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1973 Crop failure and poverty in Chad

This photo is of a woman and child in Chad. The woman has just received millet purchased with MCC funds in Abéché, eastern Chad. The two of them are kneeling in the sand beside a makeshift tent which is partly visible on the right side of the photo.
Text on back is: "For the last two years we have had complete crop failure in our village. Already we have sold most of our possessions. Many men have left the village but someone must take care of the women and children. One month after the crops have been gathered we have nothing left in our granaries."

Wieler, John Erich, 1930-

A.A. Friesen Letters

The file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence between A.A. Friesen and his brother-in-law H.J. Willms between 1928 and 1935, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Rabbit Lake Saskatchewan. A.A. Friesen was a one time member of the Canadian Board of Colonization. Willms is rather critical of the Board and its chairperson David Toews.
2) Letters of A.A. Friesen 191922- 1929, taken from Microfilm which is housed in Bethel College
3) Helena, daughter of A.A. Friesen made an 8 page index of the exchange of letters with a summary of the contents in Englsh.
4) Includes a postcard to A.A. Friesen from Abr. Epp
5) Includes a letter from A.W. from Mjasnaja on Jan 1, 1933 describing the famine they are experiencing.

Friesen, Abram A., 1885-1948

Arthur W. Slagel fonds (photograph collection)

  • CA MHC 665
  • Fonds
  • 1920-1924

This fonds contains 276 photographs taken and received by Arthur W. Slagel during his 3-year assignment with Mennonite Central Committee from 1920-1923. The collection has photos of the relief work in Russia showing various aspects of the work including workers, headquarters, storage, distribution, seeded and distributed crops, transportation, buildings and homes. The photos were taken in locations such as Chortitza, Alexandrosk, Schoenwiese, Rosenthal, Halbstadt, Gnadenfeld, Ohrloff, Nicopol, and Sagradowka. There are images of the 1923 emigration group from Schoenwiese leaving for Canada. There are general scenic photos of the Dnieper rapids, the Kremlin and other sites in Moscow. Some photographs were likely given to Slagel from Mennonite workers in Russia, such as the Solomon Ediger family, the Peter Nikkel family, the Johann Janzen family, the Ohrloff teachers and others. And, finally there are photos of travels taken in England, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Egypt, Palestine and Syria.

Slagel, Arthur W., 1891-1943

Correspondence Jan- March 1922

This file consists of the following:
Correspondence with B.B. Janz on the subject of emigration and famine relief. Letters are from C. H. Warkentin, Philip Cornies, Benjamin Unruh. American Mennonite Relief and Studienkommission der Mennonite Sued Russlands

Correspondence September, October 1924

The file consists of the following:
1) Correspondence and reports concerning the emigration of Russian Mennonites to Mexico
2) Assistance of the Board of Colonization providing support and relief supplies to citizens who did not qualify .
3) Evangelism and distributing Bibles.
The main agents working with emigration were B.B. Janz, B.H. Unruh, H. Goossen, A.J. Fast. P.H. Unruh, David Toews, Philipp Cornies, P.F Froese, A.A. Friesen. Other officials working with emigration were J. DeJong, Jacob Rempel, P. Neufeld, W.L. Jack, Jacob Classen

Correspondence, September- December 1921

This file contains the following:
1) Letters and documents, February 1921-December 1921.
Correspondence to and from B.B. Janz with the following: Wilhelm Dyck, David Janz, Johannes Merk, B. Franz , H.H. Schroeder, Alvin Miller, Benjamin Unruh regarding the famine in Ukraine and assistance from America to the Mennonites (and others) to emigrate to the West.

Emergency Relief Board Reports (ERB)

This file consists of the following:
1) Reports of material aid given to Mennonites in Russia by the Emergency Relief Board in the famine of 1931-1933.
2) Relief Board Reports, 1933-1938, Box 241
3) Benjamin H. Unruh , Berichte index, 1929-1940. This index was compiled in 2004, 2005. Complete reports are housed in Bethel College

Unruh, B.H. (Benjamin Heinrich), 1881-1959

Famine effects

This photo shows a horse-drawn wagon that has several dead bodies on it, which are being collected for burial in a common grave.

Famine victims

This is a photo of famine victims. During the winter of 1921-22 sights like the above could be seen at railway stations. During that time there were no Mennonites, at least very few, among them. [HR 259] (2 prints)

Famine victims

This is a photo of famine victims in the Ukraine. Such sights as the above were quite common on railway stations. Life had become very cheap. [HR 259]

Famine victims

This is a photo of famine victims in Ukraine. Especially the children died in great numbers. [HR 259] (2 prints)

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