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Forstei reunion at Camp Assiniboia

This photo shows the 84 men that attended the reunion of former workers in the Russian State Forestry service held on 19 June 1966 at the Springstein Camp (Camp Assiniboia) near Headingly, Manitoba. This photo was published in Der Bote, Vol. 43, No. 29 p. 1 (19 July 1966) together with full identification of every person.

Funeral of Maria Albrecht of Ladekopp

This photo shows Maria Albrecht (1887-1910) is a casket surround by family members. These include (l-r): David (19), Jacob (9), Liesa (13), Helene (7), Malvina (21), Margarete (Walde) Albrecht, mother of the deceased, and another young lady, possibly a cousin of the deceased. It was said that "Maria died of a broken hear so they dressed her in the wedding dress. She was 23." This item is a reproduction of an original photograph.

Wilhelm Janzen

This item consists of a oval shaped portrait of Wilhelm Janzen b. 15. Feb. 1907. (See Photo 660:12). Peter D. Albright received this photo from his aunt Elizabeth (Albrecht) Janzen's estate. Could Wilhelm Janzen have been a brother of her husband, Heinrich Janzen (d. 1987)?

Vengerov, G.

Winnifred Rogalsky

This item consists of a funeral card with the picture of Winnie Rogalsky and the details of her birth, death and memorial service which occurred in Chilliwack, BC

Abram M. Loewen family

This photo is a family portrait of the Abram M. Loewen family of Norheim, Montana. Abram Loewen is 3rd from left, his wife Mary Loewen (nee Mary Koop or Mary Cope) 4th from left, Jacob Koop [Jacob Cope) brother to Mary may be the 5th from left.

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