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. H. Penner (Beatrice NE) to Bender, Dec. 28, 1939.

J. H. Penner (Beatrice Nebraska) to Bender, December 28, 1939: Hesston College President Milo Kauffman had advised the writer that Bender was on the “colonization committee of your church”; writer represented John Hancock Life Insurance Company--it owned a block of 9000 acres just south of Sioux City Iowa, very rich land....; goes on with sales pitch, price, description of buildings, possibility of raising fruits and vegetables to meet the new market for frozen produce; etc.

?? Reimer (Thomashof; Charlotte Reimer??) to Bender, Dec. 24, 1947.

?? Reimer (Thomashof; perhaps Charlotte Reimer??) to Bender, December 24, 1947: [note: a letter, Ernst Crous to H. S. Bender, August 6, 1947, concerning historical matters, has a reference to Fräulein Reimer; and in H. S. Bender to Ernst Crous, December 12, 1947, Bender wrote that he had brought Fräulein Reimer’s wish list from Thomashof and had already bought most items. / The problem is, this annotator cannot read the handwriting of this letter (a rather long one).

“Daniel Wohlgemuth?” to Bender, penciled “ca. 1948?”

(Penciled) “Daniel Wohlgemuth?” to Bender, penciled “ca. 1948?” [in German, no dateline or date, written with pencil too dim for this annotator to process more than sketchily]: last summer the American professor Hershberger [likely Guy F. Hershberger, Guy Hershberger, G. F. Hershberger] had visited along with Brother Goldschmidt from Alsace and Herman Galle of Weierhof; note seems to be about some pictures that interested them; mention a Brother Esau....

“Don” [Gates ??] to [likely John F. Kolb], Oct. 12, 1961,

Copy of “Don” [Gates ??] to “dear john” [likely John F. Kolb], October 12, 1961 [penciled note indicates John F. Kolb; surname in writer’s penned signature is unclear; Donald Gates ?; from Mishawaka Indiana]: at top, penned note to Bender--“This is what I reported to John. I hope I got it reasonably straight / Don Gates [?]; letter--writer had held a pleasant talk with Dean Bender; remainder of letter is mostly answers apparently to John F. Kolb [apparently John Funk Kolb, son of A. B. Kolb and Phoebe Kolb [Abram B. Kolb, Phoebe Funk Kolb]--John F. Kolb seeking questions about conflicts among the leading Mennonites in Elkhart in John F. Funk’s late years; many references to “your grandfather” apparently meaning John F. Funk; mention J. S. Lehman, whom many thought had influenced Funk in unfortunate ways; mention of Elkhart Institute [later Goshen College] and Funk’s changing attitudes toward it, and of Prairie Street Mennonite Church and of Mennonite Publishing Company; reference to John F. Kolb’s manuscript.

“Dr. R. de Zeeuw”) to DUTCH DELEGATES TO MENN. WORLD CONF.. July 19, 1948.

(marked “Dr. R. de Zeeuw”) to DUTCH DELEGATES TO MENNONITE WORLD CONFERENCE, July 19, 1948 [de Zeeuw--apparently a Dutch pastor; conference in USA (Goshen Indiana and Newton Kansas); document multilithed on stationery of MCC Amsterdam; in English]: details of voyages to and from--payment, what special provisions to expect, embarkation, etc..


