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Mennonite Conference of Ontario executive, 1956

Negative also & small copy of photo (7x7). Cropped for use in CM 4-23-1. Exec. officers of the(Old) Mennonite Cf. of Ont. re-elected at annual sessions in Elmira. l-r: Rufus Jutzi, Elmira, sec.; Roy S. Koch, St. Jacobs, asst. mod.; Howard S. Bauman, pastor of Elmira Mennonite Church which hosted the cf.; J.B. Martin, Waterloo, mod. Above their heads the words "O Come Let Us Worship" are visible on the front wall of the church. This series continues to 1998-14.307 where the front of the church is more visible.


MCC (Canada) annual meeting

This is a photo of the MCC (Canada) Annual Mtg. Feb. 5-6, 1965. Elmira, Ont. Newton L Gingrich, vice-chairman, Howard S. Bauman, host pastor, Melvin Loewen, CIM miss. guest speaker, C.N. Hostetler, MCC chairman.

Howard S. Bauman

Howard is standing in the room of a home beside a printing press, holding a copy of the meeting agenda. See 14.59 & 14.60. Also see CM 4-23-1 where Howard, as host pastor is shown with the exec. members.

Interior of the Elmira Mennonite Church, 1956

Negative also. Part of series of photos related to the annual meeting of the (Old) Mennonite Cf. of Ont. Here it looks like Howard S. Bauman, pastor of the host church, Elmira Mennonite Church, is in the pulpit. J. B. Martin, moderator of the cf. is seated behind him to the right. Taken from the back, men seated in the benches, backs to camera. View of the interior architecture of the front of the church with the words "O Come let us worship" painted on the wall above the pulpit.


Front: Anne Bartels; Anna Wall. Seated: Mrs.

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  • 1926

Front: Anne Bartels; Anna Wall. Seated: Mrs. Jacob Bartels; Katherina Hamm; Mrs. Abraham Wall. Back: Jacob Bartels; Abraham Wall,Jr.; Bernhard Hamm; Helena Wall; Abraham Wall,Sr. Photo taken near Beaverdale, Ontario.

Beamsville, CMC Conference

This photo shows Rev. Jacob H. Janzen, Rev. and Mrs. E. S. Bartel from Drake, and Deacon and Mrs. Jacob Epp from Eigenheim, at the CMC Conference in Beamsville, Ontario.

Mayfair Mennonite Church senior ladies mission circle, 1962

Negative also & smaller photo, 8.5x8.5. Used in CM 10-16-5. Some of the 25 women of the senior ladies mission circle of the Mayfair Mennonite Church in Saskatoon. l-r: Mrs. Ben Friesen, Mrs. Julius Dyck, Mrs. Mary Ens, Mrs. Jacob Hamm, Mrs. Henry Bartel, Mrs. George Goosen, Mrs. Isaac Unger, the pres. The women made 35 large & 4 small blankets for MCC.


Threshing at Hanley, SK

This photo is of Outfit #2, image #9 - Threshing on the Mennonite Colony - Hanley, Sask. From left to right is Jacob Lehn, Bernard Pauls, Peter Lehn, Henry Rempel, Gerhard Wiens, (on Threshing Machine, hard to see) Jacob Plenert, Henry Bartel, Miss Suzie Dyck, Mrs. Dyck, Henry Plenert, John Heese, Corny Plenert, Henry Dyck, Jacob Wiens, Theodor Klassen, Cornelius Plenert.-- Note: this photo will be placed in the oversized section and a better image featuring outfit #1 can be found in 748-01.

Capitol Studio (Regina, Sask.)

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