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Forestry Service

This file consists of the following items:
1) David Wiebe, "Forsteidienst 1920-1922, bei den Soviets", document 12 pages, translated and transcribed document by David Wiebe, "Forestry Service under the Soviets, 1920-1922" 13 pages. Box 258

David Wiebe

Wehrlosigkeit (Non-Resistance)

This file consists of the following items:
1) Die Wehrlosigkeit, Vortrag, gehalten auf der Allgemeinen Mennonitischen Konferenz, Juni 1917, Benjamin Unruh und Gerhard Regehr, 23 pages.
2) Peter Froese book chapter," Liebreiche Erinnerungen an die Mennonitshen Glaubens-Artikels von der Wehrlosigkeit". 38 pages. Published in 1850. He was the Elder of the Mennonite Conference in Orlofferfelde. Box 258
3) Benajmin Unruh, Concerning Nonresistance (A paper presented at the All-Mennonite Conference in Neuhalbstadt, Ukraine, 6-8 June, 1917. 15 pages. Box 261
4) Benjamin Ewert, Wichtige Dokumente betreffs der Wehrfreiheit der Mennonited in Canada. Im Selbstverlage der Canadischen Mennonitengemeinden, 1917. 16 pages
5) Anonymous, "Denkst Du Daran?" German, 9 pages
6) Heinrich H. Friesen, "Der Handreich Gegen Tschernigowka" 1918, Colonists defending their city against Machnov bandits, in Bluemental, Neu Halbstadt, Sparrau, Konteniusfeld
7) Die Gruendung des Verbandes in Alexanderwohl, 1921, no author, German

Regehr, Gerhard P., 1866-1960

True Nonresitance through Christ

This file contains the following:
1) "True Nonresistance Through Christ: A Study of Biblical Principles" by J.A. Toews. Published by The Board of General Welfare and Public Relations of the Mennonite Brethren Church of North America, 1955. 63 pages. Box 258

Toews, John A., 1912-1979

Non-Resistance in World War I

This file contains the following items:
1) Anonymous, "A Word to Our Young Men". Friedensstimme, 1914, no. 83, pp. 8-9
2) D. Neufeld, "Letter of a War Prisoner, Petrograd", 2 pages. Molotschnaer Flugblatt, July 1917, no. 4
3) A. Klassen, "Not in Vain: Report of the Provisional Committee for the Support of Needy Mobilized Mennonites". 3 pages. Volksfreund, no. 2(20) Jan. 2, 1918
4) Anonymous, "To the Mennonite!" 2 pages. Volksfreund, no. 15 (33) April 23, 1918, pp. 1-2.
5) Peter Braun, "Verdicts Concerning the Mennonite Medics" Volksfreund, no.26 (44), 1918, pp. 2-4
6) P. Wiens, Report of the Central Bureau of the All-Russian Mennonite Organization," Volksfreund no.29(47), June 24, 1918, pp. 2-3
7) Anonymous, "To Our Churches and Mobilized Men," Molotschnaer Flugblatt, August 12,1917, 1-2. Box 258
8) Anonymous, "Concerning Non-Resistance", Botschafter, Vol. (1909)

Klassen, A., [?]

Exemption From Military Service

This file consists of the following:
1) Military Service Act, Mennonites are to be exempt and free by the Law of Canada from serving in military either in the time of peace or war. 29 pages. J H. Doerr, Department of Justice.
2) Correspondence with the Department of the Secretary of State, Canada showing documents relating to the advantages and immunities offered to Mennonite settlers.intending to emigrate to Canada. John Lowe was the Minister of Agriculture. David Klassen, Jacob Peters, Heinrich Wiebe and Cornelius Toews were the delegates from South Russia.11 pages.
3) Department of Agriculture document outlining Homestead Rights and Exemptions from Military Service; 1973. 1 page. Box 261

J.H. Doerr

Sanitaets-Dienst 1915-1923

This files consists of the following;
1) B.B. Janz, "Die Wehrlosigkeit der Mennoniten in Russland nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg", 1919, German, report on the Mennonitischen Sanitaet-Dienst in WW I (medics). 8 pages.
2) Jacob H. Block, "Mennoniten im Sanitaets-Dienst waerends des Ersten Weltkrieges, 4 pages
3) Dienst der Mennoniten Russlands im ersten Weltkrieg.. An unsigned response to a questionaire sent to John B. Toews. 1 page Box 258
4) C. H. Tiessen, "Zur Frage: Sanitaetsdienst 1914-1918", 9 pages
5) Fast, Henrich, " Experiences of Henry Fast Sr. in Russia 1914 to 1923" . Osterwick, Altcolonie, 30 pages, English.
AND "Memories of Henry Fast" ( Re: Immigration from Russia), 1922, 1923, 9 pages, English. Also references Immigration to Canada in 1923.

