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Alexander Rempel fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1908-1984 , predominant 1929-1941, 1959-1984

This fond consists of nine series. They include:
-1) Linguistics;
-2) Russian / Prussian Mennonite history;
-3) World War Two history;
-4) Education;
-5) Anabaptist history (with a sub series on catechisms);
-6) Theology;
-7) Genealogy;
-8) Russian history;
-9) Philosophy and History.
These series contain handwritten notes, manuscripts by the author, card indexes, photocopies, pictures, micro media, and a few original documents. The numerous photocopies and micro media are of books and articles, some of which are extremely rare. It is difficult to determine when the copies or notes were made: therefore, the creation date of the files are often [19-], meaning between 1900-1999. In many cases, the correspondence and manuscripts are the only way to date his research. In some cases, the date of publication is not known and an estimate was made.

Rempel, Alexander, 1915-1985

Conference of Mennonites in Manitoba fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1920-2007

The basic records of the CMM are the reports to and minutes of its annual delegate conferences. From 1947-1957 these were distributed in mimeographed form; thereafter, they have been published in annual yearbooks. The correspondence and minutes of the executive committee are scattered throughout the collection and are relatively complete only since about 1956. In 1979 the files from the Executive office were deposited on a yearly basis. The largest amount of material comes from the Mennonite Radio Mission, later renamed Faith and Life Communications, the first major staffed project of the conference. The Conference established a central treasury in 1959, and the financial records are complete from that point on.

Included with the CMM fonds are the records of the auxiliary organizations such as the Manitoba Mennonite Youth Organization and the Manitoba Women in Mission. The youth organization's activities and its records pre-date the Conference by about seven years.

These records have been described on the basis of the conference structure during the 1970s and 1980s.

The fonds is organized into nine (9) series as follows:
-1. Executive Committee
-2. Finance Committee
-3. Anna Ens CMM History Project
-4. Mission Committee
-5. Education Committee
-6. Manitoba Women in Mission
-7. Manitoba Mennonite Youth Organization
-8. Camps with Meaning
-9. Mennonite Radio Mission / Faith and Life Communications

Conference of Mennonites in Manitoba

Canadian Mennonite Bible College fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1945-2000

The CMBC fonds consists of the administrative records from the offices of the business manager, president, registrar and admissions. A sampling of materials consists of special programs such as lectures, recitals or other musical events. The records of the Alumni Association have also been included in this fonds.

These records could be useful for a study of education among the Mennonites, for studies of the Bible school movement and for a variety of other educational themes. For people interested in the impact of educational institutions on the intellectual orientation of a "community" these files could help to illuminate the process.

This fonds consists of the following 14 series:
-1) H.H. Wall (Business Manager's) files. – 1945-1959.
-2) Office and Academic files. – 1947-1973.
-3) P.R. Harder (Business Manager) files. – 1959-1973.
-4) Rudy Regehr (Registrar) files. – 1946-1981.
-5) Henry Poettcker (President) files. – 1947-1978.
-6) CMBC Publications. – 1973-1979.
-7) CMBC Bookstore records. – 1972-1980.
-8) Henry Poettcker (President) files. --1950-1986.
-9) Rudy Regehr & Ron Loeppky (Registrar/Business Managers) files. -- 1951-1990.
-10) George K. Epp (President) files. -- 1966-1987.
-11) Admissions Office files. -- 1971-1994.
-12) Photograph Collections
-13) Alumni Association . – 1952-1986.
-14) Board and Faculty minutes and reports. – 1962-1966, 1978-2000.
-15) Sound recordings
-16) Waldemar Janzen's Near East Study Tour file. -- 1981.

Canadian Mennonite Bible College

Isaac I. Friesen fonds

  • Fonds
  • 189-?, 1918-1995

This fonds consists of eleven series reflecting the life of a Mennonite minister, teacher and administrator who spent most of his life working with the church and its institutions and programs. The series are:
-1. Pastoral work, 1937-1975
-2. Mennonite conferences, 1939-1973
-3. CMBC, 1945-1972
-4. Teaching notes and student assignments, 1945-1973
-5. Schools attended and student work, 1930-1972
-6. Topical files, 1938-1974
-7. Personal files, 1918-1974
-8. Elsie's personal files, 1918-1995
-9. Bethel Mennonite Church (Winnipeg), 1939-1974
-10. Sermon collection, 1939-1974
-11. Photograph collection, 189-?, 1926-1975.

Friesen, I.I. (Isaac Irwin), 1900-1974

Siegfried Janzen fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1945-1954, 1987

This fonds consists of Janzen's correspondence and reports while working in Gronau, Germany, while attending Bethel College and while working with the youth in Vineland Ontario. Included in Janzen's Germany materials are essays and memoirs by some of the refugees Janzen worked with as well as correspondence with leaders such as Dr. Kurt Kauenhowen and Walter Quiring. There are 107 slides showing the Gronau camp, people and activities. The materials gives an account of the Janzens' life in Germany, Kansas and Vineland. With this material a better understanding of the effects of the Second World War on the Mennonite population in the Ukraine and the process of emigrating from there to Paraguay or Canada can be gained.

