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Yearbook Committee

This photo shows the CMBC yearbook committee, consisting of (standing, l-r) Jake Fransen, John Friesen, Frank Dyck, Otto Driedger, Cornie Dick, John Martens; (seated, l-r) Isaac I. Friesen, Anne Braun, Nettie Friesen, Menno Bergen, Lois Bartel, Henry Neufeld, Pauline E. Jahnke.

Picnic in a park in Winnipeg

This is a photo of a group of people having a picnic in a park in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Standing in back (left to right): Diedrich Toews, Abram (Arnold) Dick, Willy Neufeld, Eduard Wehrmann, Johann (Hans) Janzen, David Hübert. Sitting (left to right): Alexandra Toews, Agnes Hübert, Mrs. Dick, Katharina Wehrmann. The children are Toews children, boy is Johnny.


Graduating Class of Herbert Bible School

This photo is of the graduating class of 1928. There is a photo of the Bible School in the centre of the print. The principle is featured just below the photo of the school. The photos are individually taken by a photographer. Left to right from the top; Nathaniel Peter, Mary Nickel, F.D. Buller, Emily Neufeld, Mary Unrau, B.J. Wiebe, Linda Priebe, Henry Siemens, Tina Janzen, John Nickel, Martha Klassen, J. L. Klassen, Mary Klassen, Joe Klassen, Anna Unrau, Tina Derksen, Isaac Epp, Frank Peters, Charlie Biffart, Henry Schroeder, Luella Dick, Susie Lepp, J.F. Kroeker, Isaac Regehr, Wm. Bestvater, H. Regehr, Emil Pidt, Anna Priebe, G.W. Peters, P J. Klaassen, J.D. Goertzen, Mary Thiessen, Katherine Bestvater, Mary Nickel, P.H. Peters, B.W. Sawatzky, D.G. Berg

Goodman, A.

Yarrow Pioneers (captioned)

The first group of Mennonite settlers came to Yarrow, British Columbia in February 1928. In July they met at Yarrow Park on Eckert Road on the other side of Stewart Creek, which is now called Ratzlaff Road. Individuals on the picture are identified by number on the accompanying photo - 2011.016.026a. 1. George Epp, 2. Peter Giesbrecht, Jr, 3. Gerhard Hooge, 4. Gerhard Hooge, Sr, 5. Abraham “Joe” Klassen, 6. Johann Janzen, 7. Waldo Bahnman, 8. Aron Janzen, Sr, 9. Isaac Epp, 10. Johann Braun, 11. David Rempel, 12. Gerhard Derksen, 13. Wilmar Jantzen, 14. Aron Jantzen, Jr, 15. Jacob C. Krause, 16. Jacob Dyck, 17. Nickolai Reimer, Jr, 18. Daniel Thiessen, 19. Susanna (Giesbrecht) Thiessen, 20. Elizabeth (Wittenberg) Giesbrecht, 21. Maria (Rempel) Krause, 22. Sara (Peters) Reimer, 23. Jacob Epp, 24. John Bargen, 25. Elizabeth (Janzen) Epp, 26. Elisabeth Reimer, 27. Sarah Reimer, 28. Gertrude Reimer, 29. Katherine Derksen, 30. Tina Derksen, 31. Meta (Regier) Bahnman, 32. Benno Bahnman, 33. David Friesen, 34. Maria Hooge, 35. Isaak Sawatzky, 36. Elizabeth (Derksen) Thiessen, 37. Mary (Huebner) Bargen, 38. Helena (Klippenstein) Janzen, 39. Aganetha Sawatsky, 40. Nickolai Reimer, Sr, 41. Johann Braun, Jr., 42. John Rempel, 43. Cornelius Giesbrecht, 44. Peter Sawatzky, 45. Isaac Sawatsky, 46. Lena Epp, 47. George Doerksen, 48. Carl Krause, 49. Daniel Thiessen, Jr, 50. Louise Rempel, 51. Hannah Rempel, 52. Jacob Epp, Jr, 53. Henry Doerksen, 54. David Giesbrecht, 55. Gertude (Giesbrecht) Abrahams, 56. Lena Bargen, 57. Melita (Krause) Peters, 58. Susana (Siemens) Braun, 59. Menno Brown, 60. Elizabeth Thiessen, 61. Elizabeth (Giesbrecht) Dahl, 62. Mary Thiessen, 63. Maria (Dahl) Hooge, 64. Hilda (Bahnmann) Dyck, 65. Katharina (Epp) Dahl, 66. Mary (Giesbrecht) Friesen, 67. Agnes Thiessen, 68. Lena Wiens, 69. Mary (Epp) Neufeld, 70. Anne (Sawatsky) Thiessen, 71. Mary Thiessen, 72. Susan Epp, 73. Mary (Krause) Hamm, 74. Peter Epp, 75. Mary Reimer, 76. Naomi (Krause) Giesbrecht, 77. Elisabeth (Epp) Schmidt, 78. David Rempel, Jr., 79. Margaret (Thiessen) Derksen, 80. John Giesbrecht, 81. John Bargen, Jr, 82. Hertha (Bahnmann) Cramer, 83. unknown, 84. Wilfred Bahnman, 85. John Derksen, 86. Olga Bahnman


