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Roth, Samuel E. (S.E.) Records
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Samuel E. Roth collection

Sam Roth was born January 14, 1870 in Missouri, second oldest son of Joseph and Mary (Egli) Roth. He was a charter member of Zion Mennonite Church; never married, died December 10, 1949. He served in Various capacities in the church and lived a lifetime of service to God and the church. He purchased a printing press and learned to set type and printed gospel tracts, cards, poems and songs. He also printed a Gospel Text Calendar. He called his business the Peculiar Publishing Company. A brief history written by his enice <Beulah Roth Fretz is included in the Zion centennial history book, God at Work in our Midst, c1993, compiled by Margaret Shetler.

Roth, Samuel E. (S.E.) Records

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This collection contains a single item, a book in which Sam Roth pasted samples of his printing press work, including business cards, church programs, etc.

Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society