Janzen, Siegfried, 1920-2005

Koop Family fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1852-1999

This fonds consists of six series: Peter & Mary Koop correspondence, Manuscripts & Books, Verses, Poems & Songs, Koop family history materials, Heidi Koop materials, Photograph Collection, Map Collection.

Koop family

Jacob Hoemsen fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1900-1968, 1995, 2007

The materials in this fonds consists of materials related to the life of Jacob Hoemsen and to the Heidebrecht family. The Homsen materials included letters to and from family members in Russia after WWI, documents, diary, and photos related to Hoemsen's experiences during various wars including the Russo-Japanese war of 1905, and a book of memoirs edited by his daughter Margaret Silver. This fonds is unique as gives details of the various conflicts of the early 20th Century in Russia and how a Mennonite moved from doing alternative service to serving the Russian and German war efforts and actively participating in the Mennonite Selbstschutz (self defense unit).

The Heidebrecht family materials consists of a manuscript by Margaret Silver that, with the help of old letters, reconstructs the life of the Heidebecht family as it struggled to survive in Russia under Stalin and the Soviet governments. Also included are photos and documents to his wife Maria Heidebrecht's experience as a student in Russia. This material is helpful in understanding the experiences of the Mennonites after World War one, the collectivization of the farms, Stalin's purges, labour camps, famine, deportation and exile, great trek to Germany, repatriation to the U.S.S.R., and life in Russia up to the modern era.

Hoemsen, Jacob H., 1879-1969

Heidi Koop fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1939-2002

This fonds consists of textual records which illustrate Heidi Koop's life, which are organized into seven series:
-1.) Selected files of introduction
-2.) Education
-3.) Professional life
-4.) Writing
-5.) Travel
-6.) Collected materials
-7.) Journals.
This fonds also includes a collection of photographs which document much of her life and a series of drawings (artworks) created from 1976 to 1998 which drew upon these life experiences. (See inventory file list for description of drawings; see item description under Photo collection 676.)

Koop, Heidi (Adelheid Else), 1939-2002

William Hespeler fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1847-1907

This fonds contains documents pertaining to the life of William Hespeler, such as confirmation of attending the Polytechnic Institute in Karlsruhe (1847-1849), of deferment from military service in 1850, of immigration to Canada, and of naturalization as a British subject. The fonds includes the items taken to Russia in 1872 (i.e. responses from Ottawa to the Russian Mennonite inquiries about priveledges been sought such as exemption from military service). The fonds also contains various items with the autographs of individuals such as Otto von Bismark, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia, and the British monarch, Queen Victoria. The documents pertain to Hespeler's service to Canada or Germany.

Hespeler, William, 1830-1921

Peter B. Paetkau fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1961-2011

This fonds contains Peter Paetkau's personal journals, other writings and subject and event files. The audio cassettes contain sound recordings which Peter Paetkau made at events that he attended. This includes concerts, conferences and other public events related to Mennonite community life and history in Manitoba. Similarly, the photograph were often taken at public events, but they also include some personal and family items.

Paetkau, Peter, 1940-2011

Heinrich Riediger fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1908-1933

This fonds contains a series of journals begun in Russia in 1908 and continued in Canada after 1923. Parts were written while the writer was still living in Nikolaifeld, then Arkadak, and finally in Hanley, Saskatchewan. There are transcriptions and translations with the materials which were completed by the MHC volunteer staff Jake Friesen in 2008.

Riediger, Heinrich, 1884-1954

Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1922-1966

These records can be divided into three eras -- the first migration wave (1922-1930), Pre World War II and War years (1930-1946), and finally, the 2nd migration movement (1947-1964). The records during the first period focus on the Mennonites who left Russia and settled in various communities in Canada through the assistance of the Board. The records of the second period focus more on the need to send relief aid to Russia during a period when immigration to Canada was no longer possible. The records of this period also deal with the questions of war, military service, conscientious objection to war and alternative service. The records of the third period -- a period when the leadership of the Board is under chairman J.J. Thiessen -- focus on help to refugees out of war torn Europe, including re-settlement in South America.

Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization

Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1936-2018

This fonds consists of a series of record transfers from the conference office. Each deposit has files or material that is grouped under various headings that were used for administrative purposes. Some of the materials were accumulated by specific church leaders. Included were records of conference conventions, ministers meetings, and board meetings of various program areas such as Christian Education and Publication Board and the Mission Board. The conference office also acquired records of the Alymer Bible School which they founded and supported since 1976 and records from congregations that were closed. The research files of Jack Hoeppner who wrote the conference history in 1987 were also deposited in one of these transfers. Each deposit has been treated as a separate series with sub-series.

