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Jacob Wall fonds

  • CA MHSBC 115
  • Fonds
  • 1824-1859

Fonds is arranged in the following series:
1) Diaries - 1824-1853 (2 files) Box 268
2) Lists of births, marriages and deaths - 1778-1859 (1 file) Box 268
3) Statistics - Marriages - 1835-1852 (1 file) Box 268

Wall, Jacob, 1807-1860

Peter Hamm (1850-1900) fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1874

This fonds consists of a diary written by Peter Hamm describing the life of his parents and grandparents and documents births, marriages, and deaths of family members. Portions of this diary related to the journey from Bergthal Russia to the East Reserve, Manitoba were copied by his son Bernhard Hamm.
Bernhard’s journal is in Mennonite Heritage Archives Volume 2047.2. Another family member whose materials are also at the Mennonite Heritage Archives (Volume 1748) is Peter’s first cousin, Andreas Hamm (1863-1936).

Hamm, Peter, 1850-1900

Martha Schroeder fonds

  • CA MHSBC 147
  • Fonds
  • 1889

The series contains the following files:
1) "Welcome Back" A Song by Isaac Schroeder, 1889 (frail original) with transliteration, translation & musical score. - (2 files) Box 305
2) Two Poems by Isaac Schroeder, 1895 & 1896 (frail originals & photocopies) - (1 file) Box 305
3) Publications - Roots & Branches article, 2018 - (1 file) Box 305
4) Sheet Music "Mein Letztes Lied", by Aron G. Sawatzky, 1935 - (1 file) Box 305

Schroeder, Martha Maria (Stobbe), 1932-

Khortitsa Volost Court

Two journals record verdicts of volost court for periods September 15, 1899 to January 1, 1900, and January 1 to December 28, 1900.

Documents re complaints to volost court, statements of complainants, witnesses, accused, and record of verdict.

The most common civil suits are of workers against factories for tardiness in wage payments, of creditors against debtors for failure to make timely payments, and of creditors for payment of debts against estates of deceased members of the community.

Common criminal cases involve the consumption of alcohol, violations of sanitary regulations in the slaughter of cattle, misbehavior and petty theft. Information re members of court.

Peter Hoeppner fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1877-1901

This collection consists of correspondence received by Peter Hoeppner (1825-1907) after he immigrated to Canada. Writers from Russia include Isaac Dyck, Joahann Hildebrand, Kornelius Hildebrand, Bernhard Hoeppner, Peter Klassen, and Heinrich Penner. Letters from people in Canada include Aganetha Heppner, Cornelius Sawatzki, Peter Sawatzki, and Ludwig Witte. A few land assessment records are also included.

Hoeppner, Peter, 1825-1907

Jacob Peters fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1881-1903

This fonds contains an 1884 exercise booklet of Jacob B. Peters from the Reichenbach school on the Manitoba East Reserve, a ledger with mathematical problems from [191-]. The exercise booklet gives an insight into writings exercises as practised in the Mennonite schools in Manitoba, whereas the mathematical problem book gives examples of mathematical problems as taught in Mennonite private schools.

Peters, Jacob B., 1869-1942

Isaac Loewen fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1891-1903

This fonds consists of correspondence and store records. A portion of the correspondence contains letters received from Russia (1895-1898) and the rest concerns various personal and community matters. The store records include ledgers (1891-1903) and account books (1894-1902) from the stores in both Gretna and Osler. Most of the material is handwritten.

Loewen, Isaac, 1865-1918

Berdiansk Uezd Land Survey Office

Office created in 1884 by Tavria Gubemiia Zemstvo Assembly. Its task was systematically to gather and process information re local agriculture and industry, trade, public education and public health. The only documents preserved are from the All-Russian agricultural and land census of 1917.

Documents on land possession of land-owners from the Mennonite villages of Halbstadt Volost, dated 1873 and 1881 re: land owners and renters, previous owners; size of propenies; land use; boundary-related questions; individual officials of village communities, with signatures.

Information re decisions of village assemblies re mongages, assignment of Mennonites to villages, migratlon.

Map of property of W.W. Wiens of Village Schoenau.

William Hespeler fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1847-1907

This fonds contains documents pertaining to the life of William Hespeler, such as confirmation of attending the Polytechnic Institute in Karlsruhe (1847-1849), of deferment from military service in 1850, of immigration to Canada, and of naturalization as a British subject. The fonds includes the items taken to Russia in 1872 (i.e. responses from Ottawa to the Russian Mennonite inquiries about priveledges been sought such as exemption from military service). The fonds also contains various items with the autographs of individuals such as Otto von Bismark, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia, and the British monarch, Queen Victoria. The documents pertain to Hespeler's service to Canada or Germany.

Hespeler, William, 1830-1921

Franz Isaak fonds

  • CA MHSBC 175
  • Fonds
  • 1763-1907

This fonds is arranged in the following series:
1) Russian certificate - 1908 - (1 file) Box 370
2) Correspondence - 1911-1927 - (1 file) Box 370
3) Family Register - 1763-1921 - (1 file) Box 370
4) Lists - 1861-1907 - (1 file) Box 370
5) Photographs - (1 file) Box 370

Isaak, Franz, 1843-1909

Khonitsa Volost Administration

The district administration offices were created in 1797 as local organs of the Ministry of State Domains. They consisted of a local head administrator and two assistants: one responsible for law enforcement and one for economic-related activites. The Archive of the Zaporozhe Region possesses no documents of the Khonitsa district admjnistration before 1861, with one exception, a German-language account book for the period January 1, 1851-January 31, 1852.

List of village resident-property owners of village Khonitsa enfranchised to vote in village assembly and a certificate of the Khonitsa district administration for 1904-1909. Other documents of this fond were removed by German occupation authorities in October 1943, and transported to Germany. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Jacob Esau fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1888, 1906-1909

This fonds were includes a diary by Jacob Esau detailing the formation and challenges of the Alexanderkrone Zentralschule, and a hair wreath made to commemorate Esau's deceased family members. The materials are central to the understanding the early history of the Zentralschule. Portions of the diary were transcribed by Katharina Janzen and published in the newspaper Der Bote in October and November 1971. This together with the reports written by Esau in the periodical Friedensstimme were central to Ted Regehr's book For Everything a Season: A history of the Alexanderkrone Zentralschule. The hair wreath is a unique item that must be rare in Mennonite circles.

Esau, Jacob, 1860-1912

Jakob G. Niebuhr fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1913

The last will and testament of Jakob Niebuhr (1847-1913), Russian Mennonite industrialist (factory owner) from Olgafeld, Fuerstenland Mennonite Settlement, South Russia.
German translation by Elisabeth Braun de Wiens, Asuncion, Paraguay.
It outlines how his property was to be inherited by his three sons.

Niebuhr, Jakob G., 1847-1913

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