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Gate exiting Russia

Postcard of a gate at the border of the Soviet Union, probably at Latvia. The view is looking towards the Soviet Union. Neufeld relatives of the Penner family crossed through this gate in 1924. Description accompanying photograph reads: "Gate exiting Russia that Oma and Opa Neufeld's train passed through, 1924." "Oma and Opa Neufeld" are Peter Neufeld and Gertrude (Fast) Neufeld. The writing on the arch (in Russian) translates, in part: "SSSR: Greetings to the workers of the West." On the columns supporting the arch, the left one translates "Long live the commune." The right one translates "Death to capitalism." The writing on the bottom, likely in Latvian, possibly refers to the Latvian town of Zilupe on the Russian border.


First wedding at Bethel church

Otto and Neta Guggenheimer's wedding day. This was the first wedding at Bethel church. The couple are standing outside the church with their attendants.


Wedding car

Hank Hoock's decorated 1941 Cheverlet wedding car. He never married, it is possible this was his car which was used as a wedding car for a family member. There is a young family standing outside the car and there are people sitting inside the car.



Five baptismal candidates and a pastor are standing in the sanctuary. The ladies are wearing white dresses. Left to right: Rev. N.N. Friesen, Rita Dyck, Elsie Hildebrandt, Alice Hoock, Elvera Redekop and Jake Sawatzky.

Women's Aid

19 women, members of Bethel Ladies Aid, posing outdoors beside the church.


25th Anniversary celebration

Jake and Katie (Federau) Wiebe and Heinrich and Liese (Schmidt) Dueck celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at Bethel Church in April 1955. They had celebrated a double wedding on April 5, 1930 in Chinook, Alberta..


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