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Amos P. Troyer: marriages performed, and an article about his wife
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Amos P. Troyer: marriages performed, and an article about his wife

  • US PNMHS I-66
  • Collection
  • 1898-1932

First item in the binder is a 2-page article from Oregon Mennonite Centennial News, No. 2, June 1976, entitled "Rue, Sassafras, Wormwood...the medical practice of Delilah Troyer,"' by Shirley Yoder; Delilah was the wife of Amos P. Troyer.
The rest of the binder contains original marriage licenses for marriages performed by Amos P. Troyer, who was a Bishop of Zion Mennonite Church near Hubbard, Oregon. Thirty one of the licenses are from Clackamas County, OR; in the following list of the parties on the marriage licenses the county which issued the license is Clackamas unless otherwise indicated:
Adeline Roth + Chris Chrisner, 1898
Rosa Roth + S. N. Strubhar, 1899
Amanda Kauffman + Daniel Roth, 1900
Lydia Roth + Joseph S. Yoder, 1900 (Marion Co.)
Nora L. Troyer + George L. Hostetler,1902 (Marion Co.)
Lizzie F. Troyer + Daniel D. Hostetler, 1903 (Marion Co.)
Emma R. Kropf + S. Y. Hostetler, 1905 (Marion Co.)
Alice Smucker + David O. Kenagy, 1905 (Marion Co.)
Annie Hostetler + Pala Smucker, undated, apparently between 1900 and 1908)
Grace E. Troyer + John W. Berkey, 1905
Polly Miller + Harvey Kropf, 1906
Ida P. Hostetler + Eli F. Baker, 1906
Ida Kauffman + Jacob Egly, 1906
Ella M. King + Samuel J. Kropf, 1906
Mary Erb + Simon C. Gerig, 1906 (Linn Co.)
Lizzie Miller + N. D. Hartzler, 1907
Nellie Hooley + Samuel S. Miller, 1908
Ida M. Troyer + Joel S. Fisher, 1909
Ella Hostettler + Levi Christner, 1910
Pearl Kropf + S. G. Hostetler, 1910
Mollie Hartzler + Daniel D. Kauffman, 1911 (Marion Co.)
Lydia Hostettler + Samuel H. Stutzman, 1911
Mary E. King + C. D. Hartzler, 1912
Bertha Neuschwander + Urie E. Kenagy, 1912 (Linn Co.)
Anna Esch + Enos D. Yoder, 1912
Emma I. Troyer + William G. Kenagy, 1913
Lorna Hartzler + Silas Yoder, 1913 (Marion Co.)
Anna M. Kauffman + Oliver B. Hartzler (Marion Co.)
Mary Esch + Jesse S. Troyer, 1915
Winnie Lantz + Christ E. Hostetler, 1915
Vinnie C. Kauffman + Loney L. Yoder, 1917
Hettie E. Erb + George Wachtman, 1917
Ella Schultz + Alvin D. Hamilton, 1917
Mamie Hooley + Amasa Hostetler, 1918
Nora Christine Nofziger + Elmer H. Schultz, 1919
May Schultz + Lester Burkholder, 1920
Pearl Headings + Ivan Solomon Kropf, 1928
Velma Belle Headings + Louie David Nofziger, 1929
Mary Lorena West + Samuel Hostetler, 1929
Kay Berkey + Lee C. Yoder, 1930
Mabel A. Kropf + Uriah A. Roth, 1931 (Multnomah Co.)
Nona Ruth Kropf + Emery B. Headings, 1932

Troyer, Amos P., 1856-1935