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A. B. (Abraham B.) Burkholder Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/714
  • Collection
  • 1896-1915

This small set of papers consists primarily of two diaries kept by Burkholder, a Virginia minister and later bishop of the (old) Mennonite Church.  The diaries contain brief daily enteries providing information about the weather and his activities for the day.  Other materials inclde sermon outlines, clippings, and miscellaneous materials.

Burkholder, A. B. (Abraham B.), 1850-1941

Adam H. Mumaw Papers 1964-1974

  • US MCUSAA HM1/016
  • Collection
  • circa 1910-1974

A small collection of poems, sermons and devotional writings,and reminiscences authored by a Mennonite dairy farmer in the Wooster, Ohio area near the end of his life.  These papers provide a good example of lay spirituality in themid-century (old) Mennonite Church.  Mumaw wrote about a number of topics, including suicide, lending money, and leisure time.  His reminiscences include an account of his expoeriences as a conscientious objector in World War I.  Information about the Jonas Smucker homestead may also be found in these papers. This collection also includes materials by and about Mumaw's wife, Clara Zook Mumaw.  These include a poem, home remedies, miscellaneous writings, and genealogical information about the David S. Zook family.

Mumaw, Adam H., 1888-1974

A.J. Metzler Papers 1919-1996

  • US MCUSAA HM1/417
  • Collection
  • 1826-1996

Personal papers of A. J. (Abram Jacob)  Metzler, consisting of sermon outlines, correspondence, subject files, and audio recordings. Records of Metzler's travels and work abroad are included, as are his published articles, his files on congregations he pastored, and a biography of him along with family records.

This collection is divided into the following series:

(1) Sermon Outlines, 1927-1983

(2) Correspondence and Subject Files, 1826, 1919-1993

(3) Audio Recordings, 1956-1996

(4) Photographs and Video Recordings, 1882-1991

Metzler, Abram Jacob, 1902-1996

Alfred and Barbara Habegger Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.186
  • Collection
  • 1908-1956

Correspondence, sermons, diaries, and other documents, mostly related to their mission work in Montana.

Habegger, Alfred, 1892-1956

Alvin J. Beachy Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.266
  • Collection
  • 1946-1968

The bulk of the collection consists of sermons Alvin preached at the various congregations he served. While some are typed and some handwritten, almost all are verbatim manuscripts, not outlines or notes. Almost all clearly identify when and where the sermon was preached. He also saved some of his class notes from Hartford and Harvard, but very little from Bluffton and nothing from Messiah.

The collection contains no family or personal materials other than a couple folders of correspondence, mostly related to the Vietnam War. Nothing was found related to his experience growing up Old Order Amish or the family’s transition to Beachy Amish; unless he mentions this during oral history interviews in box 8.

Beachy, Alvin J., 1913-1986

Anna Unruh Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.450
  • Collection
  • 1800-1900

"Dirks Family Record" (microfilmed on MF CHR 23; transcription in SA.II.1870)
"Liede Buch" of Jacob Thomas" (microfilmed on MF CHR 23; transcription in SA.II.1872)
sermon, Schulz genealogy (on microfilm MF CHR 23)
Johann Schartner sermon or essay on grace 1872; also some financial notes 1879-1887
several German books
3 books by Jane Leade in German were removed for cataloging in the MLA library collection

Unruh, Anna, 1897-1994

Arnold E. Funk Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.297
  • Collection
  • 1930-1970

Box 1, 2: books

Box 3: pamphlets, correspondence

Box 4, 5: sermons

Box 6: correspondence, Bruderthal yearbooks and constitutions, sermons, Marion Reservoir files

Box 7: framed photos

Box 8<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>correspondence, Edna Funk funeral book Box 9<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>book, date books, audio cassettes Box 10<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>(map folder) diplomas and certificates; Loganbill, Moser genealogy chart; Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church 50th anniversary poster

Funk, Arnold E., 1900-1987

Aron J. Wiebe Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.201
  • Collection
  • 1879-1902

The papers are all hand-written German in the old script. There are a few items of correspondence, several sermons, poetry, and other documents.

Wiebe, Aron J., 1845-1922

B. Frank and Esther Johnson Stoltzfus Papers 1919-1972

  • US MCUSAA HM1/999
  • Collection
  • 1910-1997

Personal papers of B. Frank and Esther Johnson Stoltzfus, who served as missionaries, educators, and administrators at multiple American colleges in Bulgaria, Lebanon, and Turkey from 1924 to 1960. Materials consist of diaries, correspondence, teaching records, writings, and family photographs. Of particular interest are a series of 1947 dispatches written to Floyd H. Black, President of the Sofia American College, which document Stoltzfus’s experiences in and impressions of Bulgaria during the early years of the country’s communist regime.

The papers are divided into the following series:

(1)  Diaries and Correspondence, 1918-1997

(2)  Teaching Records and College Publications, 1914-1981

(3)  Sermons, Essays, and Writings, 1919-1953

(4)  Miscellaneous, 1910-1983

Stoltzfus, B. Frank, 1893-1972

Beulah Stauffer Hostetler Papers 1900-2005

  • US MCUSAA HM1/950
  • Collection
  • 1866-2005

The personal papers of Beulah Stauffer Hostetler, consisting of creative and academic writings, correspondence, photographs, recordings, and miscellaneous subject files related to her research into Old Order life and her time as a professor at Elizabethtown College. Materials from her family members, particularly her father Ezra Stauffer, are also included.

These papers are divided into the following series:

(1) Essays and Writings, 1942-2003

(2) Correspondence, 1944-2005

(3) Family History and Geneology, 1866-2005

(4) Subject Files and Miscellaneous, 1944-2004

(5) Photographs, 1890-1992

(6) Audiovisual Materials, 1980-2005

Hostetler, Beulah Stauffer, 1926-2005

Bill Detweiler Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/959
  • Collection
  • 1951-2005

This collection consists of publicity materials for speaking engagements, subject files, incoming correspondence, files relating to workshops Detweiler taught, Detweiler's preaching schedule, article manuscripts, and Detweiler's Bible.

Detweiler, Bill, 1929-

Bob Detweiler Papers

  • US MCUSAA HM1/958
  • Collection
  • 1950-1988

These papers consist primarily of incoming professional, pastoral, and personal correspondence.  Of particular note are the two folders of incoming and outgoing correspondence between basketball coach Bobby Knight and Bob Detweiler (1971-1987).  Additional materials in the collection include sermon notes and outlines and dairies from Detweiler's college and seminary years.

Detweiler, Bob, 1929-1989

C. H. Suckau Papers

  • US BCMLA 00/MS.260
  • Collection
  • 1920-1945

Papers collected by Jeff A. Steely, for a Bethel College history seminary paper in spring 1988. Includes sermons, correspondence, diary (photocopy), and a cassette tape of an interview with Loris Habegger.

Suckau, Cornelius Herman, 1881-1951

C. Warren Long Papers 1946-1969

  • US MCUSAA HM1/394
  • Collection
  • 1921-1996

These personal papers of an (old) Mennonite Church pastor and bishop from Illinois are divided into two series:

(1) Sermons, 1946-1969

(2) Miscellaneous Materials, 1946-1969

Long, C. Warren, 1904-1969

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