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Leonard Gross Papers 1942-2018

  • US MCUSAA HM1/447
  • Collection
  • 1530-2018

This collection is organized by series:

(1) Manuscripts and Published Writings of Leonard Gross: Dissertation and other manuscripts

(2) Personal Papers: Notes, Organizations, and Conferences

(3) Hutterites: Pre-20th Century Hutterites and Society of Brothers

(4) Research: Research in Progress and Projects

(5) Involvements: Historical Committee, Family, MCC, Amish, Sermons, Service, Anabaptist Materials, Projects, College Mennonite Church, and others

(6) Correspondence: 1942, 1951-2018

(7) Clippings

(8) Miscellaneous

(9) Oversize

Gross, Leonard, 1931-

Andreas Johannes Friedrich Zieglschmid Papers 1877-1950

  • US GCA HM1/709
  • Collection
  • 1532-1950

This set of papers produced by a scholar of Hutterite literature and philology consists primarily of an unpublished manuscript: Liederbuch der Hutterischen Brüder (Songs of the Hutterian Brethren), which was intended to be a new critical edition of a work of the same title published in 1914.  Other materials include selected letters of Michael Waldner, founder of the branch of the Hutterites known as Schmiedeleut Hutterites, a transcription of the 1635 Arznei Handbüchl der Hutterischen Brüder, tunes of Hutterite hymns transcribed by O. S. Beltz, and miscellaneous materials pertaining to Hutterites in Europe and Alberta.

Zieglschmid, Andreas Johannes Friedrich, 1903-1950

D. B. (Daniel B.) Swartzendruber Collection 1857-1923

  • US MCUSAA HM1/144
  • Collection
  • 1568-1861

The Daniel B. Swartzendruber Collection contains numerous documents, which shed light on 19th-century Amish life in America, particularly the Johnson County, Iowa and Somerset County, Pennsylvania communities.  Thanks to the interest in the church and its history of at least five generations of Swartzendrubers the Archives has this sizable collection. Other material of the Swartzendruber family can be found at the archives of the Iowa Mennonite Historical Society.  In an attempt to aid the researcher working with this collection, this description of the collection has been prepared.

A brief genealogical chart (see Box 1/Folder1) affords an overview of the relationships of the various people who wrote or whom are written about, in the collection. (The names of the collection’s significant writers are in red).  Many of the dates on the chart come directly from the collection and so there may be some minor discrepancies in the dates, particularly those of the earlier generations.  It is not completely clear that the Abner Yoder who is named on the chart is the same man whom Jacob Swartzendruber visited in Somerset County (the Glades) in 1860, and whom later moved to Iowa. It seems likely that he is the one so therefore without verifying the information fully he was placed on the chart.  This chart is not included in this inventory, but is available upon request.

The chart hosts different name spellings from what they are normally in the documents.  The spellings for the same person do vary in the documents so consistency was kept by using the spellings found in the Mennonite Quarterly Review and the Mennonite Bibliography. This helped also in allowing for only one spelling in a particular generation.  In order to save space only initials in this paper will be used when referring to Jacob Schwarzendruber {JS} (1800-1868), Friedrich Schwartzendruber {FS}(1825-1895), Jacob Friedrich Swarzendruber {JFS} (1851-1924), Daniel B. Swartzendruber {DBS} (1875-1950), and Elmer G. Swartzendruber {EGS} (1890-19??).

The collection has a somewhat arbitrary organization but one should be able to locate any item without much difficulty by using the folder listing  Basically, the organization follows JFS’s copy book {Folder 2} and then the additional materials in EGS’s transcriptions {Folder 3} and JFS’s “Register der alten Schriften” {Folder 4}.  Then there are additional documents, family history materials, and some of DBS’s personal material.

In order to identify the documents which have been copied or identified in JFS’s or EGS’s transcriptions or the “Register der alten Schriften” those materials have been listed with numbers (Box 1 / Folder 1) and will refer to those numbers in the folder descriptions.

Researchers should note that the date span includes the original dates of documents copied into copy books and collected documents. The record keeping activity of the Swartzendruber family extends only back to the 19th century.

Swartzendruber, D. B. (Daniel B.), 1875-

Catalogus Frembder Mennonisten, so allhie eigenen Rauch halten

  • US BCMLA 06/MF MSS 267
  • Collection
  • 1650

list of Mennonites residing in Danzig in 1650, microfilm

filmed at request of Johannes Harder, 6 July 1963, from Gdansk archives APG 300,10 nr. 27

the film includes pp. 71-87, 98-100; not clear if this is the complete list or why some page numbers were skipped

digitized version

There's also another digitized version from a different microfilm. One or the other may be better, depending on which page you're looking at.

Danzig (Germany)

COE Slide Presentation - "The Bloody Theatre or Martyrs Mirror"

  • CA MHC 706
  • Collection
  • 1660-1973

This slide presentation provides historical overview of <i>The Martyrs Mirror</i>, first published in 1660, a significant document of the Mennonite Church, and specifically it includes reproductions of 38 etchings by Dutch artist Jan Luyken, as first published in the 1685 edition. Prepared with a written script to be read, as each image was projected with a Kodak slide projector.

Mennonite Library and Archives (Newton, Kansas)

Namenliste der Danziger Mennoniten

  • US BCMLA 06/MF MSS 267-37
  • Collection
  • 1665

list of Mennonites in Gdansk in 1665, microfilm

filmed at request of Johannes Harder, 9 July 1963, at Gdansk public archives; APG 300,10 nr. 37; film includes pp. 163-197; not clear if this is the complete list

digitized version

There's another digitized version, from a different microfilm. One or the other may be better, depending on which page you're looking at.

Danzig (Germany)

Land Tenancy Agreements for Lorens Peter and Andreas Rös

  • Collection
  • 1721, 1987

Photocopies and transcriptions of German-language land tenancy contracts for two Swiss men.  Also includes a photocopy and transcription of a letter complaint by another Swiss man, Johannes Gräbe.

Bender, Elizabeth Horsch, 1895-1988

Christian L. and Mina Roth Graber Papers 1840-1973

  • US GCA HM1/209
  • Collection
  • 1813-1973

Personal papers of Christian L. Graber and Mina Roth Graber, consisting of correspondence, diaries, sermons, scrapbooks, geneological records, and information about Christian L. Graber's time as a conscientious objector during World War I, his stint as a relief worker, and his service to Mennonite Central Committee.

The papers are divided into the following series:

(1) Correspondence

(2) Sermons and Writings

(3) Personal and Family Records

(4) War, Peace, and Relief Work

(5) Business, Legal, and Estate Files

(6) Subject Files and Miscellaneous

(7) Mina Roth Graber Diaries

(8) Photographs, Scrapbooks, and Miscellaneous

Graber, Christian L., 1895-1987

Michael Kaufman Letter

  • Collection
  • 1758

The collection consists of undated transcripts of a letter written to Mennonites in Holland by Michael Kaufman.

Kaufman, Michael

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