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St. Catharines (Ontario)
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Visiting together.

This photo is of (l-r) John L. Doerksen, John Wall, H.W. Redekopp visiting together [at a Canadian MB Conference convention?].

Dedication service.

This photo is of (l-r) pastors Ed and Karin Willms, Rudie and Louise Willms, and Victor and Marian Loewen at a dedication service for Scott Street MB Church.

Baptism at Scott Street.

This photo is of a row of baptismal candidates at a baptism at Scott Street MB Church. Pastors John Unrau (left) and Victor Loewen (right) stand with the candidates.

John E. Toews behind the pulpit

This photo is of John E. Toews behind the pulpit at a General MB Conference convention. Also pictured on stage are (l-r, in front of choir loft) Herb Brandt, Waldo Hiebert, John H. Redekop, Elmer Martens, and H.H. Dueck. Bruce Flaming sits in the choir loft second from the left.

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