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Christian Aid Ministries Collection

  • US PNMHS IV-5.7
  • Sammlung
  • 2021-2022

Materials relating to 2021 Haiti kidnapping of 17 CAM workers

Shank, Carol

Histories of the Future Oral History Project

  • US MCUSAA HM6/308
  • Sammlung
  • 2019

Audio recordings of 41 oral history interviews conducted with Mennonite young people (under age 40) at the Mennonite Church USA Convention at Kansas City in July 2019. The collection also includes administrative documentation for the project, including biographical information sheets and informed consent forms for all participants. Transcriptions are available for some, but not all, of the interviews.

Narrators include the following people: Charles Baraka, Sarah Bixler, Victoria Bonners, Corben Weaver Boshart, Ben Woodward Breckbill, Theresa Peachey Crissman, Claire DeBerg, Jordan Farrell, Alisha Garber, Joshua Garber, Clayton Gladish, Anna Groff, Todd Grotenhuis, Emily Hedrick, Moriah Hurst, Danae King, Beny Krisbianto, Erica Lea-Simka, Scott Litwiller, Courtney Malcolm, Jon Mark, Lily Mast, Luke Lehman Miller, Rachel Ringenberg Miller, David Nickel, Dona Park, Mariann Reardon, Elizabeth Marie Regier, Kyle Rodgers, Shawn Rodriguez, Lauren Satchwell, Renae Schmidt Peters, Alysa Marie Short, Meg Short, Anna Showalter, Peter Shungu, Alyssa Bennett Smith, Ben Parker Sutter, Chelsea Tatum, Isaac Villegas, and Maegan Freese Wu.

Mennonite Church USA -- Administration

Rachel Waltner Goossen Collection on LGBTQ Mennonite Leaders

  • US MCUSAA HM1/1030
  • Sammlung
  • 2016-2020

Oral histories recorded during the course of Goossen's research on the rise of LGBTQ leaders in Mennonite Church USA.  Goossen's research was published in an article entitled, "'Repent of the Sins of Homophobia': The Rise of Queer Mennonite Leaders" (Nova Religio 24:3 (February 2021).  The collection includes nineteen oral history interviews and copies of consent statements signed by interviewees. Other oral interviews conducted for this project were not released for public research (at the request of those who participated with Goossen in the interviews) and remain in Goossen's possession.

Goossen, Rachel Waltner, 1960-

Joanna Shenk Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/021
  • Sammlung
  • 2011-2014

Personal papers of a Mennonite Church USA pastor and employee of Mennonite Church USA from 2009 through 2014.  Shenk was a member of the denominational communications team with additional duties in interchurch relations and the women in leadership project. Sermons in this collection were delivered at a variety of Mennonite conference events and congregational worship settings.

Shenk, Joanna

Ruth E. Krall SNAP-Menno Working Files

  • US MCUSAA HM1/1003
  • Sammlung
  • 2011-2018

Contains working files created by Krall during the course of her work as convener for SNAP-Menno during its formation from 2014 to 2016. Files include email correspondence, memos, and published press releases related to SNAP-Menno's advocacy work. Files also contain periodic personal journal entries recording Krall's reflections on the work of SNAP-Menno and her analysis of intra-group conflicts related to diverging activism strategies.

Krall, Ruth E.

Bertha G. Huber Memoir

  • Sammlung
  • 2011

An autobiography, entitled "As I Remember and Some Things I Have Learned," of a Mennonite woman who grew up in Chester County, Penn. and Lancaster County, Penn. and worked as an occupational therapist in several Mennonite mental hospitals.  Childhood reminiscences comprise about half of her memoirs, which also discuss her education and professional life.  Her autobiography includes reproductions of historical photographs, documents, and her artwork.   Researchers will also find filed with the autobiography two eulogies for Bertha Huber written by Ruth E. Krall.

Huber, Bertha G., 1915-2011

Dhamtari Christian Hospital Centenary Celebration Records

  • Sammlung
  • 2010

Program, 24 photographs (JPEG), and five sound recordings (MP3) documenting the 100th anniversary of an Indian hospital founded by Mennonite missionaries.

Dhamtari Christian Hospital

PNMC Annual Conference Records

  • US PNMHS PNO/V-5.1.2
  • Sammlung
  • 2010

This collection contains the raw video tapes from two cameras at the Anchorage 2010 PNMC gathering. The DVD contains the edited final video of portions of the event including Spanish audio provided by a translator.

Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society

The Agora Church Photograph Collection

  • CA CMBS NP204-01
  • Sammlung
  • [2008-2010]

The Agora Church formed a special missions committee in 2008 under the leadership of Kate Dewhurst, that developed a relationship with a fledgling Christian school in Buwate, Uganda, called “Hope of Good Future Primary School.” Dr. Walter F. Schlech acted as the correspondent and agent between the church and their contacts, Elliot and Sarah, in Uganda. These photographs come from this mission relationship.


Mennonite Women USA Event Files

  • Sammlung
  • 2008-2010

Materials pertaining to various workshops, training opportunities, and meetings sponsored by Mennonite Women USA.  At this time, this series only contains information regarding the PREP (Preparing, Resourcing, Encouraging, Praising) meeting for Mennonite Women USA conference leaders.

Mennonite Women USA

Agnes Pauls trip to Ukraine regarding the Jacob Reimer tombstone

  • CA CMBS NP185-01
  • Sammlung
  • 2008

The photos in this collection are of descendants of Jacob D. Reimer, an early Mennonite Brethren leader and their journey to the Ukraine to visit the areas where Jacob Reimer, and his family once lived. Jacob D. Reimer is the 3rd great-grandfather to Agnes Pauls and her brother Ed Pauls. The location of the village and the Jacob Reimer Tombstone was re discovered in 2006. In 2008 the stone was moved to the Molochansk Mennonite Centre in the former Mennonite village of Halbstadt in the Molotschna colony. In 2009, the stone was shipped to Canada and erected at the Mennonite Village Museum in Steinbach, Manitoba. Wiesenfeld was founded in 1880 and abandoned in 1925. It is 50 km east of Dnepropetrovsk and 15 km west of Pavlograd. ( N48, 30.930; E35, 36.691) For more information see:
Katherine Martens "They came From Wiesenfeld Ukraine to Canada; Family Stories," (Winnipeg: Katherine Martens, 2005).
Katherine Martens "They Sleep in Silence; Far away Their Stone Reminds us of Them Here," (Winnipeg; Katherine Martens, 2013). http://www.mennonitehistorian.ca/38.2.MHJun12.pdf http://www.mennonitehistorian.ca/36.3.MHSep10.pdf

Pauls, Agnes (authorized)

Daily Demonstrators Oral History Interviews

  • US MCUSAA HM6/307
  • Sammlung
  • 2005-2008

This collection contains 27 taped interviews conducted by Tobin Miller Shearer as he was completing his book, Daily Demonstrators: The Civil Rights Movement in Mennonite Homes and Sanctuaries (2010).

Tobin Miller Shearer

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