NOTE: this description represents a later, more complete and somewhat edited version, as compared to the “Items” listed under Folder 9. BOX 15, FOLDER 9 Thin (3/16”) folder. {1} Susanna Nachtigal (from Lautenbach) to Bender, September 14, 1940 [in beautiful handwritten German]: Bender might remember her, as they were introduced in Lautenbach; sorry he had not been able to visit Lautenbach when in Germany ... [more nice, polite words]; since April we have not heard of you or from Uncle Klaassen and other of our missionaries; her son-in-law Daniel Amstuz [sic]... [address in Java ? Indonesia ?] was also a missionary in “our” Mennonite mission; he was a Swiss citizen. [Apparently (this annotator’s German is weak) there was difficulty making contact with the missionaries and the writer wanted Bender to write to the son-in-law with news her family was well, also that the news from the Missions Committee was good, and also news from friends in Holland; nice news of Uncle Klaassen’s children (details); we send hearty greetings to all; mention Clement Bruggeman--brother-in-law of Amstuz--now free and beginning his work; cordial closing. {2} Bender to Wilburt Naffsiger [sic] (Nampa Idaho), April 27, 1940: find a check from White Star Line as refund on your ticket.... {3} Bender to Ella Nafziger (Christiana Pennsylvania), January 13, 1944: [obviously responding to letter not extant here]; she was mistaken--Ezra [Ezra Nafziger? Ezra G. Nafziger?] had not expected to get the Th.B. degree; he had gotten full credit for work at EMS [Eastern Mennonite School; later EMC, Eastern Mennonite College; still later EMU, Eastern Mennonite University]; he was a half-year from the Th.B. degree. {4} Bender to Ezra G. Nafziger (at EMS), January 11, 1940 [Ezra Nafziger; Eastern Mennonite School; later EMC, Eastern Mennonite College; still later EMU, Eastern Mennonite University]: glad for yours of January 7 [not extant here]; information about attending Goshen College [probably Goshen College Bible School, incipient Goshen Biblical Seminary]--finances, living arrangements; confidence that Nafziger could get a license to teach school in Pennsylvania, “as Joe Graber has done” [Joseph Graber; probably not J. D. Graber]; welcome.... {5} Bender to Miss Anna Shirey (at Goshen College; re Ezra Mafziger), July 20, 1942: Bender writing from Denison, Iowa [possibly from Denison CPS Camp--CPS Camp No. 18], instructing Shirey to write to Ezra Nafziger at Christiana Pennsylvania; Bender understood that Nafziger planned go to seminary and prepare for church work, and was inviting him to “our own Mennonite seminary at Goshen” with its “new Th.B. program; its advisory committee included such as A. J. Metzler, J. L. Stauffer, J. N. Kauffman [sic], D. A. Yoder” [Abram J. Metzler; John L. Stauffer; James N. Kaufman, J. N. Kaufman, James Norman Kaufman; David A. Yoder]; possible financial aid; Bender intending to visit in Pennsylvania August 2-3 and also visit Walter Leatherman; P.S., Shirey should write same letter to Leatherman except switch the names. {6} Bender to Miss Mary B. Nafziger (Hopedale Illinois), April 21, 1941: thanking her for gift of a little box of pamphlets for the library. {7} Bender to National Archivist at National Archives, March 29, 1943: had written to Bureau of Immigration at Ellis Island who had directed Bender to National Archives; enclosing his letter [not extant here]. • • • REPLY, P. M. Hamer to Bender, April 27, 1943 (Hamer--National Archives Director of Reference Service): replying to inquiry about Johannes Horsch’s arrival in the United States; passenger list of S. S. Leerdam, arriving at New York on January 3, 1887 from Rotterdam, had a “Jon Horsch, age 19, farmer...”; on getting a photostat [John Horsch ??]. {8} Claribel A. Wheeler (Executive Secretary of National League of Nursing Education, New York City) to Bender, June 12, 1941: had yours of June 7 [not extant here] about colleges with firmer or looser affiliation with schools of nursing; glad to send certain materials; etc.; there was “a voluntary Association of Collegiate Schools of Nursing which has set standards for membership...”--advised writing to “Sister M. Olivia, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., who was that Association’s president. {9} Bender to National League of Nursing Education (New York City), October 20, 1943: ordering 5 of its publications, listed. {10} Bender to Librarian of University of Nebraska Libraries, May 27, 1943: returning manuscript of thesis by Maria Wiebe, “Der Wiedertäufer in der Deutschen Literature” [“Anabaptists in German Literature”]; wanted a copy of it sometime for Goshen College's Mennonite Historical Library; asked permission to make such a copy, and if necessary please get author’s permission. {11} Bender to Eldon Neff (Bremen Indiana), February 17, 1939: Bender and Hertzler [surely Silas Hertzler] had held a very satisfactory interview with Superintendent Walker at Plymouth [Plymouth Indiana] who assured there be no problems for Goshen College graduates to teach “in a North Central Association” [NCA] school; invitation to come “with Mr. Stump”--could