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Gerhard Rempel and Katie Enns wedding

Gerhard Rempel with bride and 4 ladies, 1. unknown 2. sister of bride Barbara Enns, 3. bride Katie Enns, 4. groom Gerhard Rempel, 5. sister of bride Mary Enns, 6. sister of bride Margaret Enns. Taken on yard with people in background. Inscription: "grosse Kaete Enns, G. Rempel, Grunthal"

Four M.B. ministers visiting in the Kuban

This photo is of four Mennonite Brethren ministers meeting in the Kuban. The men are seated at a small round table. and are wearing dark suits, white shirts, and dark ties. From left to right, they are Peter Koehn of Waldheim, Molotschna; Kornelius Wiens of Woldemfuerst, Kuban Colony; Jacob Reimer of Rueckenau, Molotschna; and Johann Fast of Alexanderfeld, Kuban Colony.


Preparing doughnuts for Relief Sale

  • CA MAO 1989-1 47
  • Einzelstück
  • 1970

Preparing doughnuts for Relief Sale. On back of photo: Elmira Mennonite women. At left is Myra Brubacher; woman at right is identified as Mrs. Irvine Brubacher.

Hopwood, G. Derek

Selina Frey prepares pies

  • CA MAO 1989-1 46
  • Einzelstück
  • 1970

Selina Frey prepares pies. Second copy of photo (18x25.5) was in the Mennonite Relief Sale files of the MAO. C.f. 1994-14.1669 & 1670 for other photos of her with a pie & baking bread.

Hopwood, G. Derek

Denkschrift to Mennonites in America for aid

This is a photo of the Denkschrift (Gratitude statement) of Mennonites in Ukraine to Mennonites in America for aid. The Mennonites of Ukraine thank their brethren in North America for the great help given during the fearful famine 1921/22. [HR 71] (2 prints). The article in Der Bote states that art is attributed to Hans Janzen, Ohrloff and the calligraphy to Peter Cornies, also Ohrloff. Goshen College archives became home to the original metal printing plate used to print the Denkschrift. It measures 33.5 cm x 51 cm and is mounted on thick wood.

New births

This photo is of (l-r) doctor William Rakko, two Chulupi women with new babies, and Mrs. Rakko.

Chulupi baptism

This photo is of a group of Chulupi Indians wearing white ready to be baptized. Missionary Jacob Franz is standing among the group.

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