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Jacob Sudermann Photograph Collection
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Abe Suderman and Jake Suderman

This is a photo of (left to right): Abe Suderman and Jake Suderman standing on the end of a long pole that they are using as leverage to remove a tree root. There are two log buildings in the background. There is an axe in a tree stump on the right.


A-shaped branch shelter

This is a photo of an A-shaped shelter made of branches set among trees. There is an alarm clock hanging from the ridge pole and a foot driven round grindstone in front of the shelter.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

Bridge across the Nechako River

This is a photo of the bridge across the Nechako River at the N. E. corner of Vanderhoof. On the bridge are two horses pulling a wagon and a buggy with two horses. In the foreground on the right is a cone shaped structure made of logs. The bridge was built in 1916 and replaced in 1948.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

Buggies, wagons and tent in a cleared area

This is a photo of a cleared area alongside the Nechako River. A work group appears to be discussing the next moves in front of a large white tent, with two buggies and two wagons in front and more behind. There is part of a log building on the left and another in in the upper right, as well as crude zig-zagging log fencing, perhaps a corral.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

Congregation outside a large tent

This is a photo of Sunday morning church congregation gathered in front of a large tent. Several members of the Suderman family have been identified by Harold Suderman with some certainty. Approximately in the centre left is Annie Suderman wearing a lace-collar white shirt under a dark jacket open at the front. Margaret Suderman, with shadowed face, is on Annie's left and Susan Suderman well to Margaret's left. Dora Suderman, 10 years of age at the time, could be the girl in a dress with white buttons and black stripe on sleeve standing in front of and to Susan's right. Dora's face is largely obscured by a hand and cap. Harry Suderman, aged 14, is probably the teenager in grey suit and cap standing behind the last youngster squatting on the ground in front. The dog had to get into the picture too. On the far right stands a bearded and mustachioed man in a suit and felt hat who could be Johann P. Suderman.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

Flooded area along the Nechako

This is a photo of a flooded "back yard" of the presumed Suderman property during high levels of the surging Nechako River. A fenced area is partly under water and a thatched roof building is in the foreground, lower right.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

Four men in a garden

This is a photo of four young men, wearing suits and hats, standing in a garden. There are several log buildings in the background, with trees behind them, and a lagoon on the right.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

"Fraser Lake Indians"

This is a photo of an aboriginal woman and two children. The woman and older child are standing behind a wheelbarrow in which the younger child is sitting. Behind them on the left is log house with a gable of siding boards and adorned with elk (?) antlers and possibly a cowbell. Outside, beside the door, is a bookcase with cooking utensils. There is a chopping block on the right with a crude tower and rope-operated contraption behind that. In the background is another building.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

Freight train

This is a photo of a freight train winding past a pile of gravel. There are telephone poles to the right and possibly a lake.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

Grand Trunk Pacific freight car #311461

This is a photo of Grand Trunk Pacific freight car #311461 sitting on its tracks alongside of which have been unloaded a variety of unidentified articles. A man dressed in dark pants, jacket and cap is standing with his hand on some waist -high contrivance. There are several more cars on the track and hydro poles running along side.

Sudermann, Jacob E., 1895-1945 (use)

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