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Series consists of the following files:
1) Mennonitische Fluechtlings Fuersorge, 1918- 1931; charter and dissolution; correspondence; reports;manuscripts; publications; Prof B.H. Unruh, European Director ( Files 1-15 ) Box 239
2) American Mennonite Relief 1917-1926; correspondence and reports; Alvin Miller, Director in Russia; Orie O. Miller.
C.E. Krehbiel, 1869-1948, Halbstadt, statistics; Ukrainian Mennonites1869-1948; Notes on "My Relief Trip to Russia"; C.E. Krehbiel, Relief Activities; C.E. Krehbiel Diary 1922-1923; Summary of AMR Activities, 1923-1924, Johan P. Bueckert. - (7 files) Box 239
3) Mennonite Colonization Board, 1924-1926, D.E. Harder, President. (3 files) - Box 240
4) Emergency Relief Board Reports 1931-1933 by B. H. Unruh, Karlsruhe, Germany - (2 files) Box 240
5) Allrussischer Mennonitischer Landwirtschaftlicher Verein (AMLV), 1922-1926 (3 files) Box 240

H.H. Hamm Photograph Collection

These photographs fall into several different categories. The first 206 are pictures of individuals or groups of people with whom the Hamm family was acquainted. Among these are wedding pictures from the pre- and post- World War I era. Also included in the collection are photographs of public buildings (Altona, Gretna and Ninette in Manitoba). In some cases there are photographs of people related to these institutions as well. Some Winnipeg and Altona pictures show street scenes from the era of 1914-1930. Finally, there are photographs on a variety of other themes such as transportation and travel (British Columbia and Europe). The transportation photos include old bicycles, cars, boats, trains, horse and buggies, and ferries. The travel photos are primarily natural scenery shots of British Columbia. There are also a few photographs and postcards from pre- World War I Ukraine.

Hamm, Heinrich H., 1877-1962


(folders are unnumbered because there might be additions)

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