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. H. Penner (Beatrice NE) to Bender, Dec. 28, 1939.

J. H. Penner (Beatrice Nebraska) to Bender, December 28, 1939: Hesston College President Milo Kauffman had advised the writer that Bender was on the “colonization committee of your church”; writer represented John Hancock Life Insurance Company--it owned a block of 9000 acres just south of Sioux City Iowa, very rich land....; goes on with sales pitch, price, description of buildings, possibility of raising fruits and vegetables to meet the new market for frozen produce; etc.

?? Reimer (Thomashof; Charlotte Reimer??) to Bender, Dec. 24, 1947.

?? Reimer (Thomashof; perhaps Charlotte Reimer??) to Bender, December 24, 1947: [note: a letter, Ernst Crous to H. S. Bender, August 6, 1947, concerning historical matters, has a reference to Fräulein Reimer; and in H. S. Bender to Ernst Crous, December 12, 1947, Bender wrote that he had brought Fräulein Reimer’s wish list from Thomashof and had already bought most items. / The problem is, this annotator cannot read the handwriting of this letter (a rather long one).

“Daniel Wohlgemuth?” to Bender, penciled “ca. 1948?”

(Penciled) “Daniel Wohlgemuth?” to Bender, penciled “ca. 1948?” [in German, no dateline or date, written with pencil too dim for this annotator to process more than sketchily]: last summer the American professor Hershberger [likely Guy F. Hershberger, Guy Hershberger, G. F. Hershberger] had visited along with Brother Goldschmidt from Alsace and Herman Galle of Weierhof; note seems to be about some pictures that interested them; mention a Brother Esau....

“Don” [Gates ??] to [likely John F. Kolb], Oct. 12, 1961,

Copy of “Don” [Gates ??] to “dear john” [likely John F. Kolb], October 12, 1961 [penciled note indicates John F. Kolb; surname in writer’s penned signature is unclear; Donald Gates ?; from Mishawaka Indiana]: at top, penned note to Bender--“This is what I reported to John. I hope I got it reasonably straight / Don Gates [?]; letter--writer had held a pleasant talk with Dean Bender; remainder of letter is mostly answers apparently to John F. Kolb [apparently John Funk Kolb, son of A. B. Kolb and Phoebe Kolb [Abram B. Kolb, Phoebe Funk Kolb]--John F. Kolb seeking questions about conflicts among the leading Mennonites in Elkhart in John F. Funk’s late years; many references to “your grandfather” apparently meaning John F. Funk; mention J. S. Lehman, whom many thought had influenced Funk in unfortunate ways; mention of Elkhart Institute [later Goshen College] and Funk’s changing attitudes toward it, and of Prairie Street Mennonite Church and of Mennonite Publishing Company; reference to John F. Kolb’s manuscript.

“Dr. R. de Zeeuw”) to DUTCH DELEGATES TO MENN. WORLD CONF.. July 19, 1948.

(marked “Dr. R. de Zeeuw”) to DUTCH DELEGATES TO MENNONITE WORLD CONFERENCE, July 19, 1948 [de Zeeuw--apparently a Dutch pastor; conference in USA (Goshen Indiana and Newton Kansas); document multilithed on stationery of MCC Amsterdam; in English]: details of voyages to and from--payment, what special provisions to expect, embarkation, etc..

A - Miscellaneous

Half-dozen items. Someone wanting advice and help for study in Europe, 1925. A Roy Allgyer (J. Roy Allgyer?) January 12 & Jan 27, 1920 apparently returning from Reconstruction Unit in France, discussing setting up a unit in Russia (Soviet Union); also asking Bender attitutde on Clermont Conferece/ Young People's Conference movement. "While you have steered clear of the war and the immediate relief agencies which followed, I think here is your chance. . . ." Allgyer thought Kansas Mennonites should have large role in any Russia work. // Folder shows Bender already to be important in Anabaptist history and church history bibliography and scholarship. At least one outgoing letter, to Dr. F. W. Loetschner (Frederick William Loetschner) of American Society of Church History

