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A. Wayne Wiens Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.496
  • Collection
  • 1968-1983

administrative files from various Bethel College roles, not much specifically on the biology department

Wiens, A. Wayne, 1936-

Ada Mae Haury Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.428
  • Collection
  • 1967-1979

audio tapes (reel and cassette) of speeches for the Intercollegiate Peace Speech Association; most or all are speeches by Bethel College students

Haury, Ada Mae Gressinger, 1919-

Adam, Helen, and Amelia Mueller Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.343
  • Collection
  • 1920-2004

The collection contains personal materials from all three creators, including school transcripts and diplomas, school papers, baptismal certificates and other documentation of their early family life. However, the most extensive personal materials are the writings of Helen and Amelia and the correspondence of Amelia and her family.

The other major category of materials in the collection is family history. This includes several generations of correspondence of Amelia’s family, especially of her many relatives in Germany who wrote to Amelia’s mother Elizabeth Ellenberger, her Aunt Selma Ellenberger, and to Amelia herself, covering a period of over a century. The family history materials, in addition to these primary source documents, includes extensive genealogical research materials. Published genealogies, primarily collected by Adam, relate to many branches of his ancestors, especially on his maternal, Becker, side. He and Amelia both compiled numerous family charts and histories.

Mueller, Adam Theodore, 1904-2004

Alvin R. Nickel Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.218
  • Collection
  • 1890-1940

Correspondence from the 1890s to 1930s. The Riesen correspondents were his mother's relatives.

Nickel, Alvin R., 1899-1992

Anna Kreider Juhnke Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.337
  • Collection
  • 1966-1993

box 1: files from Baptist-Mennonite dialogue 1989-1993

box 2: Honora Becker letters, file of clippings, etc. on Mennonite homosexuality discussion

box 3-4: Mennonite women 1971-1997 (clippings, minutes and correspondence of MCC Women's Concerns Committee, lecture notes)

box 5: Bethel teaching files

box 6-8: British Literature teaching files

box 9-10: Nonwestern Literature class

box 11: Africa and China files

box 12: Claudia Limbert file

box 13: Bethel files

box 14: notes on Mennonite literature

box 15: Milton and Arthurian files

box 16: "lit. articles to file"

box 17: folder on Bethel songs brought in by Jim Juhnke 30 Nov 2011

boxes 18-19: diaries

Juhnke, Anna Kreider, 1940-2005

Arlo Kasper and Kathryn Dick Kasper Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.478
  • Collection
  • 1955-2002

box 1-2: Drama department files, photos, drama programs
box 3: various  theater posters (Bethel and community)
box 4: VHS videos of Bethel operas, etc. 1991-2002
box 5: opera recordings 1955 and 1982
box 6: (map folder) more posters, overflow from box 3

Kasper, Arlo D., 1935-

Arnold M. Wedel Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.483
  • Collection
  • 1960-1990

box 1-3: math books (many annotated) removed from David H. Richert office in old Science Hall July 2001
box 4 (map folder): materials related to campaign for a math postage stamp 1992
box 5-6: math department files ca. 1960-ca. 1990
box 7: David H. Richert correspondence
box 8: Waldo Wedel biographical info, Peter J. Wedel biographical info, info on P. J. Wedel house for local register of historic places, CD of photos copied to elecrec/acc501, family history info, photos
box 9: 1960 floor plan for remodeling of P. J. Wedel house
box 10: Koinonia Farms booklet and tape; tapes of 1979 Bethel College peace lectures
box 11: scrapbook from a Bethel travel class, “Introduction to the North Country,” spring 1994, studying environmental and social issues in upstate New York, taught by AMW, Robert Hull, and Robert Kreider; donated Sept. 2014. This ought to be disassembled because it’s in one of those sticky “magnetic” photo albums.

