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The Thielmans on a ship

This photo is of the Thielman family on a ship [to or from Japan?]. Pictured are (l-r) Mr. Beahn (MCC worker in China), H.G. and Lydia Thielman, with children Albert and Linda.

First baptism at South Calgary MB Church.

This photo is of (l-r, back) Rev. John Guenther, with South Calgary's first baptismal candidates, Ted Braun, Tim Guenther, Dale Guenther, John Pauls, Bradley Braun, Darrel Dueck, Vincent Reimer, (front) Jeffrey Dueck, Dandace Loewen, Yvonne Loewen, Winnigred Braun, Michelle Braun, and Doug Braun.

Jacob Guenther

This is a photo of Jacob Guenther sitting on a chair in a garden.

Dr. Guenther's children

Two young children are shown. The young boy is standing and holding on to a large black dog. The little girl is sitting on a chair holding on to a big doll. The inscription at the back says that they are Bonnie with the doll and Kurt.

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