Janz, Benjamin B., 1877-1964

Remembrance of C.O. Service

This file consists of the following items:
1) Memoir by Peter D. Froese in German: Erinnerungen aus meiner Deniken-Wrangel Armee. 31 pages
2) Transcribed and translated by Katharine Hooge: " Recollections of my time of service in the Denikin-Wrangel Army and my stay in Turkey". 24 pages. Box 258

Froese, Peter David 1896-1959

Peace Conference Lectures

This file consists of lectures on Peace given at Peace Conference at Tabor College in 1953
1) Frank C. Peters , "Principles of Peace" and "The Maladjusted Christian"
2) Erland Waltner, "God's Love and Our Peace
3) Kuafman, Milo, The Challenge of the Second Mile"


This series consists of the following files:
1) J.A. Toews, "True Nonresistance Through Christ",1955, 63 pages.
2) Peter David Froese," Recollections of My Time if Service in the Deniken-Wrangle Army and My Stay in Turkey", 24 pages.Translated from German by Katharine Hooge.
3) D. Wiebe, "Forestry Service under the Soviets, 1920-1922". 13 pages, German document is enclosed. Benjamin Unruh, "Concerning Nonresistance".1917, 15 pages.
4) Gerhard P.Regehr, "Die Wehrlosigkeit" 1917, 28 pages; Peter Froese, "Glaubens-Artikels von der Wehrlosigkeit"1850, 38 pages.
5) Annonymous articles regarding Self Defense found in periodicals Friedensstimme, 1914; Molotschnaer Flugblatt, 1917, Volksfreund, 1918, Botschafter, 1909.
6) B.B. Janz, "Die Wehrlosigkeit der Mennoniten in Russland nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg", 8 pages; Jabob A. Block, Mennoniten im Sanitaets- Dienst waerend des Ersten Weltkrieges. 4 pages;
7) Peace:Conference Lectures, Tabor College, by Frank C. Peters, Erland Waltner, Milo Kaufman. 47 pages
8) Plett, "Die Gruendung des Verbandes in Alexanderwohl, 1921, German,

Emergency Relief Board Reports (ERB)

This file consists of the following:
1) Reports of material aid given to Mennonites in Russia by the Emergency Relief Board in the famine of 1931-1933.
2) Relief Board Reports, 1934-1938, Box 241
Also includes Benjamin H. Unruh , Berichte index, 1929-1940.
This index was compiled in 2004, 2005. Complete reports are housed in Bethel College
3) Letter from unknown author reporting the condition of the colonies Molotschna, Chortitza, Tokmak, Halbstadt,, Memrik, Arkadark, Ekaterinoslaw, Alt Samara, with regard to famine, culture, organization, religious instruction,

Unruh, Benjamin Heinrich, 1881-1959

Verband der Beurger Hollaendischer Herkunft in der Ukraine, VHBB

This file consists of:
1) Reports and minutes of the Verband der Buerger Hollaendischer Herkunft in der Ukraine, VBHH; ( Union of Citizens of Dutch Heritage in Ukraine) 1922-1927; 3 files; Box 241.
2) Jacob Neufeld, "Memories of the Former Activities of the Union by A Participant in the Union of Citizens of Dutch Lineage in Ukraine". 65 pages; translated by Lena Unger, in partial fulfillment of the course Mennonite History, Life and Principles, 1953. A second translation of this paper by John B. Toews, is included in this file. 31 pages.Box 241
3) B.B. Janz, "Die Gruendung des Verbandes in Alexanderwohl" German, 8 pages. Box 241
4) Union of Citizens of Dutch Lineage: A Matter of Life and Death; Study Commission, Statistics 1923-1928.Box 241
5) Correspondence from B.B Janz to A. A. Friesen and B.H. Unruh in 1922.
6) Letter to the Mennonite Colonization Association of North America Ltd. from B.B. Janz of VBHH regarding details about immigration lists and contracts with the CPR, 1923, 11 pages. German Box 241

Janz, Benjamin B., 1877-1964

Mennonite Central Committee

This file contains the following items:
1) Report of Trip to the U.S.S.R. It is the second trip sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee in 1960
2) Orie O. Miller "Der erste Versuch der Hungerhilfe in Russland" 9 pages, From the book " Feeding the Hungry", P.C. Hiebert & Miller.