enroll for second semester. {12} Telegram, Bender to Thomas Nelson and Sons (New York City), September 23, 1943: much “HANDICAPPED” by not receiving Qualben, “HISTORY CHRISTIAN CHURCH”, and other orders to Goshen College Book Store; had gotten no reply or telephone call; please wire. {13} Esther Neufeld to Bender, October 27, 1945 (from Chicago): “The Chicago Mennonite Churches Convention” [writer its Secretary-Treasurer], made up of the city’s Mennonite churches, held bi-annual meetings; this time topic was to be “work of the Mennonite Church in this Reconstruction period”; interest in movement of refugees from Poland to Paraguay, and young people wanted information about getting into relief work; wanted Bender to speak, November 29.... {14} Bender to Esther Newfeld, October 29, 1945 [sic--Esther Neufeld]: glad to serve; suggested “Post-War Service Challenge to the Mennonite Church” with emphasis on Europe.... {15} Bender [presumably] to Herman Neufeld, June 1, 1943 (to Rundschau Publishing House, Winnipeg): “we” wanted everything you publish; Mennonite Publishing House at Scottdale sent everything free to Mennonite Historical Library--we are interested in some “good proposition”, including bound volumes; please suggest any other Mennonite publisher in Canada. {16} Bender to H. Neufeld, July 5, 1944 (to Winnipeg--surely Herman Neufeld): list of issues needed to complete Goshen College’s Mennonite Historical Library's collection of the Rundschau; we have back numbers we might trade with you. {17} Waldemar Neufeld to Bender, June 7, 1940 (from Cleveland Ohio): visiting the writer’s step-father Jacob Janzen of Ontario, Bender had been interested in one of the writer’s Ontario scenes and had apparently mentioned Goshen College might want a picture of a Canadian subject; enclosing a photograph of a water color, of an Amish Church; offering it for $60.... {18} I. G. Newfield (Editorial Department of Toronto Daily Star) to Bender, October 22, 1943: mailing Star Weekly issue of October 23, 1943 with an article about Mennonites in Canada, that included a quotation of Bender; had thoughts of writing “a book on the Social and Economic Life of the Mennonites in Canada. • • • REPLY, Bender to Newfield, November 4, 1943: thanks; thought the writer of the article (not Newfield) inaccurate in implying Mennonites had lost non-resistance [nonresistance, pacifism]--seemed to be writing about those who left the church; would enjoy talking to Newfield; did you attend University of Michigan and write some about Mennonite literature?; thought that person had stopped at Goshen College as friend of Jacob Sudermann; would like to publish good pieces on that subject. • • • REPLY, Newfield to Bender, November 9, 1943: yes, he was that person and had visited with Bender and Sudermann; was in touch “with Canada’s most fruitful Mennonite writer, P. J. Klassen” of Saskatchewan [very probably Peter Jacob Klassen, Peter J. Klassen]; writer was sorry to answer that he was no longer a Mennonite member--had studied at a Baptist seminary and transferred from Mennonite Brethren Church to Baptist, though his principles remained the same and he was secretary-treasurer of Toronto Mennonite Mission; ... (more biography); mentioned Rev. A. J. Neuenschwander [surely Andrew J. Neuenschwander] and A. A. Fast of Butterfield Minnesota, a Moody Bible Institute graduate; Professor Watson Kirkonnell of McMaster University had written some articles on Canadian Mennonite literature; sending something Newfield himself had written that included information on Yarrow British Columbia. {19} I. G. Newfield to Bender, March 20, 1944 [see just above]: on his working with H. Neufeld [very probably Herman Neufeld] to revive “the Christian Press”; “Scottdale Publishing Company” [sic--Mennonite Publishing House?] held shares in it, writer wondered whether it would be willing to leave its money invested there for some time; more detail. {20} Bender to I. G. Neufield, January 7, 1945 [sic--I. G. Newfield; now public relations writer for Canadian National Railways, Toronto]: thanks for January 8 letter [not extant here] with information about Mable Dunham’s [sic--Mabel Dunham??] new book; Bender has had correspondence with her, wanted to review it in Mennonite Quarterly Review; invitation to stop in Goshen and bring clippings.... {21} Bender to David Newswenger [sic--Newswanger??; Bareville Pennsylvania], May 22, 1941: Orie O. Miller had indicated you plan to travel to Paraguay via Buenos Aires, with the Lauvers; Miller thought that with his experience, Bender might help arrange the trip; details of what Bender would propose, costs, etc.; enclosing materials to help in getting passports and visas; some instructions, vaccinations etc. {22} Richard Nickel to Bender, April 13, 194 (writing in German from British zone of Germany): After apparently living in the Danzig area at war’s beginning, author composed a very interesting and substantive personal letter about effects of World War II on his family and more generally; written in beautiful, readable German handwriting, but too subtly for this annotator to read well; references