Wedel, Arnold M., 1928-

Arthur J. Frey and Cornelius Frey Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.152
  • Collection
  • 1890-1980

The collection has two distinct groups of materials. The larger group is the papers of Cornelius Frey. These papers contain a wide variety of materials, but the most significant is the extensive correspondence. There are letters from many of the leading Mennonites of his time, such as missionaries H. R. Voth and J. B. Frey (Cornelius’ brother), Oklahoma leader Michael Klaassen, and even a few European Mennonites such as Christian Neff. Among the other important materials are Bethanian Church records, a large group of pamphlets and printed matter, and some political materials. These political items are election records and census materials for West Branch Township, Marion County, for the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. These records provide a bit of first-hand evidence for the extent of Mennonite interest and involvement in politics at this time. The collection also contains quite a bit of personal materials such as diaries, financial records, and school materials. An interesting item in the school materials is the minutes of the Grünfeld Literary and Song Society for 1890. The papers of A. J. Frey, the other group of materials in this collection, consist almost entirely of genealogical materials. Frey collected all kinds of records and reminiscences in his genealogical research. These materials would be extremely important to the family histories of persons connected with the Alexanderwohl and Tabor churches. Also in A. J. Frey’s materials is a volume of Mennonite Aid Plan minutes, 1897-1960. Appendix: The materials in this addition to the collection are generally similar to the first part of the collection, consisting most importantly of correspondence, genealogy records, and Coy, Oklahoma, historical records. In addition, the appendix contains a small amount of correspondence and other material of family members other than Arthur J. or Cornelius Frey. They are: John Becker (1870-1968) and Eva Frey Becker (1880-1960), Eva sister of Cornelius Benjamin C. Frey (1895-1960), son of Cornelius Eva Balzer (Henry) Frey (1873-1936), sister-in-law of Cornelius Helena Schmidt (Cornelius) Frey (1870-1934), wife of Cornelius John B. Frey (1882-1942) and Sarah Unruh Frey (1885-1967), John brother of Cornelius Maria Wedel (Benjamin) Frey (1843-1934), mother of Cornelius Sara Elizabeth Frey (Paul G.) Schmidt (1898-1974), daughter of Cornelius Maria Ann Frey (McLoren) Temple (1906-), daughter of Cornelius

Frey, Arthur J., 1900-1980

Charles M. Benjamin Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.447
  • Collection
  • 1979-1994

box 1: file cabinet 1, drawer 4; A-C?; reports, course notes, subject files

box 2: file drawer A; C-H

box 3: file drawer A (end), file drawer B (beginning); H-T

box 4: file drawer B (end), file cabinet 1, drawers 1 and 2; W-Z (not quite full)

box 5: cassette tapes containing word processing files of his 1981 dissertation - in Wordstar or Scripsit - looks like 2 sets of tapes (backups)

box 6: Bethel course materials

box 7-8: political campaigns and offices

box 9-13: subject files? some articles by Benjamin, some course notes, "sorted 3/95"

box 14: grad school papers

box 15: file cabinet 1, drawer 4 (end), file cabinet 2, drawer 1( beginning); course materials, subject files?

box 16: statistical demographic tables - computer printed - from State Data Center, Hugo Wall Center for Urban Studies, Wichita State University for central and southeast Kansas (date?), presumably used for congressional campaign

box 17a: file cabinet 2, drawer 1; publications and papers by Benjamin

box 17b: file cabinet 2, drawer 1 (end), file cabinet 2, drawer 2; publications and papers by Benjamin; computer manual and software (see elecrec/acc8) (discarded many 8 inch floppy discs of voter registration data)

box 18: campaign files

box 19: audio cassettes, Betamax and VHS videos; some are recordings of Benjamin, others of local events

box 20-22: conference papers, articles, etc., maybe some by Benjamin

box 24a: clippings and research notes mostly related to agricultural trade; campaign materials (discarded some 5.25 inch floppys of voter registration data, also a 1/2 inch computer tape likely also voter registration (kept as exhibit))

box 24b: audio cassettes - poorly identified; campaign materials

box 25: Betamax videos of Bethel and Newton events (need to digitize)

box 26: file cabinet 1 drawer 3; subject files, course files

box 27: file cabinet 2 drawer 4 (beginning); subject and course files

box 28: file cabinet 3 drawer 3 (beginning); subject and course files

box 29: file cabinet 3 drawer 3 (end), drawer 4 (beginning); course files

box 30: file cabinet 3 drawer 5 (end); subject files

box 31: file cabinet 3 drawer 1 (end), drawer 2; subject files?

box 32: file cabinet 3 drawer 4 (end), drawer 5 (beginning); subject and course files

box 33: file cabinet 2 drawer 4 (end), file cabinet 3 drawer 1 (beginning); subject and course files

Benjamin, Charles M., 1950-2010

Cornelius Krahn Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.165
  • Collection
  • 1920-1990

Comprehensive collection of Krahn's correspondence, research notes, lecture notes, etc. from his student days up to his death.

