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1947 MCI graduates

This is a photo of the 1947 graduates of MCI at a reunion at Canad Inn. They are sitting on a low wall surrounding greenery. They are (left to right): Lois Peters (Dyck), Elizabeth Friesen, Phyllis Peters (not a 1947 grad), Herb Peters, Lydia Enns Ammeter, Susan Hildebrandt, Anne Froese (Bergmann) and Margaret Peters (Enns).


A family reunion of the Jacob Koop family of Steinbach

Used in the CM 3-15-7. A family reunion of the Jacob Koop family of Steinbach, held in Morris. Seated are Mr. and Mrs. Koop Sr. who will be observing their 49th (50th?) wedding anniversary May 31. L-r: Henry Koop, Morris; Mrs. Tina Koop, Steinbach; Mr. and Mrs. John Koop, Morris; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Koop and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Koop, all of Steinbach. Jacob and Peter Koop met their 29 year old brother Henry for the first time in their lives at this reunion in Morris on Easter Sunday.


Alternative Service worker reunion at Camp Assiniboia

This photo shows 59 men at a reunion at Camp Assiniboia near Headingly, Manitoba.
NOTE: See Der Bote, Vol. 53, No. 27 p. 3 (6 July 1976). The 9th reunion of the men that served in the Alternative Service forestry camps at Azov and Anodol was held in 1976. The first reunion took place in 1951, with subsequent reunions in 1953, 1963, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1972 and 1974. Is this photo from 1963 or 1974? (See 659:12 for the photo of the women at the same reunion.)

Betzner family reunion, 1917

  • CA MAO 2019-1.12
  • Item
  • 16 Jun 1917

Descendants of Samuel D. and Elizabeth (Brech) Betzner gather at the farm home which had been in the family for five generations. The reunion marks the centenary of its purchase by Samuel D. Betzner. Label on bottom left corner of the photograph reads "Betzner Reunion 1917. Beulah Moss."

Chortitza Teacher Training School - reunion, Canada

This is a photo of the former students of the Chortitzer Zentralschule reunion held in Winnipeg on July 3, 1944, to commemorate the centenary of their school by establishing a Mennonite publishing house and book club. (see Mennonite Historian XI:4) (see also Photograph 323:214).
(left to right): Row 1: Abram Wiebe, Winnipeg; Jacob H. Wiebe, Morris MB; Johann Vogt, Steinbach MB; Gerhard W. Sawatzky, Burnaby, B.C.; Peter Lehn, Winnipeg, MB. Row 2: Heinrich Riediger, Winnipeg; Jacob Friesen, Holland, MB; W.J. Peters, Steinbach, MB; C.H. Pleneert, Winnipeg; Dietrich H. Epp, Rosthern, SK; Anna Peters (nee Heese), Winnipeg; Andreas K. Peters, Winnipeg; Bernhard J. Schellenberg, Winnipeg; Peter J. Reimer, Steinbach, MB. Row 3: Johann G. Rempel, Rosthern SK; Peter A. Rempel, Blumenort, MB; Johann P. Classen, Winnipeg; W.J. Wiens, Dundurn, SK; Johann P. Schroeder, Morris, MB; Franz F. Epp, Hanley, SK; Johann Braun, Headingley, MB; Jacob J. Banman, Prairie Rose, MB; Wilhelm Zacharias, Clavet, SK. Row 4: Peter Vogt, Steinbach, MB; David Kasdorf, High Bluff, MB; Franz J. Braun, Arnaud, MB; Wilhelm Martens, Winnipeg; Abram Vogt, Steinbach, MB; P.B. Krahn, Altona, MB; Gerhard S. Derksen, Steinbach, MB; J. H. Unger, Rush Lake, SK; D. Toews, Winnipeg; Johann J. Wieler, Winnipeg. Row 5: J.P. Neufeld, Winnipeg; G.H. Kasper, Grunthal, MB; P.A. Hamm, Aberdeen, SK; Heinrich H. Isaak, Winnipeg; P.J. Penner, Winnipeg; A. Walde, Kindersley, SK; Arnold Dyck, Steinbach, MB; David Huebert, Winnipeg; Franz H. Goerzen, Miami, MB; Heirnich D. Dyck, Horndean, MB. Row 6: Gerhard G.H. Ens, Reinland, MB; A. Martens, Glenbush, SK; A.P. Bueckert, Plum Coulee, MB; W.H. Goerzen, Blumenort, MB; P.H. Krahn, Niverville, MB. H.J. Bergen, Brunkild, MB; C.J. Warkentin, Herschel, SK; J.J. Sawatzky, Carstairs, AB.

Charach Studio (Winnipeg)

Descendants of Jacob Leonard Dick at a family reunion in Leamington

Negative & 9x9 photo also. Used in CM 7-34-15 with article. Group photo of descendants of Jacob Leonard Dick at a family reunion in Leamington. Seated in front are senior family members who are in a separate photo in 1992-14.4241: (l-r) N.N. & Tina Driediger; William Dick & Justina (Dyck) Dick; Jake & Maria Dick; Henry & Agatha Wiens; Anna Enns. Helen Dick Epp, wife of Frank H. Epp, is in the back row 3rd from right, holding a child. Taken in front of the Leamington UM Church (North not Oakchurch), located across the street from where they met, at UMEI. See also 1998-14.135

Epp, Frank H., 1929-1986

Descendents of Mr. and Mrs.David D. Klassen of Rosenfeld

Negatives only, 7. Two negs from the family reunion at Carman, Man. Of the members and descendents of the late Mr. and Mrs.David D. Klassen of Rosenfeld were used in the CM 3-29-4, namely that of a son, Mr. D. Klassen of Rosenfeld, aged 83 and Mrs. J. Klassen of Altona, aged 91, a widow of another son, J. Klassen. Three negs show the whole group posing under the trees and 2 negs show them gathered informally under the trees for a short program chaired by A. J. Klassen.


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