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Graduating Class of Herbert Bible School

This photo is of the graduating class of Herbert Bible School of 1930. It is a formal photo of individual photos of the faculty and graduating class taken by Goodman Photo Studio. Near the top of the photo is a picture of the Bible School in winter. There are sappling trees in the foreground. First row from left to right; Jacob Hiebert, H.C. Klippenstein, Abe. O. Derksen, David, D. Quiring, John P. Thiessen, Fred G. Mielke, Mary Siemens, Annie Banman, Clara Priebe. Second row; G. Janz, Henry Dueck, Jacob J. Priebe, Albert P. Barkman, Kathryn Schutz, Martha Cornelsen, Mary Hiebert, Clara Bonesky. Third row; Anna Jahnke, Susie Klassen, Susie Voth, Mary Buller, Wm. J. Bestvater (Principal), Agnes Rogalsky, Greta Blazer, Selma W. Wall, Olga Ott. Fourth row; C.J. Siemens, Jacob Goertzen, Jacob Wiens, Anna N. Klassen, Helena Giesbrecht, Olga Hodel, Sara Balzer, Tina H. Andres. Fifth row; F.P. Schellenberg, J.L. Klassen, Gertrude Huebert, Nettie Wiens. Sixth row; Cornelius Wall, Abe J. Schellenberg, R.J. Klassen, C.C. Peters (Instructor in Church History and Eghics), I.P. Regehr (Instructor in Church History and Bible), H. Regehr (Instructor in German), Gerhard D. Huebert, Henry Thiessen, Herman D. Wiebe.

Goodman Studio

Weekly worship service of General Conference Mennonite Church staff members

Negative also. Not used. Staff members at the GCMC office headquarters singing during their weekly worship services. Similar to 1998-14.6 except here a different part of the group is shown. Marna Neufeld is one of the women in the photo; to her right is Edna Ruth Mueller. The men are, l-r: P.K. Regier, John Thiessen, A. J. Richert

Epp, Frank H., 1929-1986

John Thiessen

Formal photo. On the back is written 722 Main St. See the CM 4-50-8 & 8-5-6. He was the exec. sec. of the GC. B. of Missions from Aug. 1951 (after he returned from mission work in India) to Jan. 1960 when he retired.


Board of Missions at their annual meeting, in Newton, Kansas

Negatives also, 2 similar ones. The neg. not for the photo was used in CM 4-49-14. Board of Missions at their annual meeting, in Newton, Kan. l-r (front): John Thiessen, exec. sec.; Wilhelmina Kuyf, asst.; J. J. Thiessen; P. A. Wedel, J. P. Suderman; Walter H. Dyck; (back) Sam Goering; G. G. Epp; Lotus Troyer; Pannabecker, S. F.; Harley King; Andrew R. Shelly; Ward Shelly.


Portage Ave. Church Baptism Photo

This photo is of the people baptized at Portage Ave. MB Church on February 7, 1960. There are two rows - the front row is seated and the back row is standing. Standing (L-R): Walter Froese, Gerhard Neufeld, Edwin Wiebe, Robert Peters, Peter Bergen, Pastor J.P. Neufeld, Pastor F.C. Peters, John Epp, David Redekop, Arthur Huebert, Jacob Thiessen. Seated (L-R): Edward Peters, Gerold Peters, Irene Neufeld, Katharine Redekop, Elfrieda Bergen, Charlotte Redekop, and Ernst Epp.

Group of 25 men at Hochrücken (Rosengard) East, Reserve, Manitoba

This photo shows a group of men on a farm yard arranged in three rows. Front row (l-r): Jacob Giesbrecht, Dietrich H. Dueck (1886), Ben Wiebe, A.W. Wiebe (1884), Gerh. F. Giesbrecht, John F. Broesky, Frank Giesbrecht. Second row: Cornelius Dueck, Jacob Wiebe, Jacob Froese, Abram Broesky, John Dueck (Aeltester). Back row: Peter Froese, Jacob Thiessen, Peter Friesen, Peter Pries, Joh. Peters, Jacob Klassen, Abram Froese, Jacob Toews (cripple), Jacob Dueck (one leg), Abram Klassen, with little boy and another man on the side.

Forestry service reunion in Springstein, MB

This photo is of a forestry service reunion held at Springstein, MB (now Camp Assiniboia). They had served in such places as Anadol, Asow, Razin, Altagier, Krim, Alt-Berdjan, Wladimir, Neu-Berdjan, Schwarzwald, Iswara, and Ananjew. The photo was published in "Der Bote" July 19, 1966 (and possibly in the Mennonitische Rundschau) with a list of the men's names, where they worked and the years they worked in the Forestry service. From left to right, front row: Jacob A. Toews, John G. Kroeker, A.D. Klassen, Peter Falk, Nick J. Dueck, Heinrich Koop, Peter J. Friesen, Gerhard Friesen, Franz Goertz, Johann Braun, Abram J. Penner, Heinrich Klassen, Nick P. Redekop, Peter J. Kornelson, Peter J. Falk, Peter Warkentin, C.J. Martens, Jacob Wiens, Peter J. Wiebe. Second row: Jacob J. Harder, C. Regehr, Jacob P. Rempel, Jacob J. Thiessen, G.H. Bergen, Gerhard G. Sawatzky, Franz P. Kroeker, Joahnn Hiebert, [there is a descrepency between to lists of names. One says the next person is Johann Hiebert, the other list (Rundschau?) states it is Abram Epp], Jacob Penner, P.K. Rempel, Hans Janzen, Abram Epp [part of the mix up?], David Dick, W.W. Schroeder, David D. Enns, Peter Kliewer, John P. Penner, A.P. Bergmann, John A. Neufeld, Gerhard Dueck, W.P. Lorenz, Wilhelm Guenther. Third row: Jacob Block, ?, Jacob Huebner, P.A. Neufeld, Heinrich Friesen, David Falk, Gerhard Neufeld, Gerhard Klassen, Franz Wiens, Jacob Paetkau, Zacharias Bartel, Johann C. Classen, Peter Unger, Abram lepp, Johann Wiens, Isaac Warkentin, Wilhelm Hiebert, Jacob Thiessen, Henry Martens, Jacob Braun, Heinrich Harder. Back row: Abram Loewen, A.A. Friesen, Wilhelm Rempel, Heinrich Janzen, Jacob Rempel, Harry Braun, Jacob Penner, Wilhelm Kaethler, Jacob Martens, Jacob Schellenberg, Abram Warkentin, Gerhard Wiens, Hans Epp, Abram Kliewer, Jacob Dyck, J.F. Martens, Jacob Rogolsky.

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