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. H. Penner (Beatrice NE) to Bender, Dec. 28, 1939.

J. H. Penner (Beatrice Nebraska) to Bender, December 28, 1939: Hesston College President Milo Kauffman had advised the writer that Bender was on the “colonization committee of your church”; writer represented John Hancock Life Insurance Company--it owned a block of 9000 acres just south of Sioux City Iowa, very rich land....; goes on with sales pitch, price, description of buildings, possibility of raising fruits and vegetables to meet the new market for frozen produce; etc.

?? Reimer (Thomashof; Charlotte Reimer??) to Bender, Dec. 24, 1947.

?? Reimer (Thomashof; perhaps Charlotte Reimer??) to Bender, December 24, 1947: [note: a letter, Ernst Crous to H. S. Bender, August 6, 1947, concerning historical matters, has a reference to Fräulein Reimer; and in H. S. Bender to Ernst Crous, December 12, 1947, Bender wrote that he had brought Fräulein Reimer’s wish list from Thomashof and had already bought most items. / The problem is, this annotator cannot read the handwriting of this letter (a rather long one).

... to “Dear Brother”, December 20, 1947: one page on purpose of Mennonite Research Foundation; genesis of a census project

[No signature (probably Bender, Melvin Gingerich, or Paul Erb--most likely Gingerich?)] to “Dear Brother”, December 20, 1947: one-page single-spaced document; that you probably had seen releases in Gospel Herald about Mennonite Research Foundation; who its board was, etc.; “The purpose of the Foundation is to make studies of various problems for the board and agencies of the church” [note--in that era “problems” could merely mean “issues”]; pointed to the great expansion in church activities--relief, colleges, parochial schools, missions” “Are we over-expanding...?” For an answer, need information about members’ incomes; such a study required cooperation of many “brothers and sisters in the church”; asking ministers to supply information... [income census; penciled, “MRF Proj. #1]].

“Daniel Wohlgemuth?” to Bender, penciled “ca. 1948?”

(Penciled) “Daniel Wohlgemuth?” to Bender, penciled “ca. 1948?” [in German, no dateline or date, written with pencil too dim for this annotator to process more than sketchily]: last summer the American professor Hershberger [likely Guy F. Hershberger, Guy Hershberger, G. F. Hershberger] had visited along with Brother Goldschmidt from Alsace and Herman Galle of Weierhof; note seems to be about some pictures that interested them; mention a Brother Esau....

“Don” [Gates ??] to [likely John F. Kolb], Oct. 12, 1961,

Copy of “Don” [Gates ??] to “dear john” [likely John F. Kolb], October 12, 1961 [penciled note indicates John F. Kolb; surname in writer’s penned signature is unclear; Donald Gates ?; from Mishawaka Indiana]: at top, penned note to Bender--“This is what I reported to John. I hope I got it reasonably straight / Don Gates [?]; letter--writer had held a pleasant talk with Dean Bender; remainder of letter is mostly answers apparently to John F. Kolb [apparently John Funk Kolb, son of A. B. Kolb and Phoebe Kolb [Abram B. Kolb, Phoebe Funk Kolb]--John F. Kolb seeking questions about conflicts among the leading Mennonites in Elkhart in John F. Funk’s late years; many references to “your grandfather” apparently meaning John F. Funk; mention J. S. Lehman, whom many thought had influenced Funk in unfortunate ways; mention of Elkhart Institute [later Goshen College] and Funk’s changing attitudes toward it, and of Prairie Street Mennonite Church and of Mennonite Publishing Company; reference to John F. Kolb’s manuscript.

“Dr. R. de Zeeuw”) to DUTCH DELEGATES TO MENN. WORLD CONF.. July 19, 1948.

(marked “Dr. R. de Zeeuw”) to DUTCH DELEGATES TO MENNONITE WORLD CONFERENCE, July 19, 1948 [de Zeeuw--apparently a Dutch pastor; conference in USA (Goshen Indiana and Newton Kansas); document multilithed on stationery of MCC Amsterdam; in English]: details of voyages to and from--payment, what special provisions to expect, embarkation, etc..


Undated multilithed document, “MENNONITE PEACE MANIFESTO”, signed by Orie O. Miller as Secretary of Peace Problems Committee; document includes an ending note that Jacob ter Meulen would arrange its widespread publication May or June, 1936 [for more see November 25, 27, 1935, and for history of the document see the Meulen folder].

“Ruth” to “Harold”, January 31, 1943 (penciled “Ruth Bender”)

“Ruth” to “Harold”, January 31, 1943 (penciled “Ruth Bender”; her address--Wilkinsburg Pennsylvania): wished a favor--to borrow “my Pennsylvania Dutch dictionary for a short time”, because Alta Schrock was writing short stories using near-dialect.... // This morning had attended an interesting Sunday school class at “Dr. Barnard Clausen’s church” [sic--Bernhardt Clausen?]--class named “Nutcracker” studied current issues and some members were “more or less” C.O. [military draft, selective service system, conscientious objection, pacifism, nonresistance] and had been seeking “a Government Civilian Bond”; one member had learned of “CPS bonds” [Civilian Public Service].

“To Whom it May Concern”--Bender editor of Mennonite Encyclopedia

“To Whom it May Concern” statement on Mennonite Encyclopedia stationery, signed by Paul Erb, Chairman of the Publishing Committee [Mennonite Publishing Committee], penciled [June 1946?]: that Bender had been appointed the encyclopedia’s editor and was commissioned to travel in French zone of Germany and in Holland and Switzerland to confer with scholars, since the Encyclopedia was based on Mennonitisches Lexikon; were requesting U.S. government agencies to grant permits within Germany.

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