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Forestry Kommando

This is a photo of a group of men posing, all wearing a uniform, in Altberdjaner Forstei. Identified are (left to right): [row 1] (?), (?), Heinrich Lepp, -- Wittenberg, Peter Penner, Heinrich Enns, Nikolai Enns, (?), (?), Starschij Warkentin, John Dick, -- Loewen, Jakob Janzen, Peter Rempel, David Hamm. [row 2] John Renpenning, -- Regehr, -- Fast, -- Kornelsen, John Enns, David Wedel, John Martens, Heinrich Goth, -- Tiesen, -- Harms, Heinrich Janzen, John Langemann, Franz Heinrichs, John Doerksen, Franz Quiring, John Braun, John Boldt, -- Guenther. [row 3] Peter Enns, John Reimer, Jakob Neufeld, -- Loewen, -- Friesen, Heinrich Willems, John Doerksen, Abram Heide, Heinrich Wiebe, Hans Epp, John Friesen, Jakob Dueck, Jakob Willems, John Dueck, Peter Goertzen, Isaak Wiens, Jakob Enns, Jakob Fast. [row 4] Johann Martens, Jakob Willems, Peter Ewert, Peter Poetger, Johann Dick, Jakob Neufeld, Gerhard Toews, Peter Harder, Abram Harder, John Klassen, Peter Kliewer, David Klassen, Johann Klassen, Johann Tjart, Wilhelm Schulz, Jakob Wiens, -- Teichroeb, Gerhard Enns, Jakob Rogalsky, Isaak Rempel. [For more information, refer to item 449:1c] [Also has negative with this item]


James Klassen

This is a photo of James Klassen, an MCC volunteer who remained in Saigon, Vietnam, for a year after the change in government.

Service comrades in 1909 reunion

This is a photo of 18 men posing with the front row sitting on chairs. Identified are (left to right): [sitting] Bernhard Harder, Martin Enns, David Janzen, Johann Thiessen, Dietrich Hildebrand, Hans Pauls, Gerhard Braun, [standing] Johann Hildebrant, Abram Neufeld, (?) Krahn, Jakob Klassen, Jakob Klassen, Aaron Olfert, Peter Janzen, Heinrich Epp, (?), Johann Regier.

Conference of Mennonites in Canada Council of Boards - finance members

Note on back: Canadian Council of Boards - Finance. Members: Jacob J. Klassen, Coaldale, Alberta; Henry F. Wiebe, Winkler, Man. (2nd from left); H. D. Koop, Virgil, Ont. (2nd from the right); John R. Dyck, Rosthern, Sask (on the right end); John H. Derksen (left end). (See CMC 1962 yearbook, p.125. See 1998-14.194, used in CM 10-5-1.


Ministers conference at Winkler Bible School

Participants in a ministers and deacons course held at Winkler Bible Institute in February 1944. A Union Jack flag can be seen against the left wall. Front row, 3rd from right is Peter S. Zacharias (Rudnerweide church). Second row (left to right): Evangelist Abram Neufeld from Ninga (Whitewater church), Aeltester Johann P. Bueckert (Blumenorter church), followed by Bible school teachers, Ben Horch, Johann G. Wiens, Abram H. Unruh, and A.A. Kroeker. Third row Aeltester Jacob Toews (Glenlea and Sargent church), Aeltester Gerhard G. Neufeld (Whitewater church), 5th from left Deacon Abram Teichrob (Blumenorter Chruch). 5th Row far right is Cornelius B. Krahn (Blumenorter Church). Back row, 2nd from right is Peter P. Zacharias (Rudnerweider church), 5th from right is Jacob H. Klassen (Blumenorter church).


Jacob H. Klassen family photo

This photo is of the Jacob J. Klassen (1868-1947) and Margaretha Ens (1871-1958) adult children and spouses. This photo was given as a Christmas gift to Margaretha's brother Gerhard G.H. Ens family.
From left to right,
Back Row: (son) Gerhard Klassen, (son-in-law) Jacob H. Klassen, (son in-law) Bernhard Sawatzky, (son Jacob E. Klassen.
Middle Row: (son) Abram Klassen, (Gerhard’s wife) Marie nee Peters, (daughter and J.H. Klassen’s wife) Maria, (son in-law) Gerhard Schoeder, (daughter & B. Sawatzky’s wife) Margareta, (daughter-in law & Jacob E. Klassen’s wife) Katie (don’t know her maiden name), (son-in law, daughter Anna’s husband) Wilhelm Goertzen
Front Row: (daughter-in law & Abram Klassen’s wife) Helena nee Paetkau, (Grandmother) Margaretha, (daughter & G. Schoeder’s wife) Katharina, (Grandfather) Jacob. J. Klassen, (daughter & William Goetzen’s wife) Anna.

Group of 25 men at Hochrücken (Rosengard) East, Reserve, Manitoba

This photo shows a group of men on a farm yard arranged in three rows. Front row (l-r): Jacob Giesbrecht, Dietrich H. Dueck (1886), Ben Wiebe, A.W. Wiebe (1884), Gerh. F. Giesbrecht, John F. Broesky, Frank Giesbrecht. Second row: Cornelius Dueck, Jacob Wiebe, Jacob Froese, Abram Broesky, John Dueck (Aeltester). Back row: Peter Froese, Jacob Thiessen, Peter Friesen, Peter Pries, Joh. Peters, Jacob Klassen, Abram Froese, Jacob Toews (cripple), Jacob Dueck (one leg), Abram Klassen, with little boy and another man on the side.

Alberta members of CMRIC

Used in CM 12-11-1. Alberta members of CMR&IC inspect cartons of canned meat. R.: H.H. Siemens, sec.; Frank Bergen; J.J. Klassen, treas.; A.P. Nickel, chair.; J.M. Klassen, exec. sec. Cf. 1994-14.827.


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