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Mennonite ministers in South America

This item is a group picture of twelve ministers in Brazil. (l-r): 1) Wilhelm Berg, minister in the Mennonite Church at Vila Guayra (born in Kronthal, Russia and died in Curitiba, brazil) ; 2) Peter Hamm (Born in the Crimea and died in Curitiba, Brazil), leader of the Mennonite Brethren Church at Boqueirao; 3) Peter Klassen, editor of "Bibel und Pflug" (Born in Osterwick, Ukraine and died in Canada); 4) David Koop, Mennonite Aeltester in Boqueirao (born in Blumenstein Russia and died Curitiba, Brazil); 5) Franz Kroeker, minister in the Mennonite Church (born in the Crimea, died in Curitiba, Brazil); 6) Robert Janzen (born in Köppenthal, Turkestan, died in Witmarsum, Brazil) , Free Evangelical Mennonite Brethren minister; 7) Jacob Dyck (born in Ukraine, died in Curitiba, Brazil) , deacon of the Curitiba Mennonite Church; 8) Friedrich Kliewer (born in Wymysle, Poland and died in Witmasum, Brazil) 9) Johann Boldt (born in the Ukraine, died Witmarsum, Brazil) 10) Peter Heinrichs (born in Kronsthal, Russia and died in Curitiba, Brazil) 11) Dr. J. Postma? Standing in centre with no number given is Johannes Janzen, Free Evangelical Mennonite Brethren minister (born in Nikolaipol, Turkenstan, died in Sao Paulo).


Executive of Ninth M.B. District Conference in S.A.

This item shows seated (l-r): Tobias Voth (assistant moderator), Gerhard Balzer (moderator), H.B. Friesen (secretary-treasurer), Peter Friesen (member of the Resolutions Committee). Standing: Gerhard Giesbrecht and John Wall (members of the Resolutions Committee), Hans Wiens and Andreas Balzer (assistants to the secretary.

Dick, A.J.

Peach tree

This photo is of Phillip Hildebrand and Mr. and Mrs. Isaak Hildebrand standing around a peach tree [in Sommerfeld Colony?]. A large home stands in the background.

Wiens, Frank J., 1913-2007

Elsie Kroeker

This photo is a portrait of Elsie Kroeker on a prayer reminder card. She is from Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, working in Ecuador.

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