A - miscellaneous

BOX 18, FOLDER 1<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> NOTE: Folder 1 has a "miscellaneous" file. Rather than strictly by date, "miscellaneous" files have entries alphabetized by correspondent, then by date for a given correspondent. Also--<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> This Description represents a later version of the original notes--a somewhat edited and perhaps more complete version--as compared to the Items listed under Folder 1.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> Folder 1/2” thick.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {1} Walter Adrian to Bender, January 25, 1949 [from Mennonite Central Committee, Vienna Austria office; cc to Howard Blosser] : had yours of 14th via Howard; Dr. Widmoser, Howard, and Adrian were glad for plans to publish “the manuscript” in either USA or Austria; presently it was with Widmoser; mention another manuscript on Hutterites Adrian had encountered recently....<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {2} Walter Adrian to Bender, February 15, 1949 [from Mennonite Central Committee, Vienna Austria office; cc to Howard Blosser]: had sent Widmoser’s manuscript and a pamphlet for J. C. Wenger [John C. Wenger] by Dr. Mayer; Dr. Mayer was to communicate about “publishing costs in Austria”.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {3} Bender to Walter Adrian, June 27, 1950 (to Mennonite Central Committee, Vienna Austria office): Paul Dedic of Graz, Austria, historian of Anabaptism, had died and reportedly left more than 1,800 documents, according to Fritz Blanke; Bender, Robert Friedmann and Lydia Meuller had been commissioned to edit certain Täufer-Akten documents for the Verein für Reformationsgeschichte; mention Bishop Gustav Enz; seeking information on the documents; mention a Dr. Fischer with dissertation on Jacob Hutter; hoped Adrian could stop in Goshen, discuss situation in Austria with Bender and Robert Friedmann.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {4} Walter Adrian to Bender, July 8, 1950 (from Mennonite Central Committee, Vienna Austria office): Dekan Entz had said those Täufer-Akten were in hands of Dedic’s widow, Professor Hannah Dedic; not sure he could stop in Goshen.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {5} Ray W. Albright to Bender, January 28, 1950 (from Evangelical School of Theology, Reading Pennsylvania): writer was an avid collector of Ausbunds, lacked an American edition but described a European edition he had; and had just bought a rare 2nd edition of Menno Simons’ Fundamentbuch; etc.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {6} Unidentified note, no date, with bits of data on Edwin Alderfer and H. R. Schertz [Henry R. Schertz].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {7} J. C. Wenger to Franklin Alderfer (to Blooming Glen Pennsylvania; John C. Wenger as Acting Dean), October 19, 1956: recommendation on how to discipline a sister who had sinned: called for a confession to the church and the church’s forgiveness, but perhaps having the bishop deliver the confession rather than the person doing so.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {8} J. C. Wenger [John C. Wenger to Franklin Alderfer, October 19, 1956 (to Scottdale Pennsylvania; Wenger as Acting Dean): encouraging him to consider serving as a missionary or a pastor.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {9} Marcel Arial to Bender, April 22, 1949 [ from Lunel France; in French, which this annotator does not read]: seems to be about Pierre Amstutz; mention someone being an itinerant missionary; mention Montbieliard.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {10} Telegram, J. M. Price to Bender, December 24, 1948 or 1949? [from Fort Worth Texas; very probably John Milburn Price]: urging Bender to attend American Association of Schools of Religious Education, December 28, Cincinnati.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {11} Charles Lynn Pyatt to Bender, January 28, 1950 (Pyatt--executive secretary of American Association of Theological Schools): replying to Bender's [not extant here], date of next meeting of the Association; on bulletins available.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {12} Bender to Nevin C. Harner, March 30, 1951 (Harner--executive secretary of American Association of Theological Schools): wanted a certain Bulletin, plus information for getting B.R.E. and M.R.E. students classified IV-D [conscientious objection, nonresistance, pacifism, military draft, alternative service, Selective Service System, noncombatant service].