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Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Winnipeg Thiessen, Anna J., 1892-1977
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Group of young women

This photo is of a group of young women standing outside and the "North End" Mennonite Brethren Church in the background and another church with a steeple. Anna Thiessen is in second row, far right. Note: The church with the steeple is the same as in photo NP45-1-3.

Group of elderly women

This photo is of a group of unidentified older women with Anna Thiessen, who is fourth from the right. They are likely associated with the Mary Martha Home of Winnipeg.

Anna Thiessen

This photo is portrait of Anna Thiessen. Anna was an early city missionary in Winnipeg. Working out of the North End Chapel, she did home visits, hospital visits, Sunday School, sewing classes, and became the matron of the Mary Martha Home in Winnipeg.


Sewing Class

This photo is a portrait of Anna Thiessen and a large group of 27 girls in a sewing class, posing for a photo with some of their sewing. This was part of Anna Thiessen's community mission work.


Rev. Jacob W. Thiessen, Herbert, Saskatchewan

This photo is of a baptism outdoors performed by Rev. Jacob Thiessen, in Herbert, Saskatchewan with a large group of onlookers on the river bank. Anna Thiessen, daughter of Jacob W. Thiessen, standing far right. A log fastened to a pole in the river bed leads baptism candidates into the river where Rev. Thiessen will baptize them by immersion.


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