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“Rosenort-Rom” and “Rosenort to Rome”

”: PJB Reimer’s accounts of his trip to the Mennonite World Conference in Europe in 1952, in German and in English in two collections of his articles typed up for his columns: one collection called “Rosenort-Rom” wrapped in the April 15, 1953, issue of Die Post and an additional pages from the June 17 issue, and the other called “Rosenort to Rome” with a page from The Altona Echo, July 15, 1953

“Neunzig Jahre Steinbach in der Ostreserve”

30 issues of Steinbach Post of the column written by Klaas J.B. Reimer (1897-1966) about the East Reserve from the 1870s on; 1964-1965.
[This file is included here as a bridge between the themes of writing and history, and because PJB collected, and thus valued, his brother’s published column.]

Mennonite publishers and journals

correspondence regarding his writing, including 2 articles copied from The Scratching River Post regarding the recognition it gave him and an oak plaque that the Mennonite Media Society gave PJB Reimer.

Articles by PJB Reimer, some published and some also in other files, in English and in German

first, clippings of 5 of his articles published in Die Post, 1925-1928; two articles “Liebe Familienfreundleser!”; Sterben nach einem halben Jahrhundert”; letter to Mennonitische Post readers; “De Grotmutta”; “Zum neuen Jahr”; “Reisemitteilungen”; “The Pioneer Woman”; “A Trip to Grunthal”; “Steinbach Welcomes You” and a page about the early history of Steinbach, nd; “That there be Peace”, a review, 2 copies; “Bishop or Pastor”; “Hawaii in January”; a booklet “Mennonite Institutions in Early Manitoba: A Study of their Origins”, 1948, by E.K. Francis, with a note inside expressing appreciation to PJB Reimer for his assistance with Francis’s studies that resulted in the book; a page from Die Post, 14 April 1970, “Meine Missionsreise um die Welt”

“Allerhand in die deutschen Ecke"

a collection of the articles PJB Reimer wrote for his German-language news column in The Scratching River Post in Morris, MB, as newspaper clippings and photocopied. [Translated as: All manner of things in the German corner.]

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