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {13} Bender to Walter N. Roberts, January 14, 1957 [4 single-space pages with chart] (Roberts--president of American Association of Theological Schools): Bender and President Paul Mininger much appreciated your consideration and counsel in the process of gaining accreditation [surely for Goshen Biblical Seminary]; had been working on budget; would try to answer organizational questions--some detail; mention “plan of cooperation with the Mennonite Biblical Seminary [incipient Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary]; one issue was putting the Seminary so much under Goshen College; would Seminary be free to grow? Why did Mennonite Biblical Seminary establish at Elkhart--a full answer would involve “denominational psychology” [interMennonite, MC vis-à-vis GCMC]--also a matter of gaining accreditation “on our own merits”; more such; temporary ten-mile distance of the seminaries was “worth it, for the sake of future vision” unless the cooperation failed completely....<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {14} Edward C. Starr to Bender, January 4, 1949 (Starr--Curator, American Baptist Historical Society): responding to Bender's of December 20 [not extant here; apparently to Dr. Harkness]; had presented Bender's letter to Baptist society’s board, which was interested in the publication projects; would help however possible; mention possible help from American Society of Church History [ASCH] and Society for Reformation Research.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {15} Eugene A. Nida to Sanford C. Yoder, September 15, 1949 (Nida--Secretary American Bible Society; S. C/ Yoder; Sanford Yoder): first issue of The Bible Translator was out; please update addresses of your missionaries doing translation work.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, (to Nida’s letter to Yoder), Bender to Eugene A. Nida, October 21, 1949: Yoder was en route to visit missions in India; Bender knew of no Mennonite missionaries in translation work.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {16} Bender to Attention: James V. Claypool, March 7, 1952 (Claypool--of American Bible Society): sending $5 for 50 copies each of Book of Acts “Into All the World” and book of Luke “The Good News”.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {17} Document signed by Bender, of American Express Company Shipment through New York City, dated December 13, 1950.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to American Express Company (to New York City), December 18, 1950 (to New York City address): the shipment was from Bremen, of a gift second-hand German books, which Bender had not been able to bring with himself upon returning from Europe; gift was to Goshen College Biblical Seminary [incipient Goshen Biblical Seminary]; explanation that none of the forms sent Bender applied; please send it C.O.D. unless regular freight was much cheaper; sending $21 check as indicated.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, American Express Company to Bender, December 22, 1950: was refunding the $21--the charge did not apply; shipment would take 7-10 days.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to American Express Company, January 19, 1951 (to New York City): despite the 7-10 days statement, shipment had not yet arrived.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, American Express Company to Bender, January 23, 1951: shipment was in a warehouse to check for any customs duties.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • CONTIGUOUS, American Express Company to Bender, February 8, 1951: shipment had now been released.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {18} Bender to American Map Company, April 15, 1953 (to New York City): requesting catalogue advertised in Packaged Tours and Cruises [Bender Travel Agency].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {19} Bender to Raymond W. Albright, December 27, 1948 (Albright--Secretary American Society of Church History; ASCH): Appreciated, as told by you by telephone, “your willingness... to support” the proposal to publish the Täufer-Akten... (detail); had written to Bainton, Harkness, and Pauck [Roland H. Bainton, Roland Bainton; Reuben E. E. Harkness, Reuben Harkness ??; Wilhelm Pauck]; planned to come east soon to work at forming a committee and to solicit from foundations.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {20} Postcard, Raymond W. Albright to Bender, January 8, 1949 (from Reading [Pennsylvania]): ASCH had voted to approve the project, understanding it involved no financial support, rather “good will”; R. H. Nichols the ASCH treasurer was ill--asked Bender's approval to appoint Nichol’s wife as treasurer.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Bender to Raymond W. Albright, January 19, 1949: much appreciation for favorable action on “Publication of the Anabaptist Documents” [sic], and for suggestion about Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation and other help; Roland Bainton [Roland H. Bainton] would help approach the Schurz foundation; for approaching Schurz entity, planned a personal call on Howard Elkinton in Philadelphia; travel plans--could easily come to Reading....