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Glen Friesen and Dennis Bueckert

This photo shows Glen Friesen and Dennis Bueckert riding in a toy car and a toy tractor in the Bueckert's yard in Saskatoon.

Aganetha Regehr with her daughter & son-in-law

Neta Schmidt, Agnes Baergen, Evelyn Baergen in front of Agnes, Aganetha Regehr, John Baergen holding Rita Baergen, standing in front of Aganetha Regehr's white farm house. There is a large flower garden on the right side of the picture.


Peace delegation in Laos

This is a photo of members of the peace delegation in front of the king's palace in Louang Park, Vientiane. (left to right): Ray Gingerich, Marilyn Roth, Martha Zimmerly, Glenn Zimmerly, Barbara Willems Hoover and Herb Hoover.

Gingerich, Ray


This is a photo of the participants at the August 1985 orientation, total group (1st of 2 photos). Third row (left to right): John Friesen, Bonita Friesen, Karen Clement, Lennie Clement, Wanda Rohrer-Heyerly, Leon Rohrer-Heyerly, Ruth McLennan, Jamie McLennan, Barbara Johnson, Linda Wiens, Brenda Bartel and Barry Bartel. Second row (left to right): Jack Willms, Marty Willms with children (not named), Fred Musser, Carol Lichti, Joanna Schultz, Caroline Stetter and Mary Oyer. First row (left to right): Rick Letkeman, Lynn Letkeman, MarK Friesen, Amos Showalter and Carol Showalter with children (not named).

King, Jim

Family Love by P. Buckley Moss

This is a photo of a print titled "Family Love" by P. Buckley Moss. The print is of a couple with a baby and a toddler. In the background are some buildings and a horse and buggy. There is a pair of Canada geese on the right. Proceeds from this print were donated to MCC's Africa Fund.

Maxwell, Joyce

Frying pancakes at Relief Sales

This is a photo of Lee Ehling of the Calvary Mennonite Church in Washington, Ill., frying pancakes for the pancake and sausage breakfast held at the March 14 and 15 Illinois Mennonite Relief sale. About 6,300 people were served at the breakfast.

Gehman, Dale

Samuel Rolon

This is a photo of Samuel Rolon admiring embroidery done by his mother, one of the first women involved in Edna Ruth Byler's needlework project that later became SELFHELP Crafts.

Daley, Doris

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