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Maria and Heinrich Enns

  • US MLA P-0062
  • Einzelstück
  • [189-]

Portrait of Maria and Heinrich Enns, by the studio of G. G. Isaac in Mountain Lake, Minn.

Isaac, G.G.

Peter H. Wedel

  • US MLA P-0198
  • Einzelstück
  • [189-]

Portrait of Peter H. Wedel


Washing in Fast's House

This is a photo of washing day at the Fast's. Two Indian women dressed in period dress are standing by the washing machine and Roger is helping along side. He is standing on a stool and wearing an apron. Mrs. Fast is at the left of the photo.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Cobra - Killed in School Kitchen

This is a photo of a cobra snake killed. There are five young men. One is holding the snake by the tail. 2 are holding sticks. They are standing on the grounds outside the school dressed in Indian dress.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

Group of Indians

This photo is of people standing in a field, most wearing white clothing. There is a tall skinny pole in the foreground. Trees are on the right of the photo and a building (tent) on the left.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

The hill (fort)

This photo is of the fort. People are walking around at the base of a rocky hill. A large rock hill is in the background. This photo appears to be at the same place as NP018-01-51.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

A Big Lizard

This photo is of someone holding a very large lizard [Komodo Dragon?] by the tail. It is on the grass.

Warkentin, Helen L., 1887-1975

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