<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {21} Postcard, R. W. Albright to Bender, January 21, 1950 (Raymond W. Albright, ASCH secretary, Reading [Pennsylvania]): glad for Bender letter; glad you are proceeding with the Anabaptist documents [Täufer-Akten]; offer of best wishes and help.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {22} Bender to R. W. Albright, January 13, 1950 (re Albright--see shortly above): happy to report movement on the Anabaptist documents [Täufer-Akten]--3 volumes now at printers; committee for their publication was Bainton chairman, Pauck vice-chairman and Bender secretary [Roland H. Bainton, Roland Bainton; Wilhelm Pauck], plus others including McNeil, Harkness, Cadbury, Holborn, Lucas, Grimm, Pannabecker [Reuben E. E. Harkness, Reuben Harkness? Henry J. Cadbury? Hajo Holborn? Harold Grimm? S. F. Pannabecker, Samuel Floyd Pannabecker].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {23} Raymond W. Albright to Melvin Gingerich, May 28, 1951: [writing as staff member of The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, publication of Baker Book House, Grand Rapids Michigan]: asked for a 50-word autobiography for the encyclopedia’s revision; penned in margin, “500 words Grebel 500 words Anabaptism”.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {24} Raymond W. Albright to Bender, April 11, 1953 (re Albright--see just above): same stationery as letter to Gingerich just above, but stamped with address in Cambridge Massachusetts; asking Bender for 150-word autobiography.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Bender to R. W. Albright, April 15, 1953: enclosing the autobiography.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {25} F. W. Schroeder to Bender, September 19, 1956 [from Eden Theological Seminary in Missouri; pencil-marked for filing under American Association of Theological Schools]: re an “A.A.T.S.” [American Association of Theological Schools] visit October 12-13; mention Dr. Walter Roberts; asked if writer and “Dr. Eller” could arrive the previous evening on New York Central train.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Bender to F. W. Schroeder, September 26, 1956: extended, courteous Yes.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • CONTIGUOUS, Bender to F. W. Schroeder, no date--penciled “October 1956”: reference to Schroeder’s October 4 letter [not extant here]; suggested schedule for the Schroeder-Eller visit; mention President Mininger [Paul Mininger].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {26} H. Shelton Smith to Bender, October 15, 1953 [from Duke University;pencil-marked to file under American Society of Church History): in absence from ASCH meeting writer had been appointed chair of Committee on Research; the committee had no funds for travel or research; but at suggestion of Bainton [Roland Bainton, Roland H. Bainton], it might make a “brief survey” of what denominational church history societies were doing; please respond to this, and fill in a blank about attendance at coming annual meeting--blank attached.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {27} Committee on Membership [F. A. Norwood, Garrett Biblical Institute, chairman] to “Members of the Society”, December 5, 1955: [apparently from American Society of Church history--penciled note says to file under that name; Committee on Membership named, did not include Bender]: desire to increase membership; please develop interest among friends, ministers, colleagues, graduate students; send nominations....<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {28} Unsigned form letter to “Dear Member,” November 25, 1950 [stationery of American Society for Reformation Research; on letterhead, name of George W. Forell, Secretary-Treasurer, checked]: announcing program in Chicago December 28, description of program; soliciting dues and gifts.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {29} Bender to George W. Forell, April 4, 1951 (see just above): sending $5 for dues and subscription to the Archiv; please inform if owing any more.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {30} W. Ames to Bender, October 9, 1952 (Winslow Ames, Winfield Missouri): was in contact with visitors from Münster Germany and materials in various “pamphlets and picture-books” from there which treated the Johann van Leyden [Jan van Leyden ?] story as prominent, exciting, and romantic; writer was aware from “your publications” how you view the story; writer had been in that region in 1930-1931 knowing nothing of Mennonites--then later, in Civilian Public Service [CPS] in an MCC [Mennonite Central Committee] unit; could Bender guide him to “an objective but fair account of that episode in German?” [sic].