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Farm scene in Russia

Panoramic view of harvesting team taken from a high vantage point. This farm was abandoned after the Soviets gained control a few years later.


Leo & Alvina Wuerms family

Leo and Alvina Wuerms with Lena Wuerms and her children. The photograph of Leni Wuerms and her children was part of her correspondence with her brother Nick in her letter to him written in Feb 13 1988.


Mennonite Trek out of Russia

This slide is of 4 people sitting around a camp fire eating with their wagon of belongings in the background. Note: see collection number 75, negative number 673 for duplicate.

Mennonite Trek out of Russia

This slide is of a family leaving Russia with their belongings in a horse drawn wagon. The ground is muddy and the horses are having problems walking through the mud so some people walking beside the wagon. Note: see collection number 75, negative number 668 for duplicate.

Mennonite village street

This slide is of a Mennonite village street in Russia. On the right hand side is a prominet stone fence and gate with some people standing along the fence.


This slide is of the skyline of Chortitza. Houses, factories and other buildings can be seen. A large smokestack or chimney is prominent in the photo.

Russian Mennonite village street scape

This slide is of a Russian Mennonite village street and the buildings boardering it. Large fancy houses can be seen along the street. Note: See also volume 1667 for land and sea military battle film strip fragment.

Mennonite Trek out of Russia

This slide is of a train of wagons with people's belongings in them as they leave Russia. Note: There are 2 copies of this slide. Also see photo collection 75, negative number 670 for duplicate.

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