MCC sponsored Peace Team on tour of the northern Saskatchewan

MCC sponsored Peace Team on tour of the northern Sask. Churches in the summer of 1949. l-r: Rueben Siemens, MC, from Rosthern, Sask., Cal Redekop, later Pax dir., Peter Derksen of Abbotsford, B.C., MB Church They stand in front of the entrance to a church, likely the Tiefengrund Church This information was received from Cal Redekop. See enclosed notes. Sept. 7, 1949 & Taylor Made Snapshot Service are stamped on the back of the photo.

Taylor Made Snapshot Serv

Chortitza Teacher Training School - reunion, Canada

This is a photo of the former students of the Chortitzer Zentralschule reunion held in Winnipeg on July 3, 1944, to commemorate the centenary of their school by establishing a Mennonite publishing house and book club. (see Mennonite Historian XI:4) (see also Photograph 323:214).
(left to right): Row 1: Abram Wiebe, Winnipeg; Jacob H. Wiebe, Morris MB; Johann Vogt, Steinbach MB; Gerhard W. Sawatzky, Burnaby, B.C.; Peter Lehn, Winnipeg, MB. Row 2: Heinrich Riediger, Winnipeg; Jacob Friesen, Holland, MB; W.J. Peters, Steinbach, MB; C.H. Pleneert, Winnipeg; Dietrich H. Epp, Rosthern, SK; Anna Peters (nee Heese), Winnipeg; Andreas K. Peters, Winnipeg; Bernhard J. Schellenberg, Winnipeg; Peter J. Reimer, Steinbach, MB. Row 3: Johann G. Rempel, Rosthern SK; Peter A. Rempel, Blumenort, MB; Johann P. Classen, Winnipeg; W.J. Wiens, Dundurn, SK; Johann P. Schroeder, Morris, MB; Franz F. Epp, Hanley, SK; Johann Braun, Headingley, MB; Jacob J. Banman, Prairie Rose, MB; Wilhelm Zacharias, Clavet, SK. Row 4: Peter Vogt, Steinbach, MB; David Kasdorf, High Bluff, MB; Franz J. Braun, Arnaud, MB; Wilhelm Martens, Winnipeg; Abram Vogt, Steinbach, MB; P.B. Krahn, Altona, MB; Gerhard S. Derksen, Steinbach, MB; J. H. Unger, Rush Lake, SK; D. Toews, Winnipeg; Johann J. Wieler, Winnipeg. Row 5: J.P. Neufeld, Winnipeg; G.H. Kasper, Grunthal, MB; P.A. Hamm, Aberdeen, SK; Heinrich H. Isaak, Winnipeg; P.J. Penner, Winnipeg; A. Walde, Kindersley, SK; Arnold Dyck, Steinbach, MB; David Huebert, Winnipeg; Franz H. Goerzen, Miami, MB; Heirnich D. Dyck, Horndean, MB. Row 6: Gerhard G.H. Ens, Reinland, MB; A. Martens, Glenbush, SK; A.P. Bueckert, Plum Coulee, MB; W.H. Goerzen, Blumenort, MB; P.H. Krahn, Niverville, MB. H.J. Bergen, Brunkild, MB; C.J. Warkentin, Herschel, SK; J.J. Sawatzky, Carstairs, AB.

Charach Studio (Winnipeg)

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