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {31} Daniel Amstutz to Bender, January 22, 1949 [from Switzerland; letter in German; dateline Montbautier in the Bernese Jura region]: personal greetings; mention Samuel Gerber; mention the Conference of Swiss Anabaptists [Konferenz der schweizerischen Taufgesinnten]; apparently the conference had commissioned the writer to be a traveling preacher; etc.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • ATTACHED, report of Amstutz’s travels; many good words about how he was received, but also deploring lack of interest in God’s Word, interest in personal needs and difficulties for inner spiritual life, disinterest of young people, etc. [Pietism?]; signed by “Wera u. Daniel Amstutz”--[Vera Amstutz, Wera Amstutz?].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {32} Bender to H. Clair Amstutz, March 7, 1949 (from Goshen): soliciting a contribution for Mennonite Historical Society.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {33} Leo L. Amstutz to Bender, December 31, 1953 (from Apple Creek Ohio): wanted Bender's advice whether spending $75000 to enlarge the Kidron Mennonite Church meetinghouse would enhance the congregation’s spiritual development; 497 members, etc.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Bender to Leo L. Amstutz, January 4, 1954: Bender replied that to answer was difficult, but then wrote a full-page letter.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {34} Bender to B. W. Anderson, July 14, 1955 (Anderson--Dean of Drew University School of Theology in New Jersey): that a [Goshen Biblical Seminary] graduate wanted to study under Paul S. Minear; would Minear be on your staff next year?<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {35} [Re Richard Anderson], Paul Bender to H. S. Bender, May 9, 1949 (Goshen College note stationery--Paul being Registrar?): about Anderson’s re-enrolling at Goshen Biblical Seminary for coming year.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • ATTACHED, Bender to Richard Anderson, May 21, 1949 (to South Bend Indiana): Anderson had not filled out expected forms; Bender sending another set; not urging your attendance unless you have clear convictions to do so....<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {36} Bender to Andover Newton Theological School, December 22, 1953: requested two copies of “Theological Bibliographies” listed in your Bulletin of April 1951.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {37} H. Andres to Bender, August 11, 1949 (Herman J. Andres, Bethel Deaconess Hospital, Newton Kansas; addressed to MCC headquarters in Basel): enclosing June 15 1949 minutes of Mennonite Encyclopedia Publishing Committee; mention Krahn [Cornelius Krahn.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Bender to H. J. Andres, August 17, 1949: thanks for minutes and copy of Cornelius Krahn letter; had written to Krahn June 2 and not gotten a reply; agreed that “we” were approaching a good working relationship on Mennonite Encyclopedia; however in his letter to Andres of July 30, in paragraph #1 Krahn “somewhat misconceives the relationship of the Publishing Committee to Editors... (lengthy elaboration); on arranging a meeting of Krahn with Bender and Gingerich [surely Melvin Gingerich] in October; more elaboration of issues...; Bender thought it “essential that Krahn accepts appointment as Associate Editor”, as Publishing Committee had proposed...; Bender saw no obstacle to a good working relationship. / Bender would be returning to America on Sunday; glad at news that Andres might return to Uruguay [South America] to work with Mennonite refugees there.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {38} Bender to H. J. Andres, June 24, 1950 (re Andres--see just above): on some minutes of Mennonite Encyclopedia Publishing Committee, regarding appointments to the Editorial Council--mention A. E. Janzen [probably Abraham E. Janzen]; Eberhard Arnold to represent Hutterites in Paraguay [South America]; Wilhelm Pauck. / Bender had corresponded with Cornelius Krahn about representation on the Council from General Conference Mennonite Church [GCMC], as 3 GCMC representatives had died and J. G. Rempel [? John G. Rempel ?] had been made assistant editor; detail about honoring the deceased, etc.; cc to Cornelius Krahn, Melvin Gingerich.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {39} Bender to H. J. Andres, July 11, 1950 (Andres--Secretary of Mennonite Encyclopedia Publishing Committee): Andres would soon receive minutes of Mennonite Encyclopedia Board of Editors meeting just finished--they included recommendations for appointment of Robert Friedman as assistant editor, others to Editorial Council: A. E. Janzen (probably Abraham E. Janzen], Eberhard C. H. Arnold; Johann Wall, Paul J. Schafer [Paul J. Schaefer], Delbert L. Gratz [Delbert Gratz], J. Herbert Fretz, Ron A. Twa [Ron A. Toews]; David P. Reimer [Bender gave addresses and sometimes a bit more information]; rationale for appointing Robert Friedmann; on including names of deceased members C. E. Krahn, Jacob H. Janzen, and A. Warkentin [likely Christian E. Krahn, Abraham Warkentin]; cc to Cornelius Krahn and J. C. Wenger [John C. Wenger].