SERIES 1: Rudnerweide Mennonitengemeinde Bücher =EMMC Church registers. -- 1937-1963.
SERIES 2: Minutes and other material. -- 1937-1974
-1. EMMC Board of Christian Education and Publication 1963-1974; Ministers meetings 1939-1965 (Volume 4907:1-45, 62-63)
-2. EMMC Board of Christian Education and Publication 1963-1974; Ministers meetings 1939-1965 (Volume 4907:1-45, 62-63)
-3. Diary of Peter Buhler 1969-1983 (Volume 4907: 46-61)
-4. Kitchener EMMC (closed cong.) (Volume 4908)
-5. Minutes 1937-1959 (Volume 5076)

SERIES 3: Financial records, personnel records, convention reports, research files. – 1942-2001.
-1. Financial reports, ledgers, budgets 1951-1994 (Volume 5091-5094)
-2. Mission personnel files & correspondence 1967-2001 (Volume 5095-5098)
-3. Convention Reports 1942-2001 (Volume 5099)
-4. Jack Hoeppner research files & other materials (Volume 5100-5101)

SERIES 4: EMMC Mission Board. – 1965-2007.
-1. Bolivia Reports & correspondence 1965-2004 (Volume 5200)
-2. Bolivia Finances 1973-1998 (Volume 5201)
-3. Board dockets and correspondence 1976-1991 (Volume 5202-5203)
-4. Ontario churches started 1965-2000 (Volume 5204)
-5. Belize Churches started (1965-2007) (Volume 5205)
-6. Manitoba Churches (1967-2001) (Volume 5206)
-7. Aylmer Bible School (begun in 1976) administration, correspondence, staff minutes, finances (1984-1998) (Volume 5207-5209)
-8. John Bergman's papers 1980-1987 - administration, topics, correspondence (Volume 5210)
-9. EMMC [General administration] - mission board minutes 1957-1989), Christian Education 1959-1990 (Volume 5011-5013)
-10. EMMC Manitoba Churches (Volume 5214)
-11. EMMC Churches Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Mexico, USA (Volume 5215)
-12. General ledgers (1994-1998) (Volume 5216-5217)

SERIES 5: Closed congregations, Gospel Message, Ladies Auxiliary, EMMC Boards – 1943-1999.
-1. Bergfeld EMMC, Reinland EMMC, Rosefarm EMMC (Volume 5304-5305)
-2. Gospel Message (radio Program) (Volume 5306-5307) Audio Cassettes 2709-2736
-3. EMMC Ladies Executive minutes, correspondence 1964-1999 (Volume 5399)
-4. EMMC Ladies Auxiliary minutes, missionary letters, financial ledgers 1964-2005 (Volume 5400)
-5. The Gospel Message - John D. Friesen, Ernest Friesen 1965-1997 (Volume 5401)
-6. Ministers and Deacons policy study papers & minutes 1943-1998 (Volume 5402)
-7. Personnel files (Volume 5403-5406)
-8. EMMC Mission dockets, 1992-2006 (Volume 5407)
-9. EMMC Board minutes (Education and Publication, Executive, Radio and Evangelism, General counsel, 1964-1998 (Volume 5408)
-10. Various Mission Societies (Volume 5409)
-11. Missions Evangelism, etc. (Volume 5410)

SERIES 6: EMMC History, churches, Henry Dueck files, Missions and other office files. – 1937-2017.
-1. BMS and EMMC History 1937-2011 (Volume 6350)
-2. Manitoba Churches 1960-2017 (Volume 6351)
-3. Churches - Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta 1945-2013 (Volume 6352)
-4. Henry Dueck [files] 1962-1997 (Volume 6353)
-5. EMMC [General administration] 1970-2008 (Volume 6354)
-6. Missions and Miscellaneous 1940-2012 (Volume 6355)

Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference

Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia: Odessa Archives Fund 6 fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1799-1877; filmed 2000-2010

This fonds contains the records of the Russian government department that was responsible for all issues related to the foreign settlers in Russia. The department was charged to ensure the success of the settlers. Of high interest to family historian are the vital records of births, marriages and deaths for the Chortitza Mennonite Colony for much of 1801 and 1802. There are also lists of children vaccinated (see 1809 and 1814 lists). A fair number of files relate to criminal cases or other situations where legal documents were generated due to some type of conflict in the colonies. Other files contain primarily statistical information about the colonies. The files also provide considerable information about how the Office of Guardianship governed the colonies.
The content is organized chronologically with file descriptions listed in eight (8) separate finding aids called inventories (i.e. Inventories no. 1, 1a, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8).
See "Fund 6 Overview chart" linked with this description and "Finding Aid Links" to inventory file lists and indexes.

Guardianship Committee of Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia

Bergfeld Evangelical Mennonite Missions Church fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1940-1999

This fonds consists of local church board meeting minutes, correspondence, brotherhood meeting minutes, bulletins, annual reports and minutes, Sunday school materials, financial records, a constitution and missions records. The records document the life of a small rural Manitoba Mennonite congregation affiliated with the Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference.

Bergfeld Evangelical Mennonite Missions Church

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