Fast, Henry A., 1894-1990

Mennonitische Fluechtlingsfuersorge

This file consists of the following items:
1) Charter and dissolution, Constitution and mandate. 15 files
2) Correspondence, Letter from P.F. Froese to A Warkentin, 1929 , 3 pages
3) Reports
4) Manuscripts
5) Publications ( Files 1-15 ) Box 240

Unruh, Benjamin Heinrich, 1881-1959

American Mennonite Relief (AMR)

This file consists of the following items:
1) C.E. Krehbiel, "Notes on My Relief Trip to Russia" 130 pages 1922. Box 240
2) C. E. Krehbiel, Report on Ukrainian Mennonites, 1922, 1923. Box 240
3) Correspondence and Reports from Prieschib District Commitee, Secretary N. Blank, 4 pages; Box 240
4) Halbstadt Statistics. Box 240
5) C.E. Krehbiel Diaries 1921-1923 Details of the child feeding proram and clothing distribution in Molotschna. (2 folders). Box 240
6) H. B. Janz report to the Central Committee of AMR Box 240
7) Summary of AMR Monthly Reports 1923-1925; Letter from Johann Bueckert to AMR Director Alvin J. Miller May 1925. This material was typed from Goshen College Historical Archives by MaryAnn Quiring, Box240
8) P.C. Hiebert collection, AMR, Medical village Reports, D.R. Hoeppner, Unpaged, 10cm.
9) P.C.Hiebert Collection, AMR Correspondence 1922-1923, various, 25 cm
10) P.C. Hiebert Collection, AMR Russian Relief Reports, 1920 -1923, various. 10 cm.
11) P.C. Hiebert Collection Memoirs, "The Famous 62" and various excerts., 2 cm.
12) B.B. Janz, Philip Conries, Bericht,1922 " Studienkommission der Mennoniten S. Russlands, 4 pages; Baerg, P. Bericht, 1922, 5p.
13) Unknown author, Letter to Die Mennonitische Hilfsorganisation in Scottdale Pa. USA describing the overview of the extreme need regarding famine, housing, heating, culture, religious instruction, farming, husbandry in the colonies in 1921.

Krehbiel, C.E. (Christian Emanuel)

Canadian Mennonite Colonization Board, Mennoninte ColonizationBoard

The files contains the following items:
1) Correspondence concerning the purchase of land in Mexico for Russian-Mennonite immigrants, 1924-1925. Box 241
2) Correspondence regarding land settlement and financial arrangements with Russian immigrants to Mexico, 1926-1927. Box 241
3) Bericht der Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization 1955. Reports on the activities of the Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization , beginning in March 1922 to July 1923. German. Box 241
4) Bericht des Vorsitzenden der Canadian Board of Colonization fuer die erweitere Boardsitzung, 1952. J.J. Thiessen. 11 pages.
Protokolle und Bericht der Jahressitzung des Canadian Mennonitschen Hilfskomittes fuer West Canada, 1957 German. Box 241
5) Die Geschichte der Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization. A.G. Rempel, German, 8 pages.
6) Vertrag der Mennoniten Russlands, B.H. Unruh, A.A. Fast, B.B. Janz, 1925, Reports, various paging, German
7) Besuch in Montreal, Maerz 1922-1923, 7 pages,
Colonel J.S. Dennis, Representative in Ottawa, 1922. 14 pages, German. Written by David Toews.
8)) An Index of the catalogued collection of the Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization Records of 1922-1966. They are housed in The Mennonite Heritage Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba. An account of the Administrative History is given by Conrad Stoesz, archivist. Financial records, reports, minutes, Immigrant Records, Alternative Service records are listed in this index. 65 double sided pages. Box 241

Harder, David E. 1872-1930

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