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Mennonite youth group in Buenos Aires

This item shows the youth group at an outing to the Laplata River. (l-r): Martin Durksen (minister), Victor Unger, Bruno Lotz, Erika Lotz, Heinrich Penner, Erika Matthies, Adolf Schroeder, Erika Braun, Max Schroeder, Lena Schetter, Erna Deurdenko, Rudolf Dyck.

Musical Group

This is a photo of a musical group performing on stage at the World Evanglical Conference General Assembly.

Volunteer Workers at MHSS

  • CA MHSS UNK 156
  • Einzelstück
  • 29 January 2003

Menno Nickel, Viola Schmidt, Rosemary Slater and Helen Fast working on Sask Valley News obituaries

Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan

Biographical document

Document, a Memorandum, no author indicated, dated March 26, 1953: an evaluative one-sheet biography of Hubley.

Irvin Horst to H. S. Bender

Memorandum, Irvin B. Horst (MCC Amsterdam stationery) to H. S. Bender, April 3, 19?? [no year] [most likely 1958 as was published in 1957]: wanted to purchase 6-volume Die Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart [Religion in History and the Present] for the historical library at EMC [Eastern Mennonite College, later Eastern Mennonite University (EMU)]; about managing the money exchange.

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