to Bender’s attending a conference at Danzig in 1935 and Mennonite World Conference in Holland in 1936; surely a valuable historical document. {23} Richard Nickel to Bender, November 22, 1946 (from Hamburg Germany): [an attached note, probably in Elizabeth Horsch Bender's handwriting (Elizabeth Bender) summarized: “Thanks for much-needed and appreciate (sic) CARE package and a package from the Bethel Sewing Circle (Newton?) Does not know where youngest son is”] / Very appreciative; seems to have hopes of resettling in the Danzig area; etc. {24} Bender to Homer North, March 4, 1941 (from Nappanee Indiana): apologizing that it “seemed necessary” to ask D. A. Yoder [David A. Yoder] to attend “the important meeting on civilian service [CPS; Civilian Public Service; conscientious objection, nonresistance, pacifism, military draft, alternative service, Selective Service System, noncombatant service] in Indianapolis tomorrow” despite its conflicting with a funeral in North’s family--Yoder being “a regional adviser” in the civilian service work. {25} Karl W. Bigelow to Bender, September 8, 1941 [letter filed here because of its relation to “the North Central Project” (my emphasis); Bigelow was Director of the Commission on Teacher Education of the American Council on Education, Washington D.C.]: Russell Cooper had recommended sending “our monthly Newsletter” to members “of the workshop in [sic] teacher education conducted by the North Central Association” [NCA], including you.... {26} T. Reese Marsh to Bender, November 5, 1941 (Marsh--Dean of Southwestern College, Winfield Kansas): Ever since close of the summer workshop, writer had hoped to write to each director “of the North Central Study” [NCA]; brief report on developments at his college; request “brief statement of the main features of your program in the field of Student Guidance and your program in the field of Teacher Training”...; also wanted information on “how the study program on your campus is being set up”, problems, etc.; a bit of news about Russell Cooper and of his own family, {27} John M. Howie to Bender, March 12, 1942 (from Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln Nebraska): “The North Central Association” [NCA] had named writer’s college as one of 28 “to aid in the study of ways and means to improve teacher training in the liberal arts colleges under its supervision”; wanted information on Goshen College's use of “comprehensive examinations”.... {28} Bender to William M. Fouts, June 13, 1941 (Fouts--Registrar of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Chicago): much thanks for letter [not extant here] about transferring credit for Bible work at Goshen to your seminary; Bender would take up particular cases as they came up, and hoped to stop in Chicago and speak with Fouts. {29} Alex. A. Day to Bender, March 24, 1942 (Day--Assistant Dean of Northwestern University Medical School): advising in changes at Northwestern, as in medical schools generally, to accelerate medical education at urging of the armed forces... [CPS; Civilian Public Service; conscientious objection, nonresistance, pacifism, military draft, alternative service, Selective Service System, noncombatant service]. {30} Bender to Winne Nyce, June 8, 1946 (sic--very probably Wynne Nyce, Wynne J. Nyce; Doylestown Pennsylvania): thanks for June 4 letter [not extant here] and news that Robert [probably Robert Nyce, Robert W. Nyce] planned to be in college this fall; plans had to wait for his $5 registration fee and a definite date of his release from CPS; would try to help find a good man for “the planing mill”; kind memories of visit to your home and your help in your district; assurance that John Lapp [surely John E. Lapp] was not the obstacle, but was sympathetic, on the “special singing problem”; reference to Mrs. Nyce [Grace L. Nyce, Grace Nyce]. {31} Bender to Wynne Nyce, July 13, 1946 (Wynne J. Nyce; Nyce Shoe Store, Doylestown Pennsylvania): again writing about Robert [Robert Nyce, Robert W. Nyce] “coming to school”; now had notice of his official Selective Service System discharge from CPS, but did not know exactly when, as did not know when he entered CPS; housing was crowded at Goshen College and Robert needed to send his $5 in quickly to have a chance.

A - Miscellaneous

Half-dozen items. Someone wanting advice and help for study in Europe, 1925. A Roy Allgyer (J. Roy Allgyer?) January 12 & Jan 27, 1920 apparently returning from Reconstruction Unit in France, discussing setting up a unit in Russia (Soviet Union); also asking Bender attitutde on Clermont Conferece/ Young People's Conference movement. "While you have steered clear of the war and the immediate relief agencies which followed, I think here is your chance. . . ." Allgyer thought Kansas Mennonites should have large role in any Russia work. // Folder shows Bender already to be important in Anabaptist history and church history bibliography and scholarship. At least one outgoing letter, to Dr. F. W. Loetschner (Frederick William Loetschner) of American Society of Church History

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