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This series consists of an almost complete set of diaries documenting Yoder's daily life. It also includes two handwritten volumes entitled, " Incidents in the Life of C. Z. Yoder."

Miscellaneous Materials

Includes a financial ledger (1903-1920), records of Hallman's teaching at Hesston Bible College, materials on the Martin-Hallman Clothing Company, photographs of Daniel Kauffman and T. K. Hershey, and other miscellaneous materials.


Brief daily entries for the following years: 1898-1903, 1905-1906, 1910-1913, 1915-1930, 1932-1936, 1937-1956. ANother author continued Hallman's diary after his death.


Incoming and outgoing personal, professional, and pastoral correspondence. Contains a good deal of friendly correspondence with Pennsylvania Mennonites, Also includes a lot of correspondence regarding mission business and tracts. Mininger's correspondence with and about religious conscientious objectors in World War I is particularly significant. Correspondence is largely arranged chronologically. Correspondence arranged by correspondents' names may be found at the end of the series.

Correspondence, Newsletters, and Miscellaneous Materials

The richest source of information in this series are Marian Hostetler's personal letters sent while she was serving in Algeria under Mennonite Central Committee in the 1960s.  The letters contain interesting observations on political and social conditions in Algeria, as well as information about Hostetler's relief work.  Also of particular note in this series is a work of graphic non-fiction by Hostetler entitled, "Un Aperçu de la Vie du Prophète William Wadé Harris."  Other materials in this series include unit and alumni newsletters from the MCC Algeria Unit and the newsletter of the Mennonite Voluntary Service Unit in Gulfport, Miss.


Diaries and databooks kept by T. K. Hershey. Entries are fairly descriptive and discuss Hershey's daily appointments and activities. This series includes special diaries kept during trips. Researchers should note that there are gaps in this series.

Biographical Information

Includes curricula vitae, obituaries, bibliographies of Yoder's works, an interview with Yoder's parents, funeral service materials, a copy of Anne Marie Guth Yoder's biography, and other miscellaneous materials.

Minutes and Reports

Includes minutes of annual and executive committee meetings and statistical and narrative reports regarding the year's activities in the district conferences and at the denominational level. Researchers should note that the reports are not complete. Information on the process leading to the formation of Mennonite Women under the Mennonite Church USA may be found in this series.


Includes a number of formal and informal publications sponsored by or otherwise associated with the Women's Missionary and Service Committee. Researchers should be aware that the vast majority of publications produced by the Women's Missionary and Service Commission may be found in the Mennonite Historical Library.

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