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Diaries and databooks kept by T. K. Hershey. Entries are fairly descriptive and discuss Hershey's daily appointments and activities. This series includes special diaries kept during trips. Researchers should note that there are gaps in this series.


Includes research notes, and correspondence related to Gospel Versus Gospel and Peace, Faith, Nation and College Mennonite Church 100 Year History, and Guy F. Hershberger Biography manuscript.

Minutes and Reports

Includes minutes of annual and executive committee meetings and statistical and narrative reports regarding the year's activities in the district conferences and at the denominational level. Researchers should note that the reports are not complete. Information on the process leading to the formation of Mennonite Women under the Mennonite Church USA may be found in this series.


Includes a number of formal and informal publications sponsored by or otherwise associated with the Women's Missionary and Service Committee. Researchers should be aware that the vast majority of publications produced by the Women's Missionary and Service Commission may be found in the Mennonite Historical Library.

Correspondence and Projects

Includes correspondence with Mennonite authors, correspondence with Nick Lindsay, and Mennonite Writers Conference materials.

General Files

An assortment of important documents, including reports, directories, task force minutes, and other records documenting the work of the association.

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