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Grandma Epp

Grandma Epp sitting by a car outside the house with her grandchildren Melita & Herbert.


Epp Family Gathering

The younger generation at the Epp Family Gathering held Jul 11, 1993 in Clearbrook, B.C. These are all second cousins. Ten people are seated on chairs. Behind them are 25 people standing. 5 People are seated or kneeling on the floor and one man lying on his side right in front. A young child wearing a red sweater is standing behind the woman who is kneeling in front.

Epp Family Gathering

A group of Epp first cousins are gathered in a room at the Famiiy Reunion held July 11, 1993 at Clearbrook, B.C. Eight women are seated on chairs and eight men and 3 women are standing behind the chairs. The first woman seated on the left is wearing a white blouse and a plaid red and white pleated skirt. All the other women are wearing dresses or blouses and skirts. Most of the men are wearing white shirts, one a green shirt, one a brown vest over the white shirt and 2 men are wearing jackets.

Conference on ordination held in Chicago, Illinois

Used in CM 5-29-7. A conference on ordination was held in Chicago, Ill. sponsored by the Committee on the Ministry of the GCMC. Seated (l-r): R. L. Hartzler, vice-chair of Committee on Ministry; A. J. Neuenschwander, chair; A. R. Shelly, sec.; S.T. Soldner, Central district; P.K. Regier, exec. sec. of GC; Elmer Hess, Eastern district; Waldo Kaufman, Western district. Standing (l-r): H.N. Harder, Central district; Martin Schrag,; Walter Gering, Northern district; Arthur Regier, committee member & Canadian district; P.D. Unruh, Pacific district; J. J. Enz, seminary; W.F. Unruh, Western district; S. F. Pannabecker, seminary.



This photo is of (l-r) pastor H. Voth, with East Aldergrove MB Church baptism candidates Walter Enns, Miriam Willms, and Peter Klassen.

Service comrades in 1909 reunion

This is a photo of 18 men posing with the front row sitting on chairs. Identified are (left to right): [sitting] Bernhard Harder, Martin Enns, David Janzen, Johann Thiessen, Dietrich Hildebrand, Hans Pauls, Gerhard Braun, [standing] Johann Hildebrant, Abram Neufeld, (?) Krahn, Jakob Klassen, Jakob Klassen, Aaron Olfert, Peter Janzen, Heinrich Epp, (?), Johann Regier.

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