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Jacob Guenther

This is a photo of Jacob Guenther sitting on a chair in a garden.

Dr. Guenther's children

Two young children are shown. The young boy is standing and holding on to a large black dog. The little girl is sitting on a chair holding on to a big doll. The inscription at the back says that they are Bonnie with the doll and Kurt.

Forestry Kommando

This is a photo of a group of men posing, all wearing a uniform, in Altberdjaner Forstei. Identified are (left to right): [row 1] (?), (?), Heinrich Lepp, -- Wittenberg, Peter Penner, Heinrich Enns, Nikolai Enns, (?), (?), Starschij Warkentin, John Dick, -- Loewen, Jakob Janzen, Peter Rempel, David Hamm. [row 2] John Renpenning, -- Regehr, -- Fast, -- Kornelsen, John Enns, David Wedel, John Martens, Heinrich Goth, -- Tiesen, -- Harms, Heinrich Janzen, John Langemann, Franz Heinrichs, John Doerksen, Franz Quiring, John Braun, John Boldt, -- Guenther. [row 3] Peter Enns, John Reimer, Jakob Neufeld, -- Loewen, -- Friesen, Heinrich Willems, John Doerksen, Abram Heide, Heinrich Wiebe, Hans Epp, John Friesen, Jakob Dueck, Jakob Willems, John Dueck, Peter Goertzen, Isaak Wiens, Jakob Enns, Jakob Fast. [row 4] Johann Martens, Jakob Willems, Peter Ewert, Peter Poetger, Johann Dick, Jakob Neufeld, Gerhard Toews, Peter Harder, Abram Harder, John Klassen, Peter Kliewer, David Klassen, Johann Klassen, Johann Tjart, Wilhelm Schulz, Jakob Wiens, -- Teichroeb, Gerhard Enns, Jakob Rogalsky, Isaak Rempel. [For more information, refer to item 449:1c] [Also has negative with this item]


A sister and three step-sisters of Heinrich and

  • CA MAO M2004Gos 2
  • Einzelstück
  • 1912

A sister and three step-sisters of Heinrich and Dietrich Gossen, fathers of Elfrieda (Gossen) Dyck and Henry Gossen. They are, left to right, Tina Gossen, Lena Sawatsky and Mariechen Sawatsky.


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