Calgary, AB; Heinrichs, Nick, Abbotsford, BC; Janzen, Peter, Sardis, BC; Loewen, Elizabeth, Saskatoon, SK; Penner, Anna Mrs., Yorkton, SK; Reimer, Peter, Saskatoon, SK; Sawatzky, Katharina, Aldergrove, BC;
Schellenberg, Gerhard, Saskatoon, SK ; Thiessen, Agnes, Mrs., Winnipeg, MN; Wiebe, Peter, Saskatoon, SK; Venichenko, Susanna, Dyck, Saskatoon, SK; Voth, Jacob H., Clearbrook, BC; Voth, John H. Saskatoon, SK; Willms, Anna, Mrs., Dundern, SK; Zacharias, Nickolaus Johann, Clearbrook, BC

Toews, John B., (John Benno), 1934-


Series consists of the following files:
1) Jakob W Toews letters (Box 262)
2) B.B. Janz letters - moved to Series 7-01-5 &6 (Box 241)
3) Cornelius Henry Warkentin obituary (Box 262)
4) Heinrich Thiessen, "Letters from Home" (Box 262)
5) Andrei Pedasenko, Conversion (Box 262)
6) Mama Duekman,
7) Maria Braun
8) David Goertz
9) Heinrich Thiessen
10) Frank F. Isaac
11) A.A. Friesen

Toews, John B., (John Benno), 1934-


This series consists of the following files:
1) Benjamin B Janz, Letters, Emigration
2) Jacob J. Hildebrand - Bolschevism
3) Peters, David - Village Life
4) Germanism Among M.B. Immigrants in Canada, 1930-1960
5) Andres, Heinrich
6) Sudermann, David P. From Riches to Rags: Gutsbesitzer in South Russia, 1830-1920
7) Fehderau, Nicholas J. Aus der Hoehe in die Tiefen Box 248
8) Kornelsen, H.H. Auswanderung der Mennoniten 1923
9) Fluechtlingsfuersorge Committee: Die Mennoniten Gemeinde in Russland 1914-1920
10) Nottarp, Marienbuger Werder
11) Mannhart, H.G . Jahrbuch
12) Katechismus
13) Moeller, Paul, Mennonites in Prussia
14) Namens Verzeigniss- Danzig
15) J.J. Dyck Am Trakt
16) Horst Penner, Niederlaender
17) Ana-Baptists, Baptists, Mennonites, 1530-1980

Toews, John B., (John Benno), 1934-

Portraits of A.A. Friesen, B.B. Janz

This file consists of the following:
1) Manuscript "Documentary Portraits of Two Emigration Leaders of the 1920's" John B. Toews, Editor and Translator, A.A. Friesen and Benjamin B. Janz. Box 232

Toews, John B., (John Benno), 1934-

Russian Mennonitism articles

This file consists of the following articles from various publications:
1) Das Mennoitische Prinzip "Einst und Jetzt"
2)" Warum ich auswandere" by Heinrich Janz
3) "Meine principielle Stellung zu Auswanderungsfrage" by Jakob Janzen
4) "Einige Gedanken zur Auswanderungsfrage" (signed P.B.)
5 ) "Es geschiet nichts von ungefaehr" by H.B. Janz. Box 260

Toews, John B., (John Benno), 1934-