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Bernhard Klippenstien farm

This is a photo of the Bernhard Klippenstein home at Waldheim, Saskatchewan. There are five men and two women standing outside the home. There is a horse and buggy with a person in the buggy on the right. There is a rail fence in the foreground.

Three young women pose sitting on a bench

  • CA MAO M2004D 5
  • Einzelstück
  • 1902

Three young women pose sitting on a bench outdoors. Left to right they are: Agatha (Rempel) Regehr, Mariechen (Hamm) Kliewer, Anna (Wiens) Rempel, grandmother of Elfrieda (Gossen) Dyck.


Description: Formal photo of four young girls.

  • CA MAO M2004D 9
  • Einzelstück
  • 1931

Description: Formal photo of four young girls. They are, left to right clockwise: Anna Gossen, aged 6, Lena Kliewer, aged 3, Wanda Kliewer, aged 5 and Elfrieda Gossen (later Dyck) aged 4. Elfrieda’s mother had made the dresses, which Anna and Elfrieda are wearing as well as the shoes. Elfrieda (Gossen) Dyck remembers her mother making these shoes.


John B. Kliewer

Informal photo taken at his presentation to the MCC annual meeting on the desparate conditions in the Congo resulting from the rebellion. He was a MB senior missionary to the Congo. MCC had assisted the missions re. food, etc


Henry P. Epp, CMC moderator poses with three men

Negatives also, 3; 2 for photos & an additional similar one. None used in CM. Henry P. Epp, CMC moderator poses in front of display boards at the annual conf. with 3 men. The chairs of the provincial CMC conferences? Or, leaders in B.C. (missionaries)? l-r: Henrique Ens, J. Tilitzky, Henry P. Epp, Peter Kehler. Jake Tilitzky was chair of the CMC in B.C.


Tofield Mennonite Church Ministers

A photograph of the ministers who served the Tofield Mennonite Church . L-R David Boese, George Franz, Abe Heidebrecht, John Neufeld, David Regehr, Peter Froese, Peter Regehr. Seated: David Heidebrecht (Elteste) and unknown/


Canadian Committee

This is a photo of members of a Canadian committee. Pictured are (1st row, left to right): Peter Froese, Mission, B.C.; Henry Friesen, Winnipeg; J. J. Thiessen, Saskatoon; C. K. Neufeld, Niagara-on-the-lake; (2nd row) Bill Block, Winnipeg; Rudy Goerzen, and Peter Heidebrecht, Calgary.

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