See also elecrec/acc276 for items on Krahn’s student days at the university of Heidelberg.

Krahn, Cornelius, 1902-1990

David C. Wedel Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.242
  • Collection
  • 1940-1985

Box 1: earliest items donated July 1987; clippings, etc. related to Bethel College history and C. H. Wedel; 1971 file on Bethel College and Western District; James Juhnke interview with D. C. Wedel (transcript) (donated 19 October 2000); autobiography; CPS #8 Marietta, Ohio, reunion materials (donated 27 January 1998); books; 2 8mm films about Marietta CPS by Hubert C. Overmyer and VHS copy of films (donated April 1991)

Box 2: Bethlehem 1983 General Conference session packet; clippings and notes re CPS Marietta (donated 12 August 2003)

Box 3: church directories, clippings, printed matter, sermons

Box 4-6: sermons

Box 7: oral history interview, spring 1971, about Bethel College during the 1930s

Wedel, David C., 1908-

David H. Richert Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.477
  • Collection
  • 1890-1964

boxes 1-3, 5, 7, 9, 11: book collection from his office in the old Science Hall (an inventory of the books is available; almost all of them have annotations and inclusions by Richert)

box 4, 6, 8: course files, subject files, correspondence, photos

"box" 10: map folder--diplomas and Tree of Knowledge poster

"box" 12: map folder - 2 oversize photos

Richert, David H., 1875-1964

David H. Suderman Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.267
  • Collection
  • 1936-1976

Box 1: "file 1, box 1" A-G files

Box 2: "file 1, box 2" K-M and correspondence

box 3: "file 1, box 3" correspondence and miscellaneous files

box 4: "file 1, box 4" O-Z, speeches, travel

box 5: "file 1, box 5" mostly correspondence, some other files

box 6: "file 2, box 1" correspondence, subject files (not organized)

box 7: "file 2, box 2" grade books, scores

box 8: "file 2, box 3" scores, correspondence, subject files

box 9: "file 2, box 4" Colombia subject files, scores

box 10: "file 2, box 5" Commission on Education files

box 11: "file 2, box 6" subject files, correspondence

box 12: "file 2, box 7" subject files, correspondence

box 13: "file 3, box 1" subject file jumble

box 14: "file 3, box 2" subject file jumble, mostly Fs

box 15: "file 3, box 4 " [where's 3?] subject file jumble

box 16: "file 3, box 5" subject files, tours and trips

box 17: "file 3, box 6" scores, subject file jumble (includes 2 1937 phonograph records, which are apparently recordings of Suderman)

box 18: "file 3, box 7" scores, card files (lots of duplicates)

box 19: books, albums, periodicals

box 20: books, albums, periodicals

Suderman, David H., 1909-1990

Duane K. Friesen Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.396
  • Collection
  • 1970-2005

Box 3: job offer at Bethel correspondence; BELL program 1970-1972; Bible & Religion Department files 1970s-1985; ACCK religion and philosophy 1970s; Historic Peace Churches/FOR Continuation Committee 1991-1997

Box 4: Bible & Religion Department files 1985-1997 (25 year newsletter, summary of graduates 1972-1995)

Box 5: Bible & Religion Department files 1997-2005; BIFL 1980-2005

Box 6: Course syllabi - Bethel, WSU, Great Plains, Toronto

Box 7: Mennonite statements 1900-1980 on peace and social concerns

Box 8, 9: Gordon Kaufman symposium 1996

Box 10-12: general Bethel files

Box 13: Great Plains seminary; Peace Love & Justice Task Force 1979-1982; Western District Peace & Social Concerns Committee 1981-1987

Friesen, Duane K.

Dwight Platt Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.200
  • Collection
  • 1945-1980

Box 1: scrapbook containing school compositions, articles by him, peace pamphlets and clippings, transcript of court case, letters re the case, other letters and poems by him, photos, clippings re India and marriage

Box 2: Kansas Academy of Science Conservation Committee, Save the Tallgrass Prairie Inc

Box 3-5: course notes and files

Box 6: grade books and sheets; a few photocopies from Kauffman Museum civil rights exhibit Aug. 2010

Box 7: tapes of a summer 1964 biology class (digitized at elecrec/acc914), donated by Janet Klaassen Voth who was a student in the class, 22 May 2018

Platt, Dwight, 1931-

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