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6 Men inside a building

This photo is a picture of 3 men standing and 3 men sitting inside a building. One man sitting appears to be pulling on a muscle strengthener for the arms.

Person lying in coffin

This photo is a person in a coffin. It is a closed casket, but the head opening has been removed. The casket is propped up against something outside.

Wedding couple - young couple

This photo is a young wedding couple. She is holding a white bouquet of flowers. She has a train. He is wearing a suit and tie. This picture is taken inside a building. The back of the photograph has stamped on it "Streams of Blessing 'Radio Broadcast' ".

Young family with 2 girls

This photo is 2 photos on one sheet of paper. The left photo is of a young family with two daughters posing for a photo. The right photo is of the two girls standing and posing for a photo. The photo may have been taken around the Christmas season.

Three Young Men in Suits

This is a postcard of three young men, they could be brothers.

They are outside in front of a bush. One sits in a chair with
his hat on his crossed leg and the other two stand behind him.

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