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John Neufeld and Ron Hunsicker on CJOB with Peter Warren

Marriage breakdown was the subject of the three-hour morning call-in program over one of Winnipeg's most listened-to radio stations. Radio station CJOB's Action Line invited John Neufeld (left), pastor of the First Mennonite church, and Ron Hunsicker (right), pastor of the Charleswood congregation, to appear on the Peter Warren show. They discussed marriage breakdown and counseling. The station's switchboard was stacked with calls throughout the morning.
The original invitation came after Hunsicker and Neufeld went to CJOB on behalf of the city's Mennonite ministerial association to buy time for the three-minute CHOICE spots. The station did not have time available, but expressed interest in having the two pastors join Peter Warren for a full morning's go at the marriage theme.

see also 052-161


Students and instructors

A photograph composed of 25 student and 3 instructor pportraits. First row (left to right): R. Hamm, L. Penner, S. Spenst, H. Kornelson, Ann Walde, M. Epp, Walter Thielmann, J. Baerg. Second row (left to right): F. Martens, M. Toews, H. Schulz, A. Wiebe, E. Toews, M. Neufeld, W. Hamm. Third row (left to right): C. Kroeker, Hugo Jantz, instructor, George Thielmann, principal, John Wall, instructor, G. Dyck. Fourth row (left to right): L. Koop, D. Kropp, M. Friesen, E. Brandt, Elizabeth Riediger, Wilf Penner, Dave Esau, R. Nickel.

Gelegenheits Choir in Abbotsford

The Gelegenheits choir - a choir which confined itself to only singing in German- are pictured standing in what could be a church basement. The conductor Abram Tilitzky and his wife Susan are standing in the centre. It appears to be a festive event since both are wearing small corsages. First row l-r: Elisabeth (Schmidt) Spenst, Anna (Froese) Hampel, Elisabeth (Warkentin) Giesbrecht, Anna (Enns) Unger, Susan (Harder) Tilitzky, Abe Tilitzky, Maria (Redekop) Schellenberg, Margaret Heppner, Tina Loewen, Sally (Friesen) Zacharias, Susie (Neufeld) Harder.
Second row l-r: Hulda (Sawatzky) Nikkel, Erna (Klein) Froese, Tina (Reinke) Janzen, Annie (Klassen) Peters, ? Frieda (Federau) Neufeld, Elma (Buhr) Driedger, Anna (Baergen) Adrian, Justina (Neufeld) Neufeld.
Third row l-r: Johann Letkemann, Jacob Schellenberg, Peter Unger, Abe Nikkel, John Froese, Otto Unger, Peter Peters, Dietrich Neudorf.

Baptismal group with two pastors

Baptismal candidates with two pastors in front of the pulpit in the sanctuary. Back row l-r: Peter Reinke, Brunno Schroeder, David Driedger. John Funk, Jake Peters and unknown. Middle row l-r: Adeline Friesen, Heide Olfert, Louella Peters, Erika Nickel, Mariyn Friesen, Helen Janzen, Tina Bergen, Margie Letkemann, Anne Wieler. First row l-r: Unknown, Nellie Froese, Pastors Peter J Froese and Abram Harder, unknown, unknown and Katharina Neudorf.


Lydia group

Twenty four members of the Lydia Ladies Aid are pictured here Christmas 1980. First row l-r: Sara (Neumann) Loewen, Katharina Rempel, unknown, Katharina (Neufeld) Heinrichs, unknown, unknown, Anna (Baergen) Adrian. Second row l-r: Aganetha (Janzen) Loewen, Maria (Rempel) Peters, Elma (Buhr) Driedger, Katharina (Friesen) Schroeder, Justina (Neufeld) Neufeld, Katharina Janzen, Frieda (Federau) Neufeld, Helene Letkemann, Margaretha Wiebe. Back row l-r: Susie (Neufeld) Harder, Maria Schroeder, Margaret Heppner, unknown, Adelina Krueger, Sara Funk, Agatha Wiebe and Katharina Klassen.

Baptism in Carman

This photo is of newly baptized or transferred members at Carman Gospel Light Church. Pictured with pastor Mark Johnson (far left) are (back, l-r) Dave Land, Rob Martin (t), Rod Hart, Pete Braun (t), Betty Braun (t), (middle) Wayne Johnston(t), Marg Johnston (t), Sylvia Martin (t), Janice Regehr, Lori Driedger, Trish Reid, Brian Reid, Mark and Sharon Johnson (t), Lisa Peters, Maureen Johnston, Mary Lynne Dick, and Ted Enns.

Baptism in Carman

This photo is of newly baptized or transferred members at Carman Gospel Light Church. Pictured with pastor Mark Johnson (right) are (l-r) Nora Heinrichs (t), Ed Heinrichs (t), Sherri Hildebrand, Rob Peters, Melanie Paetkau, Craig Johnston, and Don Giesbrecht.

Baptism in Carman

This photo is of a group of newly baptized and transferred members of the Carman Gospel Light Church. Pictured are (back, l-r) George Rempel, Laurence Hildebrand, Herman Voth (assistant pastor), Peter J. Doerksen (pastor), (front) Betty Rempel (transfer), Esther Hildebrand, Cheryl Hildebrand, and Phyllis Giesbrecht.

Here we show how we celebrate Christmas

This photo is of a group of men women and children standing outside, posing for a photo, showing off garden produce such as cucumbers and tomatoes. Behind them appears to be a number of household items. Fourth from left, standing right next to the table is Katharina Loewen and next to her is her husband Johann Loewen. This is taking place in Parritas, Mexico before the families were able to move into their more permanent dwellings. The Loewens later moved to Campo 53 in Sana Clara, Mexico.
-- Note: for a negative of this photo see 592:58, Neg 29. Also, this item is on Mitsui CD disk 4 item 05, digital image in Tiff format.

Food preparation

Women in the kitchen of the West Abbotsford Church preparing food for the conference. (Left to right) Rosetta Krahn, Elisabeth Giesbrecht, Anna Hampel, Tina Janzen, Tina Loewen.


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