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Five gentlemen

Five men, three seated and two standing (unidentified). Are the three men seated as the same men seated on picture 2015.116.003?

ALPER(E) Studio


Senior male choir consisting of 8 men performing. Front row (left to right) : Henry Penner, Mr. Unger, Cornelius C Dyck. Second row (left to right) : George Poetker, David J. Klassen, John Peters. Third row (left to right) : Isbrandt Riesen, Frank Guenther.


Church choir

37 choir members with conductor C.D. Toews and accompanist Ruth Thiessen Klassen. Singers are last row (left to right): Jake Falk, David Falk, Albert Dyck, unknown, unknown, Jake Thiessen, unknown. Third row (left to right): unknown, unknown, Jake Janzen, John Koslowsky, John Thiessen, unknown, John Kklassen, unknown, unknown. Second row (left to right): Hedy Reimer, unknown, Olga Mueller, Agnes Martens, Hilda Stobbe Siemens, Froese, Martha Thiessen, unknown, __Stobbe Neufeld, unknown, unknown. First row (left to right): Helen , Hilda Janzen, Mary Klassen, Erica Sawatzky Suderman, Rita Mueller, unknown, unknown, Betty Riesen Janzen, Agnes Giesbrecht, with conductor C.D. Toews and organist Ruth Klassen


CPR representatives

Behind Col. J.S. Dennis is Bishop David Toews. In the centre between the two guests is Mr. Gerbrandt, a real estate salesman responsible for selling land owned by the C.P.R. to the immigrants.

Leaders with blue hats at Banff '89

This photograph is of a long line of leaders with blue hats on stage at Banff '89. Names of the leaders are as follows: (l-r) Ken Peters, Dave Dick, Dave Wiebe, Tom Koop, Ed Dyck, Jake Willems, Peter Neufeld, Doris Neufeld, Lucile Wall, Ed Wall, Gloria Penner, Cal Penner, Val Wiebe, Elsa Dyck, Michael Dick, and Eleanor Dick.


Christian Education committee

This photo is of the Board of Christian Education committee, including (l-r) Holda Fast, David Dick, Michael Dick, Dave Wiebe, Marie Speiser, Jake Klassen, C. Alfred Friesen, Abe Block, Lucille Wall, and Carlin Weinhauer.

Roundtable discussion

This photo is of delegates gathered around a table for a discussion during a General MB Conference convention. Facing the camera are (l-r) Ron Toews, Archie Jantzen, Rudie Willms, and James Toews.

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