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Cutting the ribbon at Tabor Home

This photo is of Rev. Frank H. Friesen and Louise Rempel watching Manitoba Cultural Affairs Minister Phillip Petursson cutting the ribbon officially opening Tabor Home, a seniors home in Morden.

Front of Tabor home

This is the front view of the Tabor Home where Abe Friesen was the director.


Ursula van Essen, Maastricht, being tortured

This is a photo of Ursula and her torturers. Arent and Ursula van Essen of Maastricht were apprehended. Arent was an elder and school teacher. After both had been cruelly tortured, they were burned alive on January 9, 1570. [HR 3]

Simon the Anabaptist

This is a photo of the Anabaptist, Simon, standing in front of his shop about the year 1553. Catholic priests were carrying their images along the street. Everybody knelt at their approach. Only Simon remained standing because he felt it was wrong to give divine honor to these man-made images. He was arrested, confessed his faith freely and openly, and was burned alive. Many people were deeply impressed by Simon's courage and steadfastness. [HR 3]

Persecuted believers

This is a photo of great numbers of our forebears being slaughtered like animals because of their faith. [HR 3]

Elmwood ladies verein

Elmwood Ladies Verein with 43 women in attendance. Most of the ladies are wearing hats and the clock (at a minute past 10:00) indicates the picture was taken in the morning.


Young people of the Ta-Tung Mennonite Church

Cropped for use in the CM 17-32-8. Young people of the Ta-Tung Mennonite Church, 23 in number, conducted a work camp at the Ta-Tung Children's Home in Taipei. They widened the road at the orphanage and prepared ground for a basketball court. Photo donated by the GCMC, Commission on Overseas Mission, based in Newton, Kan.


Home of grandmother, Mrs. Standingwater

This photo shows a group of people outside Mrs. Standinwater's home: Heap of Bird, Marcia, Bob(2), Collen, Bob(1) Standingwater, Robert (3), Randy. The lady on the far right is Mrs. Heap of Bird and some of her children

Gene Stoltzfus

Informal photo. Taken when he spoke at the annual meeting of MCC in Chicago, Ill., Jan. 1968. He had been a VS worker in Vietnam but had resigned due to pressures from the American military. See the CM 16-6-1 re. his speeech.

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