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In this series the author researched the origins and development of the Low German (Plattdeutsch) language. He compared it to High German (modern German), Dutch, and Old High German. Rempel also traced its use in the Mennonite culture. The records consist of notes, manuscripts, and cards. Most of the information is in Dutch, Low German, and High German.

World War Two history

This series consists of a variety of material relating to World War Two. Of special interest is the material produced by the German army such as records made by Karl Stumpp and daily reports made by the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), or security service. Rempel's collection in this area focused on the German occupation of the Soviet Union areas. Rempel also collected material regarding the Jewish background and situation during that time. The records he collected are mostly photocopied books and articles. Manuscripts, card indexes and notes by the author also are prominent.

Manitoba Women in Mission

The Women in Missions records begin in 1942 and continue until 1990. These records were generated by members of the executive committee of the women's organization. They consist mainly of minutes, reports and programs. The records will be of interest to anyone studying the missionary work of Mennonite women in Manitoba during the 1940s through the 1990s.

Manitoba Women in Mission

Membership and Publicity committee

This series includes minutes (1979-2004), reports (1980-2004), advertisements (1972-2004), correspondence (1972-1992), membership lists and materials (1971-2004), website statistics (1997-1998), Heritage Posting editor's files (1996-2004) and a record of honorary membership awards (1982-2005).

Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society. Membership and publicity committee

Jewish Mennonite Ukrainian Conference (JMU)

This series consists of records produced by the JMU committee which consisted of representatives from the three sponsoring cultural groups -- Jewish community, Mennonite community and the Ukrainian community. It includes records from the conference entitled “Building Bridges” and the book entitled A Sharing of Diversities, which included papers presented at the conference. Included are minutes, correspondence, and draft copies of most of the papers, as well as some 3.5 inch computer diskettes which contain the original submissions.

Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society. JMU committee

CMBC Publications

The bulk of the CMBC Publications files can be divided into four categories:
-a) manuscripts submitted for publication.
-b) paste-up copies of books.
-c) correspondence related to various publications.
-d) photographs used in the book Garden in the Wilderness by Edgar Stoesz. MHC Photograph Collection 518

Canadian Mennonite Bible College. CMBC Publications

CMBC Bookstore records

The bookstore records contain mostly invoices, account sheets of CMBC students, and payment orders. A small amount of bookstore correspondence is included. Most of the material in these files was generated by the following bookstore managers:
-a) Judy Epp 1974-1976
-b) Brenda Braun (1976-1979)
-c) Shirley Tiessen (1979-1983)

Henry Poettcker (President) files

This section consists of correspondence with Provincial Conferences, churches, schools, students, faculty and alumni, and files on personnel, finances, alumni, student council, academic calendar, college committees, conferences and special events from the office of Henry Poettcker who served as CMBC President for the years 1959-1978. The years covered by this series are more than the years of Henry Poettcker's presidency since some material was collected for background information and some files were continued by his successors.

Poettcker, Henry, 1925-2015

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