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A. B. (Abraham B.) Burkholder Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/714
  • Collection
  • 1896-1915

This small set of papers consists primarily of two diaries kept by Burkholder, a Virginia minister and later bishop of the (old) Mennonite Church.  The diaries contain brief daily enteries providing information about the weather and his activities for the day.  Other materials inclde sermon outlines, clippings, and miscellaneous materials.

Burkholder, A. B. (Abraham B.), 1850-1941

Allen H. Erb Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/212
  • Collection
  • 1921-1978

Personal papers of a bishop of the (old) Mennonite Church and administrator of La Junta Mennonite Hospital and Sanatarium (La Junta, Colorado).  Series include:

(1) Correspondence and Subject Files, 1928-1975

(2) Diaries, 1921, 1961-1963, 1966

(3) Miscellaneous, 1925-1969

Erb, Allen H., 1888-1975

Bill Detweiler Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/959
  • Collection
  • 1951-2005

This collection consists of publicity materials for speaking engagements, subject files, incoming correspondence, files relating to workshops Detweiler taught, Detweiler's preaching schedule, article manuscripts, and Detweiler's Bible.

Detweiler, Bill, 1929-

Bob Detweiler Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/958
  • Collection
  • 1950-1988

These papers consist primarily of incoming professional, pastoral, and personal correspondence.  Of particular note are the two folders of incoming and outgoing correspondence between basketball coach Bobby Knight and Bob Detweiler (1971-1987).  Additional materials in the collection include sermon notes and outlines and dairies from Detweiler's college and seminary years.

Detweiler, Bob, 1929-1989

C. Warren Long Papers 1946-1969

  • US MCUSAA HM1/394
  • Collection
  • 1921-1996

These personal papers of an (old) Mennonite Church pastor and bishop from Illinois are divided into two series:

(1) Sermons, 1946-1969

(2) Miscellaneous Materials, 1946-1969

Long, C. Warren, 1904-1969

Calvary Hour Records

  • US MCUSAA HM1/956
  • Collection
  • 1935-2007

The Calvary Hour Records are divided into six series:

(1) Sermons, 1940-2002

(2) Publications and Publicity, 1935-2007

(3) Administrative Files, 1937-2007

(4) Photographs, Circa 1935-2002

(5) Sound Recordings, 1953-2007

(6) Radio Show "Formats," Circa 1965-2000

Detweiler, Bill, 1929-

Daniel G. Lapp Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/035
  • Collection
  • 1917-1947

A small collection consisting primarily of sermons, but also including correspondence and miscellaneous materials created by an (old) Mennonite Church minister and bishop iwho lived in Nebraska and Illinois.

Lapp, Daniel G., 1867-1951

Daniel J. Fisher Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/402
  • Collection
  • 1927-1957

Correspondence, subject files, and sermons of a bishop of the (old) Mennonite Church who served in Kalona and Iowa City, Iowa.  Much of the correspondence addresses selective service classification difficulties for Mennonites in Iowa and  Young People's Institute activities in Iowa.

Fisher, Daniel J., 1877-1970

David A. Yoder Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/314
  • Collection
  • 1885-1983

The David A. Yoder Papers are divided into the following series:

(1) Diaries and Datebooks, 1920-1976

(2) Correspondence, 1903-1975

(3) Subject Files, 1909-1970

(4) Manuscripts, 1949-1976

(5) Sermon Notes, 1907-1966

(6) Photographs, 1885-1980

(7) Miscellaneous, 1897-1983

Yoder, David A., 1883-1980

David C. Amstutz Papers 1870-1920

  • US MCUSAA HM1/233
  • Collection
  • 1819-1920

A small set of property records and church- and mission-related documents and correspondence created and collected by a pastor and  bishop of Crown Hill Mennonite Church (Rittman, Ohio) who donated land for the Rittman Home for the Aged.  Includes a letter to Christian Steiner dated 1829, as well as correxpondence from Menno Steiner (1905-1911).  Also includes marriage licenses, Crown Hill Mennonite Church reports, and membership letters.

Amstutz, David C., 1842-1824

Eil Schmitt Hallman Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/026
  • Collection
  • 1892-1956

Personal papers of an (old) Mennontite Church minister, bishop, and church planter, divided into four series:

(1) Correspondence, 1892-1945

(2) Miscellaneous Materials, 1903-1955

(3) Diaries, 1898-1956

(4) Sermon Notes, 1923-1952

Hallman, Eli Schmitt, 1866-1955

Elias L. Frey Papers 1884-1939

  • US MCUSAA HM1/169
  • Collection
  • 1835-1939

Papers of a Mennonite minister (ordained 1884) and bishop (ordained 1908) in the Fulton County District of Ohio.  Includes Bible conference teaching notes and outlines, sermon notes, various manuscripts, 48 cloth Bible conference teaching charts, 12 paper Bible conference teaching charts, and miscellaneous materials.

Frey, Elias L., 1856-1942

Elvin V. Snyder Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/113
  • Collection
  • 1923-1968

Personal papers of an (old) Mennonite Church missionary who served in Argentina (1928-1947) and Puerto Rico (1953-1964).  Snyder also served as a pastor to (old) Mennonite Church congregations in Texas and Wisconsin.  Snyder's papers include correspondence, programs and ephemera pertaining to Mennonite religious life and institutions in Argentina and Puerto Rico.  A small amount of correspondence and miscellaneous records pertain to his pastorate in Texas.

Snyder, Elvin V., 1900-1985

J. R. Shank Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/188
  • Collection
  • 1899-1958

Personal papers of an (old) Mennonite Church pastor and bishop, including correspondence, sermon notes and outlines, reminiscences, pastoral letters, and notebooks.  Of particular note are Shank's journal entitled "Our Gospel Tour," which describes a preaching junket he undertook with other Mennonite men in a borrowed car in 1925-1926.  Also of interest is Shank's unpublished book manuscript entitled, "Vital Issues of Our Times,"  Researchers should also note that membership and other records of the Carver Mennonite Church (Carver, Mo.) can be found in this collection.

Shank, J. R., 1877-1958

J. S. (Jacob S.) Gerig Family Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/649
  • Collection
  • 1817-2003

A small set of personal and pastoral papers created by a pastor and bishop associated with the Oak Grove Mennonite Church (Smithville, Ohio), an (old) Mennonite congregation in Wayne County, Ohio. Materials include information on the Young People's Conference, a record book of the Ohio Mennonite Relief Commission, materials pertaining to Orrville Mennonite Church (Orrville, Ohio) and Walnut Creek Mennonite Church (Holmes County, Ohio), correspondence with Bishop O. N. (Otis Nathan) Johns, and miscellaneous materials.

Gerig, J. S. (Jacob S.), 1866-1964

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