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Hop press

Hop press on Ord's hopyard farm.


Airplane crash

Hauling away John Langeman's airplane, which he had personally built, crashed on Boundary road near John Thiessen's place.


Draining ditches

Drainage ditches across Sumas Prairie after the Lake was was pumped dry.

Tobacco facility

Four men working in the tobacco storage facility.


Organization of Mennonite church

Organization of the united Mennonite church of Yarrow with 31 charter members on the top of the picture. Lower photo is the pastor couple with their two children.


United Mennonite church 25th anniversary

The congregation of the United Mennonite church of Yarrow at the 25th anniversary . Pastoral staff in front row (left to right) :Deacon: Mr. and Mrs. Friesen, Pastor: Rev. and Mrs. P.W. Dyck, Assistant pastor: Rev. & Mrs. Klassen, Preacher: Rev. G. Penner.


Raspberry pickers

Raspberry pickers were hired from other places like the city or from the States to pick berries with the family that owned the raspberry farm.



Three men, one on the tractor and two on seeders, spring seeding.


Mountain climbing

Seven men and a child from Yarrow joined in the activity of climbing the mountain on the outskirts of Yarrow.



BC electric tram at the edge of Sumas Lake, Mr Belrose's orchard, another pioneer farmer from Ontario.


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