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C. B. Steiner Papers

  • Sammlung
  • 1985-1988

This small collection is a set of letters in German some of which have been translated into English.

Steiner, C B, 1824 - 1903

Jakob P. Pauls und seine Frau

Ein junges paar, Jakob P. Pauls und Lena (geb. Warkentin). Frau Pauls ist die Schwester an die Mutter zu Katharina Willer aus Kalona, Iowa. Ihre Mutter hiess Anna Rempel geb. Warkentin, gest. 1 Jan. 1901 in Russland.

Concord students at ReStore

This is a photograph of students working at the ReStore. They are standing and looking at a row of doors which need repair and/or restoration. to the right of the photo is a shelf with used paint in cans.

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