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {40} Eberhard C. H. Arnold to Bender, January 2, 1956 (from Wood crest Community, Rift on New York; re Hutterites; Archbold, Arnold Lederach; Eberhard Arnold; handwritten on stationery of Society of Brothers, indicating Wood crest community and with further addresses in Paraguay and Uruguay in South America and in England): pleasure of having met at MCC annual board meeting in Chicago; plans to be in Indiana in a few weeks--offered to give a lecture; had an engagement at Earlham College and probably at Manchester College.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {41} Eberhard C. H. Arnold to Bender, March 2, 1956 (see just above): reference to visit at Goshen College; had not yet heard from Paraguay about “publication of the article on community from the Great Article book” [Hutterian Chronicle ?]; enclosing a paper from which he had read in Bender's class, wondered whether it was of interest for the Mennonite Quarterly Review--shorter version had appeared in The Plough; enclosing that article; gave some notes about it.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {42} Postcard, Eberhard C. H. Arnold to Bender, April 4, 1956 (from Forest River Community, Fordville North Dakota): about publishing that excerpt on Community of Goods from the Hutterites’ Great Article Book [Hutterian Chronicle ?]; mention having Mrs. Bender fix it up [Elizabeth Bender, Elizabeth Horsch Bender].<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Bender to Eberhard C. H. Arnold, April 10, 1956 (see just above): manuscript typed, but needed some instructions--antique flavor v. modern style, about some pencil markings, what version of scripture to use, etc.; had wanted to begin publishing it in July issue, now had to wait for October....<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Eberhard C. H. Arnold to Bender, April 14, 1956: gave answers to Bender's questions.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • CONTIGUOUS, Society of Brothers Forest River Community, signed with name of Eberhard C. H. Arnold to “Dear Friends”, June (no day), 1956 (from Fordville North Dakota): form letter (multilithed) about what is evidently a new community--some facts, invitation to visit; mention Wood crest Community at Rift on New York.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {43} J. C. McPheeters to Bender, June 9, 1956 (McPheeters--President of Asbury Theological Seminary): sending a pamphlet about re-accreditation problems of Asbury seminary; it was committed to standards of American Association of Theological Schools.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {44} Delbert B. Flora to Bender, October 10, 1950 (from Ashland College in Ohio): inviting Bender to come and speak on November 16-17, four times for $75.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {45} Bender to Kathryn Aschliman, March 25, 1955 (Aschliman--at Goshen College): that the seminary [Goshen Biblical Seminary] had established M.R.E. [Masters in Religious Education] program as a two-year one; you probably could finish it, or almost finish, next year.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {46} Myron Augsburger to Bender, February 17, 1955 (Myron S. Augsburger; stationery of Pastor at Eastern Mennonite College [EMC, Eastern Mennonite College; later EMU, Eastern Mennonite University]: appreciated Bender's offer [not specified]; had been thinking of coming to Goshen; but his bishop, Truman Brunk, wanted him back in Florida as associate pastor for another year, advising him to get his Th.B. then attend Goshen for his B.D.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • CONTIGUOUS, Myron Augsburger to Bender, November 19, 1955: replying to card from Bender [not extant here], his address--on Tuttle Avenue, Sarasota, Florida.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> {47} Frank P. Cuderwald to Bender, June 20, 1955 (name unclear; from Austrian Consulate, Chicago; in German): about expediting a packet of microfilm.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • CONTIGUOUS, Frank P. Cuderwald to Bender, June 28, 1955 : on that microfilm; needed a money order for 21¢.<p style="margin-left:.3in;"> <p style="margin-left:.3in;"> • • • REPLY, Bender to Austrian General Consulate (Chicago), July 6, 1955 (in German): reference to the letters of June 20 and 28; was sending a Bank Money Order of $1.51 [sic].

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